Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dear daddy; day 15& 16 summary

Hi daddy, I'm really sorry i didn't update anything yesterday. Mommy was too exhausted from the Forex classes that she attended, that she couldn't help to type for me ;)
Well, basically, nothing much happened. I just stayed with Tok Mi and Tok Di, and occasionally went out to round2 the taman until I felt asleep. I just can't sleep in the house, thinking where on earth has mommy gone this time.. Yesterday Mommy got home around 830pm! So I cried and start to show my ketidak-puasan hati kene tinggal lagi. But, today mommy got home much earlier, around 330pm.. I was even shocked to see her at home. So, I am in a better mood ;)
While at home, I played and eat ice-cream with abang Arip. He was so nice that he shared his ice-cream with me.. it is sooo delicious, that Mommy decided to go and get some more for me and Abg Arip. So, off we go; me, Abg Arip, Tok Mi and Mommy to buy the Orange ice cream in Giant.. While there, I was so excited that I run round-round sampai Tok Mi pening.. hehe

Oh yeah, Cik Ngah bought me some new clothes.. it is so cute and girlish.. I'll show it to you someday ;)
Until then, will write for you more.. nite2 daddy! muah!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dear daddy; day 14 summary

Daddy, today mommy left me again to go to some jahit manik class.. as my protest to be left at home, i refused to eat or bathe or even sleep. Luckily there's Kak Lyssa to feed me my medicine, or else I will just continue to do my silent-protest.
Only later in the evening that I finally fall asleep, I woke up near to 7pm, with Mommy beside me. I was so happy. She showered me, then get me ready to go to Tok Di and Tok Mi's house. We arrived there around 9 pm, with Abang Ariff jumping excitedly. Abang Arip was so nice that he bought me few new clothes! You should see it, it is soooo cool. Mommy forgot to take any picture today, so I can't really upload anything for you. Oh well, I didn't shrink or gain an inch yet, so basically I am still the same. I will ask Mommy to snap more photos of me with the new dress that Cik Ngah and Abg Arip bought for me. As of now, i am still wide awake, playing with Tok Di and Tok Mi.. Tok Di is playing guitar.. he looks lika rock star!
Hurm, I guess It's gonna be another late nite for me.. Anyway, I'll update you again tomorrow daddy.. mmmmuaaahhh... take care!

Dear daddy: day 13 summary

Daddy, my eyes are getting better, but my body is getting warmer, my fever came on and off..not sure why. But I'm behaving quite well.
We played in the newly bought pool infront of nenek's house. It took me a while to get into the water with the rest. I was the last to jump in, and the first to go out! But nonetheless, I still have so much fun with all my cousins. Later that nite, mommy took me to aunt Marlia's house warming party. Mak Teh helped to drive us there. Mak Ngah also join in, coz she said, house warming party sure got so many yummy food to eat! Aunt Marlia's house is all the way in damansara, it is like a stack of exclusive terrace house in a condo! When there, I almost forgot that I'm not too well, that I played like nobody's business. You know daddy, poor Mommy forgot to bring her special cupcakes for aunt Marlia. Aunt Marlia, mommy said sorry, maybe next time she'll make some more for you k? She will send you the pic of that cuppies later ;)
Oh yeah, another story was, mommy met with Aunt Azrina's friend who's a pilot. He just came back from London, he helped to bought my favourite CownGate! And as i understand, Tok Mi also received her kiriman for my CownGate from UK.. waaa.. so many people loves me. Now I can lepas gian with the milk all day long.. that's all for that day daddy. Daaaaaa

Friday, April 24, 2009

Dear daddy: day 12 summary

The highlight of today is when i rode atuk's motor for the first time ever! Mommy bonceng blakang atuk while having me in her arm. Everytime atuk corner, I'll grab on mommy's arm as tight as I can... coz i feel so gayat. Atuk made a complete round of our taman.. I dunno whether to feel happy or scared.. but as long as mommy's there for me, anything will do!

After the scary ride mommy took me to the clubhouse, but this time to play on the playground. I was being too extra careful. When walking on the bridge I'll hold on tight on the railing, just in case. But whenever I reached the papan gelongsor, off i went with no fear! I had a fantastic time!

But unfortunately daddy, mommy didn't bring any phone or camera, so no picture of me having fun there, maybe next time ok?

After playing, we head home.. however, on the way home, mommy notice that I've got wayyyy too many taik mate on my right eye. Mommy got really suspicious. Later that nite, she took me to the nearby clinic to get my eye checked... yess daddy.. your daughter is in deed infected with the musim sakit mate. I guess after this I'll have to eat lots of medicine, and put down for eye drops! huwarghhhh! Please pray that this will go away soonest daddy.. i hate the eye drop part! it hurts! Until then, goodnite and sleep tight daddy.. mmmmuaahhhh

Dear daddy: day 11 summary

Daddy, mommy was busy again all day yesterday baking cupcakes.. she said she need practice.. since there's some friend with occasion, she volunteer to bake them some cuppies.

She even went and buy a whole new oven, becoz nenek don't have any oven. So, off we went to Tesco to get the oven. Aunty Megi came to help. She's the one drove us all the way to Tesco.. (but Tesco is not that far, it's in our taman only.. so no biggie, said aunty Megi..) While in Tesco, I was happily playing around the TV section.. they've got tv in all shape and sizes! Why don't you buy the BIGGGG tv screen for me daddy? ;)
When we got home, mommy starts to bake, but I want her to play with me, so I start to merengek.. so, again, mommy have to do her cake business with me in her arms.. Aunty Megi help to put the cuppies and bake them nicely.
Mommy and Aunty tried to decorate the cuppies while I'm awake, but I don't give mommy a chance! So, mommy stopped and continue after midnite!.. You see daddy, mommy didn't sleep last nite.. I think she only went to bed at 5 in the morning.. then wake up again at 9 with me! Poor mommy, but I think she enjoy it very much, that she didn't notice the time!
So, here again, some pics of her cuppies.. hope you like it daddy, one set is for aunty lily's birthday, and another set is for Aunty Marlia's house warming party
.. I even said channn-tek! when i saw them just now! ;)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dear daddy: day 10 summary

Hi daddy, I'm really sorry that I didn't update my activity yesterday immidiately. It was blackout all nite long! So, most of our nite were spent in Tesco..

Anyway, there's nothing much happened yesterday worth writing, so I'm gonna tell you about mommy barbie's doll cake class.. (Yes.. mommy left me again to go to that class! grrrr.. luckily the result is soothing enough that I don't really mind ;) )

Here goes daddy.. mommy very first barbie doll cake.. don't be too shocked daddy! hehehe

Mommy said, please don't mind the minor cracks.. as it is her first time doing it.. so kire halal lah! Berpeluh woo tiak nak buat ni.. kekeke luckily mommy bleh tahan saba..

The design of the dress is mostly came from mommy's own idea, and of coz with the guide and lots of suggestions from her magnificient teacher to make it happend! Mommy said thanks again to Kak Ira. Anybody looking to learn, please visit http://www.irabakery.blogspot.com/. Good luck!

Oh ya daddy.. i forgot to tell you.. i have found a winner to all those susu yang mommy tried on me! I'm drinking this now! hooray! So, now you and mommy can relax and don't have to worry about me ;)

It's a soy based milk.. for 1 year and above! Please look it out for me in Doha daddy! ;)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dear daddy, day 9 summary

Today Mommy and nenek was busy all day baking cakes, and almost completely ignored me. I screamed and hang on to Mommy's feet.. until she gave up and finally pick me up. So, with me on one hand, and the cake mixer on another hand, she continue to do her cake business. It really annoys me! But at the end, the cake results is beautiful.. look at this daddy.. mommy very first full 6 inch cake, complete with simple deco, made just for Mak Su's birthday. Mak su was so please with the cake. So is Kak Lyssa, she was over-excited mengalahkan the birthday girl.

Upecare pemotongan kek yang agak klaka resultnye, potongan yang tak ikut segi...

We went to celebrate Mak Su's birthday at her place. Almost everyone was there, plus some of Pak Su's friends. There were soooo much food! Pak Su made his special Yong Tau Foo, then there's sate, bihun goreng, nuggets and many many desserts. It is super delicious! Oh ya, before I forgot, we bought few presents for Mak Su's birthday. Atuk and Nenek gave her some cool lamp, I bought Mak Su a teddy bear, and there's even present from you and mommy, daddy! The one in green is from you and mommy, i think it's a purse and a customized crystal.

The thing I like the most was the drink, I can't seem to stop drinking.. it is sooo sweet and yellowish, have never tasted anything like it before, Abel and Miela seems to agree with me..but mommy insist that I should stop. Huwaaarghhh... :(

On the way home, I felt asleep.. maybe I'm too tired from running around the house, touching almost everything, making mommy exercise more! Now, I shall stop our story for today.. nite daddy! mmmmuah...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dear daddy: day 8 summary

Today Mommy'd BFF aunty meggi came to pick us up in Semenyih. She took us all the way to KL, coz mommy need to go to PNB. We were there for few hours.. i got really bored that I started to throw my crocs down few times so mommy will pick it up. But she didn't.. she ask me to pick it up myself..no fair! :(
Afterwards, we went to KLCC to have lunch. I ate some pasta.. dah lame tak mamam pasta.. yummy! when mommy is putting me down to eat, a guy came buy and ask if he can see my sit'n'stroll. He was so curious to see what a tiny cute girl like me is pushed on. A comfy car-seat that converts to a stroller?! The stroller that mommy dengan slamber convert to a baby seat too! hehehe.. I even notice most eyes are on me. Why aa daddy? haven't they seen this thing before? Mommy told him that the sit'n'stroll was bought in Qatar, she's not sure if they have it in Malaysia.. maybe that's why people are looking so curious at me. Oh well..
After KLCC, Aunty drive us all the way to buy CUPPACAKES. She said the cupcakes there is super yummilicious.. it cost her RM25 for 6 piece of tiny cupcakes! waaaa.. I even ate 1 tiramisu cupcake, and in deed it is yummy.

Then we went all the way to Bangi, so mommy can buy her cupcakes tools and ingredient from a store there. She is getting quite serious about learning to bake and decorate cakes i guess. Well mommy, good luck to you.. if there's any left-over, you know who's your number one fan to feed! ;)

Aunty megi then sent us home, she singgah to shower and eat dinner, then left after her fav Merah-Puteh tv series. Thank you Aunty Megi for taking mommy and me out today! ;)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dear daddy; day 7 summary

Wah.. daddy.. it's a week now.. mommy said we got 3 weeks to go! Hooray! How is your fever daddy? I hope you're getting much better now. Me on the other hand is still tak keruan. No one understand why I merengek all the time, wanting mommy to kepit me here and there. Today I forced mommy to go out of the house. I took her handbag and give it to her as a sign I need to get out.. I was looking for you daddy... Mommy took me to Tok Mi's house coz she wanted to share some of her cupcakes with Tok Mi too. While there, I look for you everywhere, upstairs, in your room.. but it's empty.. I don't quite understand why you've gone this long.. daddy?

Oh yeah, did I told you about my funny story? Last night I opened my own pampers, so ended up tertincin atas katil.. abes basah... cian mommy have to angkat the tilam to jemur. It is quite heavy I'm sure, but somehow I just felt funny and laugh whilst she's struggling to push the tilam herself. You should see her! It is quite entertaining! hehehe

Oh yeah, after we lepak at Tok Mi's, we went back to Semenyih to splash and play at the club house. It was quite fun! I'm tiny bit scared of the deep water of coz.. even with the pelampung, I'm not confident to let myself float. I dunno why I'm scared daddy, I still recall the last time when we swim in Genting.. I feel so secure riding on your back. Hurmmm... I guess I do need you to guide me in the water afterall. For now, please enjoy mommy's collection of story pitchaz..
The chicaz getting ready to splashhhhhhh
Inila die club house, bleh tahan lawa dan bersihSkali, lupe mo isi angin sama itu pelampung, ini orang tolong tiup pakai mulut.. haha, while waiting, nenek n Kak Lyssa entertain me to celop2 airrr... Dah dapat pelampung, saye kepanikan.. tidakkkkk!!! tak mauuuuu
Mommy siap belikan pelampung tangan, pun saye tak mau floating.. oh tidak! Sanggupku berposing di tepian air saje..Balik-balik rumah, mamam roti benjo.. kat club house ni siap ade gerai2 jualan.. bes gakla lepak2 sini skali skale.. nanti daddy ade sini, kite datang lagi ek? ;)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

One of the many classes to come

As promised to myself, I need to complete at least 2 out of all the things I wanna do while waiting to go to Doha. The other day, few friends (who silently read my blog regularly rupenye..hehe) asked me about the 'class' that I went to on myra's previous post. Well, since u are concerned... here are the list of classes that I wish and hope to go to in order to isi mase lapang while at home,
1. Forex Trading
2. Cupcakes, Cake deco & Kek Lapis Sarawak
3. Photography
4. Jahit menjahit (yes.. jangan terkejut dengan angan2 jenin saye, saye memang minat tgk org jahit-menjahit slame ni tau.. especially jahit maniks.. :P)

Kelas pertame: Cupcakes deco (duration; 4hours)

So, today is the official breaker for my list of classes to attend, I went to learn about cupcakes deco with Kak Ira in Bangi. The price is RM120 for 8 types of decorations. The best part is, the class s'pose to be for 3 people, but I ended up being the only student sebab yang lagi due tibe-tibe ade hal, tak dapat join. So, bestlaa.. bleh tanye macam2 soalan, and can go with my own slow pace.
Kak Ira is a very nice and very the penyabar teacher.. bes blaja dengan die. She's a lecturer but now tgh sambung study PHD, memang orang jati sarawak katenye. Sebab tu I took the chance to learn Kek Lapis Sarawak dari die jugak, which the class date is yet to be confirmed.
So.. lihatla hasilnye.. bleh tahan la kan for first timer? So, kepade kawan2 yang nak tempah tu bleh la calling2 beta, hehehehehe... Anyway, as sifu dah siap-siap pesan, practice makes perfect! Once, learned memang kene slalu rajin prektis laa.. kalau tak sie-sie jek lupe..

Pic note: Duck tu special request Mommy buat untuk lil Myra kat rumah.. balik2 je memang die serbu nak makan duck dulu.. and here are my first satisfied customers.

Thanks Kak Ira for making my dream a reality. Skrang dah tau dah ape nak kene beli and all.. Jumpe lagi for our next next class ;)

Dear daddy: day 6 summary

Daddy, today, as a dairy supplement for me, mommy gave me a whole cup of yogurt, I insist to eat it by myself, coz i'm a big girl.. can take care of it myself. As always, I like to leave some comot traces for mommy to clean up, after all she got nothing else to do but me ;)

Later in the afternoon, Kak Lyssa and Qarmiela came by. I was so happy.. nenek house became so meriah again. We even ride Mak Ngah's new car, Hilux.. it is sooo big and spacious.
Atuk drove us all the way to Bangi, at first I didn't know, but when we arrived to a house there, mommy went out of the car and said she gonna go to work, I knew that I'll be left with atuk and nenek. I'm so sad again..and start to muncong my face..
luckily there's Kak Lyssa, she entertained me like a big sister. I only allow her to take care of me. I had such a good time with her, we played angkat-angkat. Kak Lyssa said, Myra ni kurus, tapi angkat lame-lame sakit juge saye..
You know daddy, Kak lyssa stayed over tonite, she wants to spend more time with me.. I like her a lot la daddy, can we take her to Doha later daddy? Mommy said, she don't mind ;)
Ape tengok-tengok? ade hutang ka?

Dear daddy: day 5 summary

When mommy dah geram;

Yesterday mommy scratching her head all over, she didn't know what to do with my milk hunger. So, she bought me all the formula there is in tesco, to see which will suit me best. But, I still can't decide. Nothing came even close to my Cow&Gate!
I dunno daddy, maybe I am affected by mandi-tak-basah-tido-tak-lena makan-tak-lalu thingy, you know the kind when you miss someone. When I found a frame of your pic, I carried it everywhere I go...

I said daddy, daddy...

See, that's you.. Looking young as ever!
Daddy, it was even hard for me to sleep at night. I flip up, I flip down. I'm trying my best to fall asleep without formula. It took me more or less half an hour.. maybe because I'm hungry..What to do daddy? Helpppppp!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Tak saba..

AM looking forward for my cupcakes class t'row.. hehehe.. maklumla, dah jadik full-time 'house manager' kenela carik hobby baru, yang manela tau boleh tambah fulus.. and sempena berpisah jauh dari hasben tersayang (sob sob) bolehla curik time join class ni.. will update all about it t'row and share my personal opinion of the class.. hopefully beslaaa

Dear daddy: day 4 summary

Daddy, today my favourite milk, Cow&Gate has finished. Mommy kept buying one milk after another, to replace it, but I just can't swallow. It doesn't taste rite. So, I rather go starving instead, making mommy all worried.
She even took me to choose my own milk, but as you know, your lil daughter would prefer to play, and not serious about milk-hunting. Poor mommy, it's ok, I feel good going without milk, I'm sure I'll grow up just fine. Not to worry about osteoprosis (err, is this the way to spell it?) and all.

Di mana dia, susu favourite saya......

After the failed milk-hunt, we went home to play outside on the carpet jemuran, just to give atuk a hard time. Oh, btw ayap came by, this time he's being nicer with me, coz mommy already warned him ;) .. if he pang me, mommy will cubit him for me .. hiks

That's all I could remember about day 4, without you by my side.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jejak kasih

Semalam, after so long, I finally feel so wanted and remembered. I tot all this while all my old friends must have forgotten about me.. Coz I'm no special, I don't talk much, and I hardly ever make a history.
My old sekolah rendah friend, Lily Suria found me through Internet search engine. She said she has been looking for me for quite some time, how terharu... Thanks to whoever invented the Internet. You bring everyone closer. ;)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dear daddy: day 3 summary

Today after so long, mommy drive by herself. She put me on the car seat nicely beside her, I sit quietly lika good girl that I am.
We went to Tok mi & Tok di's house. Mommy said we wait there to meet her BFF aunty Meggi later in the evening. While waiting, I played with Abg Ayip. Kak Tisya also came for a while, she's not feeling well, so she skip school

Mommy tried to put me to bed, but I kept screaming... Not that i'm being stubborn or anything, i just like to test mommy's blood pressure.. Hehe.. After third attempts I finally fall asleep downstair in front of the tv. When aunty Meggi arrived, I am still asleep, so mommy left without me. I heard they went to lunch in TonyAmos in Sunway Pyramid, syokla makan, aunty blanje. Takpe, takpe nanti Myra tuntut aunty Meggi bawak makan sane lagi... Hehehe
This is aunty Meggi, single and available, looking gojes like ever. Even abg Ayip blushed to see her. He was so shy that he sit upstairs until Aunty Meggi left.
Not long after that, we made our way back to semenyih, for our date with your Skype daddy. That's all for today, see u t'row!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Dear daddy: day 2 summary

Today mommy took me all the way to Wangsa Maju. She didn't even shower me first.. there I went, with my air iur basi and all; luckily I'm cute.. so a smelly cute girl can always be an exception to anything. I don't really understand why we had to leave so early, when we were there, mommy left me with nenek and atuk in Carrefour. Nenek said 'mommy work', I didn't cry.. I understand now.. am a big girl, but as hard as I tried not to show my ketidak-puasan hati, muncung jugak molotku..

Mommy rupenye pegi kelas, I'm not sure what class, but as I know mommy has listed quite number of classes to go to while you are away. Maybe she need some things to distract her mind off the fact that you are far away.

When mommy return to pick me up, I was happily playing in the bouncing castle with nenek. As I saw her, I shouted Mommy! Mommy! nenek was happy, coz after soo long, she finally hear me calling mommy, 'pandai pun' nenek cakap. Mommy lak cakap 'memang die dah lame tau, saje je taknak panggil tu'. I hold on tight to Mommy, don't want to lose her again.

We ate lunch then made our way to Cheras, to pick up Abel. But on the way, atuk and mommy decided to singgah and see some fancy show houses, just to see the property market theseday. The house is big... and all prices exceed 1 million already. Humangai.. sapela yang kaye bleh beli tu... hehehe

After picking up Abel, we went back to Semenyih. Me and Abel played together, we pretended to be Tefal model. Both sitting nicely in the box. I think we'll make a good commercial actress too.
Ermm.. I think that's all for today daddy, I hope you are doing well.. I'll update you again tomorrow insyaallah.