Friday, July 31, 2009

Jinx jinx go away!

Have you ever got series of bad news coming to you; one after another? To make things worst, our satelite signal is out for almost a week, everybody else in the building got theirs fixed in no time, but ours? dunno.. still the same old message: ''No signal, check your antenna cable!".. huhu.. sabar-sabar..

Well, i guess it's my downside of the month now. Puhlleeease make it over soon and let the sun shine again, with me being on the top of the world. Aminnnnn...

I wanna see the happy rainbow again...

Sunday, July 26, 2009


That's Thank God for Friday and Saturday!! hehe.. Was a fulfilling weekend. Yup, the weekend here are Friday and Saturday (I'm sure most people are aware of that?). Alhamdulillah, this weekend, I could rest more from my daily job routine in the kitchen. You know, ever since becoming this so call house manager, my time spent in the kitchen has boost up to 85%!! It is quite frankly tiring!! hehe.. but who am I to complaint.. ok jugak, it has sharpen my cooking skills, and broaden my creativity on ..what's cooking doc? (In Bugs Bunny kinda way). Opps.. I did it again, melencong dari topik asal.. erghh! focus!

Well anyway why i was thankful so much for last weekend is because of the endless invites to makan-makan.. kenyang purut suke-hati ;). Friday, dari pagi lagi we don't have to bother about breakfast, got a free invites from the Tun's family. Lovely meal... cam biase; sarapan orang melayu nasik lomak- nyum nyum lauk sambal sotong yang super-delicious-just-the-right-hottness ;). Then there's yong tau foo- which got quite a long number of people queing, coz kene tunggu turn nak rebus.. haha. All in all, we had a great time there, well... bukan selalu dapat makan bekpes free with good company, aite?

Then later in the evening, we went to the so-called farewell tea-break for Mr.B4shir at the lovely home of Said n Ain, both Singaporean. Bes gile! Bukan makan petang pun, makan lauk pengantin! hehehe.. Nasik minyak, ayam masak merah and i think rendang daging! Pastu ade sluuuurpious dessert ever! (That I'll definately will try to make myself someday ;). Hahaha.. memang kompem i gained like 1 or 2 pound coming home that nite. Besides the great food, we still feel sad to bid our farewell to B4shir; one of the victim of the recent mass-job-massacre. Anyway, i heard that he is already talking about another good offer awaiting him, so maybe this is for the best afterall ;)
Balik balik lak, sh4fie n Hunny came to collect some football cd from Ai. So, ended up they lepak sambil layan seround movie, while training as babysitter to lil Myra. Bes ni.. makin ramai babysitter bertauliah kat Doha, senang sket mommy n daddy nak beraktibiti lepas ni.. hihihi
Then on Saturday, we celebrate 4rif R4yyan 1st birthday. He was so happy- like he knows everybody there to celebrate him. Memang budak magik kan? tau aje! hehe
So, there.. tak tau la about next week, hopefully dapat lagi la break camni.. >;) hiks

Friday, July 24, 2009

Italian job

We just got home from another house warming party, this time from an Italian guy name G4bri3ll4? (Bit confused with the name.. bukan name pompuan ke ni?) The so-called house warming party should have mention; no food-more booze? I dunno la, if it's a bachelor thing, or an Italian culture? Tapi memang silap besarla to expect your rumbling tummy will be well fed and happy from a bachelor, mat-salleh home. All we can see is a plate of italian pasta, each for me and my hubby! Best part is, the two plates that we got was it! Finito. No more for the coming guest! (seb baek gakla sempat makan.. hehe) Adeh, aku penah gak la makan2 rumah mat salleh (yang also happens to be single guy), tapi ade jugakla food.. at least enuff for everyone..hehe.. I think this is the least that we expected laaa. The house warming just another of their excuse to lansing2 dan minum2! (Which i hafta stress ere, are NOT our cup of tea! jangan salah paham aaaa) . Memang terase amat geli hati.. memang tak terpikir sungguh, (mungkin sebab lapa, sampai lupe rumah mat salleh buat ape je lagi, hiks.. memang jauh panggang dari api kalau nak compare house warming melayu! Kalau kite, food toksah cakapla, sampai tak muat meja! Kekeke.. Tadi just before leaving (yeah we usually left early sebab nak tidokan si comel) barula tuan rumah serve some salad, and tengah potong2 buah.. Aduih, I bet the cuppies that I brought will be left un-open too, if all they care is their booze. Penat je beta buat cupcakes tadi, tau bawak untuk bekpes rumah Ju esok lagi bagus... Huhu another tales to tell.. Now excuse me, me hungry, me want to make Indome!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Roger Federer in Doha!

Mr.Federer sir! I'm a BIG (but tiny in size) fan!! can you sign my diaper puhlisss?

In a glimpse, we caught a sight of the famous tennis master, RF; serving, back-handling his opponent as smart and smooth as he always is. Myra was over joy to be among the super-cite fan screaming on top of her lungs just outside of the court, but wait!... that's no Roger! it's the next best thing!! Mr. AI, the super dad! so she call out daddy! daddy! while they were intense for a break point ;)
It was great when we finally got the chance to join some of hubby's colleagues to play tennis (why do i still think that i'm part of the company even after 3 months of SAHM-ing and after 1 year of resignation from AJE? kompiusss) . I've always love tennis, but oddly enuff, not as an audience, but as a player. I can't recall my last swing with the racket... dunno if i still got it. Back in the Uni days, tennis to me is like a compulsory leisure. I played almost every sangap-day.. But I could never play in front of a crowd, even for small numbers of audience, sifat malu yang sangat tinggi buat daye konsentrasiku merudum jatuh! hahaha.. so i said. But i think it is kinda true. I've played better without rules, with no competition, but when it come to tournament, memang kompem tak bleh menang- except mase buat double mix with Mr. D4n1r; die power, so saye tumpang menang la.. haha.. yang lain2, sure sipi2 je nak menang, then last minute i somehow will sabotaj my own strength to continue.. can't figure out why.. ingat lagi time high school, i was about to be Kulim's champion, fought against someone yang i could easily kalahkan with one swing, tapi entahla nape tak menang.. saje jeee.. maybe takde rezeki.. ahaks. Talking about Kulim, remind me of the very first reason why i started tennis-ing. Had a major crush on some senior at my school, he was the best tennis player there, in fact of the state too. He was all macho and tall (kunun die jela idola paling best time tu.. kakaka kelaka (aiseh, kantoila rehsieku ngan budak maktab! kikiki...dont care anymore peeps! it was centuries ago!). ). From then on, me and few of my girl friends start to main main belajar, and then fell in love with it. Oh well, thanks to him, at least now i can play a lil bit of tennis, tade la teruk sangat, hiks.
Note: Hunny, if you are reading this, don't worry.. it was only a stupid highschool crush, meant nothing, you are now my roger federer at heart, my only one..hiks~~

Tadi anyway, i didn't get to play, but Myra Sharapova did. She sure got some talent there.. a natural player ;) She even understand that, in tennis, the ball have to pass the net onto the next court side. Quite smart for an almost two year old aite? So, what she did, she pick up the ball and throw it across- because lets face it, she's too tiny to swing the racket! so what she did was quite brilliant! hehe don't worry my dear.. soon you'll get to swing it across! ;)

That's Myra and her tiny lil racket - kunun2 swinging ..

I hope cite-cite daddy Myra nak tengok myra main tahap propesinel akan tercapai someday, insyaallah.. just that, mommy is a lil bit worried, coz if you play outdoor tennis often enough, u'll get too tanned a.k.a itam! hehehehe.. anyway, here's more of her shots (not taken with SLR, so please ignore the goyangans ;)

Next week, daddy said we gonna go again, but this time all the three of us can play! And Mommy and Myra can buy that pink racket we eyed on earlier! yay!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bloghopping is Hazardous...

When you flick n click n totally forgotten bout the boiling food on ur stove! Seb baek akhirnye tersedar! Air sampai dah kerings! I blame technology! Hehehe
And Yess.. That's what suppose to await Myra after her not-so long nap! *sigh*

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Glemer kejap je

You know, the weird thing about this promo is, I don't feel weird, watching myself on the screen! That was quite unusual actually.. hehehe. I've always been the behind-the-scene kinda girl, never felt comfortable being the center of attention, and have always been quite shy (although most people would miss-intrepret me as 'sombong'... kekeke.. only god knows the truth ;). Well, i know i never put my clear picture on my blog before (the reason to remain annonymous to most hiks..), so, i guess today's the day, when the ugly duckling became the swan and reveal her true self!- hahahahahaha so the poyo of a-comparison! Anyway..enjoy~...

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Dah kluar, tapi patutkah ku upload? Segannnn hehe

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Hawaiian party

Last nite, after the photography classes, we had to rushed to Leng and Leine's hawaiian birthday party. But since we didn't have any hawaiian-like clothes to put on, and it was very short-notice of an invitation, i think; why not go along with batik instead? hehe
See.. pakai baju batik pun dah bleh masuk dalam theme Hawaii! kekekeke (and i wore the batik kurung! lagilaaaa.. asal boleh!) . The party setup was beautiful.. memang rase cam kat Hawaii, tapi cam biase la.. (even baru balik dari kelas photo-memoto) still lupe nak ambek gambar banyak2! haha
Happy Birthday to the two ladies.. Leng and Leine.. they are best friends with the same birthday and similar name.. lika twin or something.. hiks (And no.. they are not malays but Pinoy, .. don't get confused just because of the asian-looks ;)

f5.6, 1/100, ISO 200, monochrome err.. what izzit again?!?

Yeah yeah.. that's what I gather during my photography-for-dummies class. But i got to say, the class is a bit dissapointing to some, as they expect more practical help rather than theory (which was already written in the given notes). But as for me, I'm a bit more lucky to have my own 'personal teacher'.. hehehe, yela.. ,most of the attendeez including the sifu are using Nikon, then there's Mr.Nazri yang pakai Canon, dapatla die turunkan sikit ilmu die kat saye yang seriously memang taktau mende okla.. at least now i can use the manual mode, and will somehow figure out where the heck to change the flash setting and all. But there are soooo many things to learn! But I only needed to know the basic, all i ever wanted is, to take a clear pic with my own personal preference, bukan nak lebih2 (hmm.. we'll see!).. ok, lepas ni hafta learn to use Adobe C3 laks.. i used it once before, but by using my instinct! adeke? hahaha.. memang gile kelakar, tapi terhasil jugakla header atas tu.. so okla kan? well.. anyway, good luck to me n photography... at least now i can scratch this one out of me things-to-learn-while-in-my-20s-list.. hiks

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The new rides

I've got good news and a bad news, the good news is we finally got our big wheels. But the bad news is, it's not the car that Myra approved of. While waiting for the final paper of our car, she's busy checking out her fantasy toys; yup... Memang high taste!

One obvious changes in Qatar is the process involves in buying car. Last I could remember, I settled everything in a day, one day! UNO! No kidding! But now, the bank seems too strict! They'll collect just about anything about you, well, I don't blame them.. they are just playing safe after too many cases of expats litterally flew off leaving their debt(s) and then never heard of anymore . Yeah..bunch of irresponsible people, who then make honest-good people like us, suffer the consequences. (chewahh). Anyway, since we've settled ours, I tot I should share some tips in case any newbies are also looking to buy a car in Qatar (like they gonna read my post? kekekeke..anyway, just in case);

1. The bigger the better (not to show off, but due to the geography condition, plus the psycho-maniac drivers around would mean a much safer journey in ur big wheel.. specially to people with family, trust me on this.. banyak dah orang nasihat! ;) Lagipun, since kat sini dah dekat nak gi Umrah/Haji by road, bleh la bawak kete pegi sendiri , insyaallah! Tak pun nak jalan2 tepi desert, pantai, memang lagi selesa n lebih sesuai laaa..

2. If you are on a budget, the 4WD memang quite costly, what we did, we look around for new car but with older model, we bought 2008 Trailblazer, so the price i think dropped as much as 20% of it's market value. Bile usha kete kat showroom tu, janganla segan nak tanye kalau-kalau die ade lagi old model of the same car, kadang2 memang ade, but in our case, the car bought from Oasis; a 2nd hand car dealer- but the car is new, 0 km. So, no need to worry about quality kete and all, it is still under full warranty ;)

3. Prepare all papers before proceeding with your car loan, the usual document needed are your id, passport copy with the RP page, driving license, No objection letter from your sponsor. Then, if you are using different bank loan than the one you got ur salary with, you better prepare some cheque books and bank statements too... oh well.. this things the dealer should have told you pun, (tapi just in case, like us, the dealer tertinggal bab nak dapatkan no-objection letter, menyebabkan delay in getting the car! hampess)

Ermm.. ape lagi? tahla.. itu je saye ingat, sebabnye husband saye yang tukang beli kete this time, so I'm not directly involve, so tak brape ingat hehehe.. okla.. to those who are still doing car-hunting, very good luck to you! Me gonna sleep now.. zzZZzzz.. oh yeah, before i forgot, this is our 'otobot'.. niteeeee otobot, jangan transform memalam ni tau! hiks~

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The day that i felt like a moviestar

Some people in my hub's office asked if I could be their actress for a promo shot. At first, i tot all i have to do is, to stand in front of the camera, smile and maybe read a line or two; so without hesitation, i agreed. But today, after going through the 2 & half hours of shooting; with ME, being the focus of the camera, i would say that I was wrong! The director was very friendly and helpful.. a very essentials help in my acting (not that i'm aware of acting essentials before, hiks). And...i didn't think that a 40sec promo shoot would took so long, and involving sooo much details! The director literally check every corner of every shots, so they match each other, or it would mean another shoots of the same scene and framing..adeh, lotih den! mmmmm.. ini baru promo free, kalau filem juta-juta, dunno laaa what's there to do and all, hiks. Anyway, i am very grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the company; yeah.. it is my old company too afterall, so ape sangatlaaa buat free promo camtu ;)
So, if anybody is as curious as I am to see the outcome of the shooting, just wait for my 40sec fame, coming soon in Alj4z33r4 english! heee ;)


It was our first Friday without any planned activities, or any house-grooming chores, when suddenly some frens call up and ask if we wanted to join their out-snapping in Al-Khor. I've got my very own DSLR months ago for my birthday, and never have the opportunity to really learn the right technique or setting (yeah, I'm being the same lazy me- building up excuses not to finish the manual! can't wait till 17th for what i call crashed-course-class-with-no-manual-readings hiks..); so basically since then, everything were a hentam-keromo shoots. Today, again, with the un-equipped skills we went off to have a go with everybody's new lil toys; including the 10 year old Aina; who just got her very own 500D from her dad! (which is even higher up then mine!~) goes, some shoots that i think deserves it's place on today's post; and oh yeah.. you'll see how happy Myra was -out and about in the summer.. her cheeks are as pink as her blouse! ;)

Yeah, I know.. mostly the shots of my very own model Myra. I did took some scenery shots, but i'm not really in the mood to upload i today ;)

Thursday, July 9, 2009


I'll be sharing some tips on cupcakes baking and deco.. do checkout my atemyrable-cuppies blog from time to time! ;)


Monday, July 6, 2009

Kapal berwap?

Is it spell steamboat or stimbot? Anyway, last Friday and Saturday we've made our official presentation in Doha. We invited all our old (and some new) malaysian buddies over to enjoy a nite of steamboating-comes house warming party. There're crabs, tones of tiger prawns, and many other typical steamboat stuffs ala,, u know, the usual, fishball, ketam balls, sosej, sayur2 and everything (Am a lil bit surprise that some of them has never tried steamboating before! Sure glad to be the one who introduce this for ya! ;).
But disebabkan our home now ain't as big as our old villa, had to divide the guests into two groups, which turns out even greater! More space and meaningful gatherings for everyone! And I've got very good verdict on the foods (but then again, maybe they just being kind-to jage hati tuan rumah, i dunno..for all i care i did the best i could with the preps and everything). I just hope everybody enjoy it as much as we did. Well, if any of you are reading this thank you again for coming! I hope our new life in Doha will be a joyful one...

(Just 5% more to settle down..are waiting for the big wheel ;)
By the way, we finally got the chance to watch Transformer last nite, and it is AWESOME i must say! hiks.. ;)