Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Visit to Doha Zoo

It has been two days since our 'Moms&Kids' visit to Doha Zoo when Myra kept putting on her school bag and ask me 'Mommy, ankie! (Monkey!)', or 'Mommy nak wiwaf! (girrafe)', or 'Mommy nak Ephen! (Elephant)' or 'Mommy nakes (Snake)'; showing how eager and excited she is to go back to the Zoo and visit all of her favourite animals. Never tot a two years old could be so attach, so soon. ;)
I used to have a very low expectation of the Doha Zoo, having seen some picture from my friend's visit, last I could remember there were only farm animals there; like the ducks and the chicks.. and I was proved wrong. It was not that bad at all, they have almost all of those zoo-must-have animals; the lion, tiger, leopard, cheetah, ostrich, zebra, elephant, girrafe, monkey, snake, crocodile, raindeers and not forgetting their very own oryx (the mascot). The kids had so much fun, posing here and there, jumping with joy to see cute animals in person.
The Zoo also have a big playground area, (which you could easily escape if you don't feel like freeing your kids to join the other super-hyper kids on slides!). And, since it's school holidays, expect to see more groups of kids around, which could be pretty fragile to the smaller kids (like mine!) as the arab kids could be a bit rough sometime.
The zoo entrance fee is QR5 for adults and QR2 for kids, below 4 goes free. It is located not far from Hyatt Plaza and Villagio, a very convenient location for the after-zoo-visit trip. As you can then take the kids for their meals, and perhaps let them have fun in Jungle Zone or the new Villagio's theme park- complete with roller coaster and all. (Yess.. that's what we did! )
Oh well, I guess I hafta make more frequent visit to the Zoo, with Myra's cute begging and all.

Monday, December 21, 2009

And the party of the year goes to....

Finally, I got a reason to wear that baju that I've had for ages. Azerdills just moved to their new villa, which is so homely and have got just about everything you need for the family. In a way, I really enjoy seeing their progress in life, they take things one step at a time and make it better each year; which we always set as a good example for our on references in life.

So, come Friday, the most sought-after-and-talk-about nite finally arrived. It was in conjuction with their 6 year old son's birthday (and I'm pretty sure skali dengan house warming ;). The bling-bling Party! Most all of the guest arrives with their own style of blings, including the sporting guys. Some came with a disco ball hanged up their jeans, some with cds sew'd onto their back of shirt, some with sparling sock, some with sparling eyeshadows, some came with wife's earings punched onto their chest and some even came with their newly-tailor-made-blinded-blings'd-dress! (Aku ingat my dressing dah over, rupe2nye ade lagi yang lagi over! hahaha thank god!)
It was a pretty great turnouts; the kids were having fun with their own party games; musical chairs, bawak bola pingpong dalam sudus, nari2 masuk kertas yang mengecik and so on. Best part is, the kids game were done in the clubhouse yang dah macam part of their house, sebab duduk sebelah jer.. memang best gile, dah la lengkap dengan pingpong, pool, fusbol and swimming pool.. just what you need to have fun with family and friends.
Then later that nite, came adults kind of games plak (please jangan pikir bukan2.. hiks). They organize such a great game; first is the how-well-you-know-your-friends-quiz. Soalan yang tak disangke2, and dapat pulak orang jawab. Macam-macam hadiah menariks, termasukla pati ikan bilis yang I just thought to kirim from Malaysie, tapi dah dapat, so takyah dah kirim.. hehe. Then came a grouping game- team Satu and team Dua. I was in team Dua; the champion. hehe. We played some puzzle games and won, then we played guess-what-the-hell-I'm-mimicking-about game but draw. So, overall, we are the winner. Memang takleh lupe, by far the best party I ever attended. Everybody was so happy and over-the-moon. Yang paling tak tahan, menang botol kicap kosong pun dah rase excited gile. Hehe
It was in deed a nite to remember.. thanks again Azerdills for your great bling-bling party. A joy equally shared among the kids and adults. Memang lain dari yang lain ;)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mii so likey

Finally, we bagged ourself the black version of Wii, along with Wii Fit. And it cost a lot less in Abu Dhabi as compared to Doha, not quite sure why. My first verdict of the stuff is, EXCELLENT!

Before you ever start with Wii Fit, It'll do some basic test and measurement, as to see your actual ability and your Wii Age! My first test, I don't quite get what needed to do with my balancing and all, so I failed miserably, and ended up with Wii Age of 38!!! That's like a decade older! Urghhhh!

Then I started to try out some of the balancing games, I do well in some, and bad in others.. (please note, I am NOT really good at computer game.. hiks). Wii Fit has got 4 types of exercise-comes-game; Yoga, Muscle Workout, Aerobics and Balancing Game which is my favourite so far ;)

You could set your goal, and it'll keep track of your weight and BMI, which you'll clearly see on a graph. SO, it kinda good for self-motivation. Better yet, to include your family members for group of encouragement ;)

Then, 2 days after trial, I took the Body test again, and this time with little bit more of understanding, I scored Wii Age of 28!!! yay... just perfect to make my hubby all jealous (as compared to his test result..hiks)

So, anybody looking to get fit and oh so shy to join the gym, go get yourself a Wii Fit! It does work! Even it's simple excercise game can make you sweat a drop or two, honestly ;)

Qatar National day parade

The day before the actual celebration, many sms(es) were sent by Qtel (ini macam Telekom la kat sini). Urging people of Qatar to come and celebrate Qatar's National day by coming to their parade. Ikutkan hati teringin, ikutkan badan.. malas.. hehe
We were actually too lazy to wake up for the morning parade- taking into account our drove-lagged self (just came back from the very long road trip) and the known fact that we-are-not-so-much-of-a-morning-person self and it's already 7am when Mr.Niz4m called Mr.Ai and according to him, the place is already crowded. But since it's a once a year thingy, we then came to our better-late-than-never sense and woke our lazy a$$ up. Leaving the house at 8:10am, I thought we'd get stuck on traffic somewhere along the way, but I was wrong.. The road is really smooth all the way through (with a puddle here and there due to Qatar's rainy season, yes! It does rain here too! Heavily, but with not so much of a drain- so go figure).
We parked the car to the nearest road, then walk our way to the parade point (ade jugakla dalam 20 minute walk.. but in this kind wintery weather-am not complaining! ;). In a way, we were luckily on time, as the parade is just about to begin and we got to see it from the starting point - avoiding the crowded area. Siap boleh lepak-lepak kat roundabout posing2 maut while the series of army lah, tanks lah, air force lah.. and their macam-macam colour team walked pass us. It was an amazing experience, something that we don't regret to lose our sleep for ;)
Anyway, here's some shots of the parade... this time we definitely salute Qatar, for their well-improved, organized and a make-known events! I guess, they must have hired a new event planner and a better marketing manager ;)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Road trip adventure

That does it, I think I need help.... I just realize that I'm addicted to travelling! Man....
After checking back the 2008-2009 calendar, I now realize I've done more travelling than I could actually afford.. a really bad habit that I need help to improve :(
But anyway, bad point aside, I still have a great time doing our latest adventure- a road trip from Doha, Qatar to some part of UAE and Oman. I'll share the details little later when I'm back on track with my clock! hiks...

Friday, December 4, 2009


I'm in a battle to keep fit, (and to slim down a kg or two actually more like 5/7kg.. hiks, while praying to lose more despite the big-portion of late dinner.. mane la nak kurus camtu? hiks). I was contemplating about buying a treadmill, as it is space consumptious, and..I hate running anyway. Then, some friend suggested Wii Fit,,. Hmm.. I wonder if it really work? Will I have my once-upon-a-time flat tummy in no time? Will I ever see an actual sweat while running towards the animated road ahead? Or, will it just dust up in our living room with us getting more and more chubbier?
Hurm..well, anyway, If I ever did buy Wii Fit, and make use of it's fitness program, I will definately update my honest opinion and results here.. So..stay tuned ;)