Saturday, August 29, 2009

Myra's first Bazaar Ramadan

So you think Malaysia is the only heaven place for bazaar? You shall think again! Yesterday was the first day of bazaar ramadan in Doha organized by the embassy & MAQ. But due to summer, it was organized indoor- in Hyatt Plaza where the General Manager is a Malaysian himself. Bes la.. tak panas nak shopping and tak panas nak jual ;). Memang buat macam negare sendiri jek masing2.. hehehe.. There were sooo many food around, which make us feel right at home. Ade laksam, ayam percik, ikan percik, rendang tok, sambal udang petai, kueh-kueh, air asam boi, air jagung, pendek kate, mostly sume yang wajib ade kat bazaar lah. And if you notice the pic above, the rows of guys are the penjual air-airan.. (plus few kaki pantang-ade-chance-nak-aje-enterprem, which includes my husband.. hehe..) And do notice the shocked-face of my lil princess.. hehehe.. i dunno why, perhaps she was too tired or just too curious about something?

This time, I even took a tiny part by selling off some kek lapis sarawak. I made 3 trays of kek lapis, and sell them in smaller pieces, so that people won't be too shocked to see such a pricey cake. Well.. to those who didn't quite familiar with the cake, it has to be that way since it is not that easy to make and involved many expensive ingredients ;).
It was such a relief to see my last piece sold that day. Alhamdulillah, ade jugak sikit duit raye. Next week, ade lagi bazaar, but I'm not sure if I could sell more of the cake, cam malasss je nak buat, tapi rase cam nak.. hehehe tengok jela camane. Kalau tahap kerajinan saye tinggi, nampakla nanti a new entry about it, insyaallah. Kalau senyap je, paham-paham jela labuuuu..

After the bazaar, the three of us ran home to berbuke, then waited after ishak to go to Villagio, doing some present-hunt. That's when we first make our way to the new HighStreet side of Villagio. Man, feels like we are in Milan! Look at this pic, ain't it just grand? Hurm.. syoknye.. rase peaceful je jalan kat situ, terubat rinduku kat London.. hiks.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Thank you Allah for every rezeki of nikmat. Although i had a very boring first day of ramadan; having to break fast all by myself (yeah... si kenit ade, but that's different feeling, she's all germanish-talking-main-sendiri self, plus tak pose pun, so mane kire! hehe), hubby's doing late shift from 1pm to 1am, so as boring as it is, i didn't cook anything for iftar! Tapi rezeki tu ade kat mane2, my kind neighbour keep passing me foods, (she is very the rajin dalam hal-hal buat kueh, hari2 i'll get something different, sampai naik segan saye, bile la saye akan serajin dan seterer tu dalam hal memasak agaknye?) hehehe...
Second day, we (We here refer to me n si kenit, hubby still on shift) went to Ija&Cheles villa; for a very fulfilling potluck iftar. Soooooooo many food, mengalahkan buffet 5 start hotel! And yup, you've guessed it rite, that ayam pic is my dish that day, my 3rd attempt of Ibu's slurpilicious ayam percik recipe, which you can get the recipe from my older post labelled ''Golden Recipe''. Memang meriah la kalau buat potluck iftar; the very idea of everybody coming and contributing their own lil specialties dish memang menarik. Mule2 berbuke everybody had a light appetizers then ramai2 jemaah solat maghrib; lead by the tuan rumah. After that, sume serbu makanan. Time Isyak, again ramai2 jemaah, siap terawikh (except me- becoz Myra was already out of control; screaming on top of her lung, looking for me! memang pantang toknenek kalau Mommy die ilang! adeh..)
Despite Myra's drama.. things still terase amat meriah, dah lame dah i didn't feel this kind of feelings. Last year, our ramadan was surrounded by new alienated environment; was very new to London; moved to new home, knowing no one (except few kind friends of a friends); we constantly felt weird and lonely at times. Memang jauh panggang dari api compare to here; but then again, baru sangat kat sane, that's why the feeling is different. Well now that we are here, opening another new chapter of our life, ramadan seems brighter than ever.. Insyaallah, will even organize our own potluck iftar next weekend, so we could again share the friendly-warmly gathering with those who care.
Happy iftaring peeps! ;)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Mamam mamam before Ramadhan

Two days in a row, i've vialated my pre-raya diet (Oh yeah, didn't i tell you? I was hoping to lose few kilos by the time for raya, so then I could do all-i-could-eat during the festive time in Malaysia without gaining any guilty extras meahahaha >;)
This week alone, we've been eating out a lot. For a start, we had a nice quiet dinner for hubby's birthday in Lagenda... it's a new restaurant in Holiday Villa; the newly launched Malaysian-own hotel. The food was delicious, and best part is, that nite there were only us, and another chinese-looking couple.. so we were serve lika V.I.P. All waiter(ess)s are kinda dying to entertain our demand, oh well more like Myra's demand to be exact. I had Nasik goreng Kampung, while hubby had Nasik Kenduri, and spaghetti bolognese for the lil princess (which then cleaned-up by the hungry daddy). All are very satisfying, that I recommended it to some friends. But as i heard, their experience the next day wasn't that great as it turns out to be full-house, and the restaurant wasn't that ready for the number of ala-carte orders.

Then, yesterday nite we were out for Khattab's farewell dinner @Ashai; an indian restaurant in Villagio. There were many interesting food around that i stuffed my belly up and can't stop burping all nite long (which still smell like my dinner!!). But, ever since last nite, i'm never gonna take Myra out dinner in a fancy restaurant in shopping mall (ever!); with many excess to her fun run- oh yeah, while waiting for everyone to decide on their meal, Myra dragged me out so she could do her joyful tour of the ice skating arena- running here,there and everywhere, refusing to go back to the restaurant! Man, she sure can run!

Then tonite, we've been to Ija's place for a delicious porridge nite-in. Memang best, hingge menjilat mangkuks. Hurmm..only one day to ramadhan, i hope we'll enjoy the holy month gracefully and not just think about food for our tummy ;).
Ramadhan Kareem everyone!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


So many things happened that I'd like to blog about, but it seems that my delaying-syndrome has gotten pretty serious. Then, when I'm finally in a mood to blog, I'll feel that it's bit too late for an entry, so decided to delete it afterwards. Gosh... I guess I'm still on the 'downtrend' afterall, sume bende tak jadi and feels not good, Bileee la nak tukar arah ni?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Dear sayang..

Another year of wisdom past by, with tiny wrinkles popping out of our sight. Know this, that there's no greater gift than the gift of love.
Happy birthday sayang.. I pray for all the best possible things in life for you with me by your side. Aminnnn..

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lurve is in the air

It has been 2 days in a row now that I've been addicted to 'Full House'. A korean drama-comedy series, yes.. a very old one.. i know I'm so out-dated! hiks. I was so into it that I was only half-hearted when doing my selection of kain-nak-buat-baju raye yesterday during my brief outing with Kak Ana @Souq Diera (will tell more about the place if i'm there again) .. haha .. in my head, whilst confused between a yellow or a pink design kain; all i could think of is, what's next on the crazy drama? Erggghh.. hate the disturbance so much, that I struggled to finish it all last night by 2am.
Truth is, ever since i'm on it, my house has been a total mess. I disregards everything, including my lil pumpkin, Myra..Demm I'm a bad mother. So, today that I'm off the series (and promise NOT to start a new one in the near future), I finally adjusting back to my old routine; up- make breakfast & lunch for hubby, kiss him bye2 for work, doing dishes, mopping, showering+cleaning the bathroom, cook for myra, and now.. apparently blogging until the very moment that Myra's awake.

What I like about the story was, the lesson about love. How one could just be so stupidly in love and could ignore everything else but him/her happiness. Love, that made a very proud and reserve man to finally come to his sense and beg; Love, that made a very lazy and messy girl to change and clean without hesitation; Love that made every fights, arguments and even insults necessary and fun. But the best lesson of all is; one should always be thankful that one could find someone to love and be loved. Doesn't matter how handsome or pretty one is, or how loaded or successful one is, one is never complete until one find that special bond that one called love.

P.s of a nota jiwang karats: I love you Mr A.I sooooo very very much.. and thank you for loving me back.. hiks. ;)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Today, after so long, Myra finally feel comfortable going across the hallway to 'lepak' at the neighbour's house on her own. Oh my.. macam dah besar je my lil princess.. dah pandai dah visit friends on her own.. so the very cute. She was mostly attracted to see the cats there.. which will make her go 'arwww.. arwww' ...hehe.. and tambah-tambah ade Kak Suria, yang pandai ambek hati Myra.. bes la Mommy leh rilex kat rumah.. ;)
I am so blessed to have such a wonderful malaysian neighbour, (my first time since I'm abroad. All this while tak penah ade neighbour malaysia).. and some more, ustazah pulak tu. It is as if god has finally lead me to a new way of adjusting jalan yang lurus insyaallah.

I couldn't recall how long has it been since I last read the Quran. In our malaysian-muslim normal culture, when we are still young, our parents would send us over to learn and khatam Quran; which are treated like an accomplishment that one should have at least once in their lifetime. But then, after 'graduating'; after the ceremony of khatam quran; after school; some would continue to practice, and some.... would just lost with the world and it's more interesting 'fun'.... people like me that is.
I am ashame to acknowledge; me too, is among one of the many neglector of Islam's living. Yes.. i do read Quran; sometime (mostly during Ramadhan), but even when my little heart tot that I was reading it wrongly, i didn't take any action. I was too afraid, scared of being judged. But this week alhamdulillah, god is as if showing me a new way to change. I was miserably in stress. Everything was wrong. I was mad, angry and in a total mess. Then, i had a brief skype-chat talk with my sister.. She has reminded me, 'Everybody has problems; big or small, there are others with much bigger problem in life, and yet they still manage to survive. You should be thankful, think of something that'll soothe your heart, like listening or reading the Quran or even shopping! Focus on whatever makes you happy, and the stress will go off'. (Well.. basically that's her main point, banyak lagi sebenarnye..tapi takleh la citer.. hiks).
Since our last talk, I am now in much better shape at heart. I felt better and I have started to learn the Quran again. Asking my ustazah neighbour to help me with my reading. She was kind, and open-minded, making my decision much easier to follow. Alhamdulillah, may everything went well... with the Ramadhan just around the corner.. I thank god for this beautiful wake-up call. ;)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Magic mop

Image googled (from E50e flickrs..tq)

There will come a day when all we need to do; is to call out our mop, and let it clean up our home on its own. And by then, I'm sure most women would be jumping with joy, that includes me. Not only I'll jump, I'd do some kicka$$ kungfu too. But till then.. here I go again, hafta mop mop mop or the dust will get to us. By the way, that pink mop looks weally cool aite? ;)