Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Army Birthday Party

It's the second time we were invited to Army theme birthday party. But too bad that I only got this new hobby recently that i didn't do any video on the first army birthday party (no hard feeling huh? doing this video out of hobby and interest) Am still learning.. hopefully I have support and encouragement to keep going. Anyho.. enjoy the video..uploaded fresh from iMac today.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

Blog vs Vlog

It's a trend, when blog became famous, everybody started to blog termasukla aku (tapi i did it for the memory more than to be known-of, I have never publicize my blog address to anyone, but somehow people find me (bajet bagus la ni :P) then when vlog become more and more well-known, there goes more post of more 'interesting' videos around. Some of entertaining with a pinch of good message, some with nothing but silly and ridiculous video of me-myself-and-I world and some with it's own category or agenda. Which I noticed trends that are growing bigger with the Malaysian teenagers (I guess another thanks to technology and more accessible internet, i:e via smart phones).

And then there are always some who remain to be the silent reader or viewer only (Yes! YOU!).

The good side of having these things are, it provide a space of channeling one's thought and sometime talent too. You could voice it all out, and not bothered of the restriction. You could be imaginary at the same time keeping it up with the reality. But sometime, people not just expressing their concern and sharing their point on something, but they are also showing off their life, making the border less world be more limitless as it already is, and sometime even share some eerie story of their life with too much details to handle. 

Blog help with the thorough explanation in writing, whilst Vlog require more of a creative way to get the idea across via the edited video (or for some, simply Vlog to fill up their lonely & bored self of facing the big screen pc monitor alone?) . In maths word; the work done are more for Vlog than Blog. Nak kene shoot lagi, nak kene edit lagi, nak kene cretip jugak at the same time! huh! Anyway, my salutation goes to those who have the balls to Vlog with their own face put up on the net. They are opening up to any consequences really.. good or bad, online or off. Because, with Vlog of your face on the net (sometime with the clear shot of number of obvious pimples), once people know your face, then that's it.. Anywhere you go, if someone could recognize you.. pamm.. terimelah padahnye.. hehehe. Whilst with Blog, yes.. you are still very much recognizable if you have put up your pictures, but at least no one have ever heard of your true 'voice' like Moi (who sounded a bit lika 'chicken'.. hiks).

Anyway, Blog or Vlog.. the objectives are slightly of the same: To be heard of.


In the mean time.. I'd stick to Blog..easily accessible while 'working' at the office.. hehe blog ni pun jenuh bersarang.. inikan pule nak buat video, sebulan skali pun blom tentu! haha

(Excuse the entry.. am bored at work..and my behind just glued to this uncomfortable-yet-lustful-chair that I'm finding something to fill up my time, hence this!  macam karangan keje skolah cikgu bagi dolu-dolu jek! :P)

Monday, July 4, 2011

A Glimpse of the Arab's culture

I was told by my ustazah to post a paragraph of anything that I know of Arabs. In my struggle to produce a flawless beginner's level of Arabic essay, she came by and said, oh.. so cute.. you tried to post it in Arabic? You can just write it in English! man.... poloh tiak den nak translate tadi tau! ,(-_-)`,

Yes.. I am currently learning the Arabic language (yakni lugha Arabia), after 4 years living in one of the Arab countries, I still haven't learn a squat! That is until now.. Ish ish ish..(shame on me, I know)

I have recently set a goal to learn Arabic (actually been meaning to learn it ever since I moved here, but not until now that I felt really serious about doing it), and Alhamdulillah, god must have listened to my intention that he open up a door of opportunity to learn it without anymore of the lame excuse such as "I want to learn, but I work in shift, and none of the classes are suitable with my time table", or "What?! how much is the cost for personal coaching now?!".

My office has been kind enough to set up few set of Arabic courses designed according to level of expertise (expert ke? hikss..:P ) and scheduled to match most of the shift pattern there is. To my surprise, the Arabic language is not as hard as I always thought it was. Lots of similarity with my mother tongue language (malay yang memang sah-sah bahase pencedok). Even the way the sentences are made got many similarities of rules.. why laaa I found it too darn difficult before?

I now dare all Malays to burn up your spirit and learn Al-Lugha Al-Arabia, as we already have 50% of the language at heart; YES! Believe it or not, we've known 500 roots words with similar meaning with the Arabic, we've learn to read it since kids and we've been hearing it through Al-Qur'an yet why are we still hesitate to learn the meaning by heart? I so hope that one day, Arabic language is made compulsory in Malaysian education system and not just in Sekolah Agama, and they should enforce learning to read the Qur'an with the meaning too. No more like the blind man, reading to the deaf. I do not want to be in the dark side for too long, I pray that my spirit will continue to grow and be blessed to succeed and hope many others will take this challenge seriously too, Amin.......... (janganla I be hangat-hangat-tahi-ayam-self)

Anyway, here's the short essay that I've written on FB as per request from my ustazah (part of the entire test), which I actually had pages more to write, but considering the effect that it'll reflect on (yes, I have many  negative values to contribute to the subject), I leave it to stop at that one tiny paragraph :)

Four years of living my life in Qatar, I got to learn a glimpse of Arab's culture.  I see many Arabs who love to spend time outside and chat with friends and family, drinking coffee but often not very friendly to strangers. Their ties to friends are so close that they can even slow down while driving alongside each other’s car for a chat or even stop in the middle of the roundabouts just to say hi to one another. Although many of them look conservative, particularly women with their hijab and niqab, they are actually quite open to latest technology such as the cinema. Just last night, we enjoyed a night out to see the latest Hollywood movie, and there beside us, sat an Arab couple, with the wife fully covered revealing just her two eyes while the man looked protective of the wife, yet can still take her out for a nice date at the cinema just like the rest of us. A scenario such as this is the best example of “Don’t judge the book by its cover”. We can never know someone from the first look, but through experience and time, we’ll get to know their beauty and perhaps the common interest that we share.