Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hajj - the plan

9 days to go. InsyaAllah..

Today we've got our rough itinerary. Hopefully everything run smoothly according to plan. May Allah grant us sabr.

We are travelling through Hamlah Ali (one of the hajj agent here) to Makkah & Madinah by bus. Yup.. You read me right, by bus.

The plan is to gather on Thursday, 27th of Oct 2011 (29th Dzul Qa'da 1432) at 11:30am at Masjid Aspire near to Khalifa Stadium.  We have 2 groups, with 3 buses; 2 buses coming from Doha and another bus from Al Khor. This is different than the journey that our friends took last year, which was scheduled at night. Well there must be a hikmah disebalik, though this just mean, not that many people can see us through before the journey.. ramai mase tu mesti tengah kerja. It's ok. Maybe it is for the better.InsyaAllah.

Then we were told that in Makkah, we will get the chance to use the interchange train (that was meant for people coming from Saudi and the Gulf countries for now). Alhamdulillah.. another plan for a smoother journey. InsyaAllah.

This mean, we only have another Friday here before 'the awaiting journey begins'.

May Allah protect us all.

Vaccination for Hajj

Alhamdulillah. Turns out, it is pretty easy to get the replacement card from the health center. You just go to see the nurse and she'll fill up a new card with the injection date and chop away.All you need to do is ask nicely. Even my husband yang dah inject tahun lepas pun die tanye date camtu je. Betul-betul trust. Thank you kind nurse! You have help us BIG time!

By the way, for future record for bakal-bakal haji masa mendatang, the vaccination center is located nearby wholesale market, in Abu Hamour.The Health center provide free jabs, just bring in your RP id.

GPS coordinate
N 25' 14'03.9"
E051' 28'57.72"

Meningitis vaccination is a compulsory jab for those going for hajj (I think it is a set standard by Saudi's government). Influenza is like an optional jab. 
I have a friend who is currently 4 months pregnant, she didn't get the chance to take the jab due to her condition, so her doctor just write a letter to prove that she is fit for hajj. So, afraid not, if there's any issue.. ask away, there might just be a solution for it. InsyaAllah.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Nearing the date now. 17 days to be exact.

And we couldn't find our vaccination card, which previously lying on my watch zone. Yup, bile carik kompem tak jumpe! The hamla is collecting the card now, without Meningitis vaccination, we won't be allow in. Takkan nak ambik skali lagi? Overdose kang.

That makes me a tad nervous. What if we can't find it at all?

Ya Allah.. tolong permudahkan urusan kami.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

tiny tea time with tiny peeps

Tuesday was my only off day for the week. Myra's best friend from her previous nursery wanted to come over for a playdate. It gave me an idea to arrange for a last-minute surprise birthday tea party for Myra.

After school, coming back home.. Myra was thrilled by the sight of the tiny table, complete with helium baloon, gifts and tiny finger foods all set up and ready for her tiny party.I was lucky because I still got plenty of the party pack left from Myra's birthday last year. Seb bajet! hehe.. it took me 15 minutes to set up everything.. sonang kojo.

Alee and Auni were her only guests, one because she always came for a playdate and one because she lives few houses away, so much easier for a short notice surprised party such as this one.Worry not Myra's other friends.. we are planning for a join-birthday celebration for  Myra and Maqeel soon. So jangan terase for not being invited aite? :)
They had a wonderful time together. Maqeel also join in along with the chubby-and-super-cute 1 year old Athirah (Auni's lil sister). Just look at how cute they are from the pics.

Myra.. I hope this had made-up Mommy's absence on your birthday k? Love you so much baby!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy 4th birthday my sweetie

Sedih rase dari malam tadi after coming back from work. Myra was already asleep. It was almost 11pm. I crept through her bedroom, kissing her forehead.. then when I was about to go out, I heard her little voice "Mommy?". I went back in.. kinda happy that she realized my presence. Myra asked me to read a story book. I didn't want to switch on the light for that so I tell her that I'll read a make believe-story about a girl name Myra. She was happy. She throw a light giggle sometime.. so bleh tahan jugakla my bedtime story rupenye.. hehe. Then I told her to get back to sleep, she nodded. Such a good girl.. Sayu rasenye.. tibe-tibe anak dah besar sikit, 4 years old. I then made the video above just so I have a lil memory of her being so excited with our outing at aspire park the other day. She love the grass so much.. running around barefooted, as if it was her first time to ever laid her feet on the grass (memang jarang!)
In the morning, when she woke up, I brought her to see the simple video and said, happy birthday Myra!. She laugh happily.

Dear Myra,
Today you turned 4. But you will always be my lil baby.. no matter how big and how tall you'll get. Know that my prayers are always about you and now your lil brother too. I pray that you grow to be not just a good daughter, but a good human being, a solehah.
My love and life will never be completed without you sayang.

Love you so very the much! muah muah muahhh