Wednesday, June 25, 2008

All Ready & Packed Up!

hehe.. myra is over excited and jump into the suitcase herself!
3 days to go.. and why am I not that excited now? hurmm..

Our Doha gangs were so sweet to arrange series of Makan-makan for us. From Dilla's place, to Liza's place, to Grand Regency and soon to Ruby's place.. trying to stuff us up, aye?! but anyway.. we really appreciate the gesture.. and of cos.. for the trouble of getting the caricature-sketch of all of us.. it's the sweetest gift ever! if you are reading this.. thanks again from the bottom of our heart!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Outrageous shipping hunt

Doha oh doha.. you really test my patient.. it start out from the first week of June.. when we start packing our stuff up to ship over to Malaysia n some to London.. we got numbers of cargo company contact list from friends and some from office..

Act I
I got this number from my AJE friend who are leaving too. He said this company is really good.. so I am confident that I can get it all sorted within that week. I called, a very-efficient-sound-like company secretary answered, getting all my details etc2, but unfortunately the person in-charge of shipping deal is out of the office thus promised to call back. We waited, a day, 2 days, 3 days, but still no call from this guy. So, I make the courtesy to call again, the same answer given.. he will call you back. Fine.. we wait again.. 2, 3 4 days goes by and still, Nothing!

Act II
So, terpakse la carik number lain, but surprisingly.. all end up giving me more headache! Either they promised to call back but never did or they'll ask to give details of packages- how many kgs? what's the dimension of the box? @!#$%!. Aren't you the one who should provide me the details by coming over to my house and do your bloody estimation n quote?!!.. what the heck? How do they run business here? Don't they want money?

Carik punye carik, then i finally got a reply from W company. He promised to come over to our house and to estimate and make the quotation. But tak sah la kalau tak buat janji lingke.. janji pagi, datangnye petang. Then he look confident, everything can, he ask to email him the address to both places and he will send the quotation in 2-3days.. alhamdulillah.. ade progress! But jangan mimpila.. this is Doha.. that just ain't gonna happen just so easily. He never did.. and we didn't hear from him since. ARGH!!!

Act IV
During our major frustrating time, luckily one day, when Kak Sara was at our house, and she shared some of her own experiences.. she told us that's not how they run business here. You gotta go directly to them. You can't call them and expect them to come over and quote. You have to pack, weight and measure it yourself.. then go and tell them everything is ready.. so please make the quotation. WHAT?!!!

Act V
Ok.. sabar je la.. so, we went and search around the airport area (where most of the cargo company based). Caught on the first company BinBushuk cargo (Bukan name sebenar). It looks ok.. the guy seems to know every little thing about shipment, but unfortunately he got to call back to give the rates for door-to-door delivery to malaysia. Cobaan.. so ok.. we said we will wait for his call.. and guess what? yup, he never did. WE have to call him back. Then only he said, oh.. we don't have any agent in Malaysia. So you have to appoint an agent there yourself. (Err.. why can't you call to let us know again?!) Ergh!! whTEIUaufhsadf@#!@!&

Act VI
But since we've been working with this guy, and he seems nice and know what he is doing, we decided to proceed with the company.. even bought few boxes from them. When we are ready, i then call and ask, ''ok.. we are all packed up. Can you come over to measure and quote?'' but yeah.. definitely the answer would still be ''No mam, you have to measure and weight it yourself. we only come to pick it up for shipment, when we will then measure and weight it again to check''. WHY?!!! do you think we have the facilities to weight 60x60x60 boxes in our own home? god!!! But ok.. fine.. we'll proced with your way, since it's doha-and-all.

Now, I've got all the boxes ready please schedule to come and collect on Saturday. He promised someone will come on sat morning. Come saturday morning.. Nothing! Whatt?! This is just too much! WE again have to call them to remind about the pickup. So they came.. late as ever.
When we were there.. a different guy is on duty. We asked that we have found an agent in Malaysia, could you contact them and arrange the necessary so everything will be included in 1 bill? He said.. sure! but you have to give me 2-3 days due to the time difference. i will email them to get the quotation and call you back.....yeah rite!

The next day, saje 2 nak check kalau dieorg dah email, the same guy from before answered.. he said he know about our request, but it is against the company policy to work with other agent. (So, why oh why didn't u tell us soon? and why is that other guy saying ok???!!)

Aizal dah baran.. this is too much..we just have to look for different company that can deal with malaysian agent directly, since we need everything to be included in 1 bill for our claim later..

Act IX
Out of the blue, he tot of Sham.. and yes.. alhamdulillah Sham got a contact to a Malaysian-own cargo company based in Doha. And we finally get everything sorted in just 1 day. Unlike the cinderella stories up there. Why oh why we didn't think of Sham before? cobaan..

So here is the contact to this super-efficient Malaysian-own cargo company in case anybody need one: (i dunno why they use singapore not malaysia.. but the owner is malaysian! kompem!)
Mr. Jawahar Ali +974 5490665

Morale of the story.. Doha SUX big time!!!

::Sorry Bloggy for the long long story.. it is too hilarious to cut it short. I just have to remind meself of my sweet memories in Doha.. hahahahaha::

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Myra hokey pokey

hahaha.. so cute! inilah hasilnye bile mommy takde keje kat opis.. sorang2 memalam bute (idea originally came from my dear hubby aizal.. konon2 nak hantar myra birthday clip on babyTV.. ended up, i saw the hokey pokey! let's shake it all about!!!

to anybody interested nak buat utk anak2 die try and surf they even do birthday! ;)

Moving fiesta

The day finally came, when we have to pack it all up and send it off. sob sob.. we tot we didn't have that many things with us.. but we ended up with more than 15 big boxes of.. err..junks? plus few rolls of carpets (which had few more carpet rolled up in them).. hahaha.. memang btol la.. kate pepatah, sikit2 lame2 jadi bukit!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Our touching farewell dinner

We were invited to attend our own farewell dinner (plus Stefan's) by some colleagues from work. how touching it was.. they presented us with a framed-picture of Aljazeera logo over malaysia & UK flags, and got as many signatures on it. Then, to add to our surprise, they gave us collection money for our so-called first-week-start-off ..worth 200pounds. How touching~

thanks fellow friends.. we really feel appreciated now, even when AJE just don't bother, we feel that there are still people who cares.. ;)

Doha headache

the nearer we got to moving, the more challenge we faced. First, there was this incident that make me realized how the arrogant Arab just acting too much. We were in the UK Visa section, and we saw not 1 but many many many undiciplined-arrogant-bias-arabs who cut lines and just can't follow the rules. We were there with Myra, you know how cranky a baby can get when they have to sit still for more than 5 minutes.. well, in our case, we are trying to calm her for the whole 2 hours wait.. not because we came too late that our number are too far to reach, but because of the allowed behavior of these people.. who failed to acknowledge the ever existing of a system. And to add to our frustration, the security guard, the people beyond the counter don't even bother to teach them a lesson by not providing service to people without numbers, just because they wear hijab, or the great white robes on their big fat nose. Furthermore, what's up with the VIP treatment? you are applying for a freaking visa, get in line like the rest of us! goshh.. they are too much!
huh.. lega sket hati lepas geram.. freaks! I aint coming back here.. this is just too much!!Arghhh!