Saturday, September 19, 2009

Iftaring @Wak's

Wak is getting married, and not all of us could make it to the big day. Since few of us are back for cuti raye in KL, we arrange for a date of a reunion iftar; serving two purposes= to cheer on the bride-to-be and to of cause, catch-up on things. The bride-to-be is generous enough to offer her lovely Armanee Terrace house for the event. Arriving on the 14th floor; series of foods are deliciously laying on top of the table lika 5 star buffet. Memang best, except the fact that 2 of the gang are missing in action; one of which bagi last-minute excuse yang sungguh tak logik (yeah, am talking bout you, NYETTOSAN!!), and another one who said she gonna come but at the end just kept quite and didn't turn up. Anyho, i still have a blast time, and so is Myra. Her comotness is the evidence of her enjoyment.

Picture: hasil cedokan from facebook Buyerra.

My best wishes for Wak n Olli, hope they have a wonderful wedding, and may their marriage last for eternity and blessed with lil one soon... ;) Will try to make it for your summer-Germany wedding, hiks!

And oh yeah, after the so-called party, I went home to menuntut ilmu anyam ketupat with my hubby. After 2-3 trial, i did it! Wallah, my very first ketupat! nak kene frame ni.. hiks. Salam aidilfitri all!!!! Sape-sape teringin makan ketupat saye, jemputla datang beraye ;P
"Dam dam dum,
Bunyi mercun,
Seronotnye berhari raya ini tahun,
Kerana dapat anyam itu daun.. "

Friday, September 18, 2009

Counting to Eid..

3 to 4 days to Eid, and being a typical Malaysian gal-me, nothing is ever enough with the baju, the kasut, accessories, and yadi yada. Since arriving, my baju (well in my case, keperluan beraye) hunt is like an endless effort. Dah brape kali menapak in and out of a shopping mall pun saye dah tak tahu. The weird thing is, dah beli-beli-beli yet still tak puas hati and still the urge to look for that right kind of an acessories are getting stronger. Seb baek ade kawan baikku yang sanggup drive all the way from kampung kat Melaka, back to KL to accompany my final hunt of that bling that shine sambil menyetelkan her own self errands.
Our trip to PS boutique di tengah2 hari bute are all worth it, with her, clutching 2 big bag of fresh flowers, to be taken home to Melaka for the festive day, and with me, yang akhirnye jumpe jugak that tiny thing which has been hunting me head for days.
Balik from the trip, we stop by the local bazaar to grab some kueh2 then off home to berbuke with ibu's famous Murtabak diRaja and nasik ayam.
Then, later that nite, we went all the way up to The Lookout point restaurant in Hulu Langat, to have our sahur with some Doharian yang dah balik KL for cuti raye (yeah I know, memang cam takde kawan lain je nak lepak.. Hehehehe). The view from the top is in deed excellent, no doubt about it, the food also is a blast, but the turn off point was when the delicious meal were constantly intterupted with light-off surprise of birthday celebration, kalau nak kire adela dekat 6-7 kali, naik letih gak nak dengar lagu hepi besdei, tapi nak buat camane, dah name pun a special place to celebrate, this sort of things are just to be taken normal ;)
After we munched down the sizzling steak and the canggut teas, we then head home to the lil one... Fasting for yet another day, just few more left to go before the break of Eid-ul-fitri.

"The view from the top"

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Has it been 3years?

Yesterday, we celebrated our 3rd year anniversary. Nothing fancy, just a movie date like old times. I was craving for prawn mee in a local kopitiam. But since we arrived by time to berbuka (thanks to series of traffic jam all the way from KESAS to OU) , I settled to dine in the first kopitiam we saw, yang sungguh kelam kabut, dan takde pun prawn mee :(
Yeah I know, anniversary s'pose to be celebrated in a grand and happening place, but I think, nothing beats the romantica d'amor of a feeling just about everywhere you celebrate, baru bleh claim an original love.. Hahahaha (silap2 kedai mamak tepi jalan pun layan... Hehehe)
After the humble n simple Iftar, we went and buy ourself gold class ticket in GSC, just like old time mase cik Ai sebok2 nak ngorat I, sanggup die bawak gi tgk gold class tuuu.. Hiks, seb baek after 3 years he still is as generous, kalau tak... Siappppp... Heeeee

Well, tengok jela keselesaan Encik Ai baring sambil layan Gamer. An ok movie, takdela gempak mane pun.. Anyway, Mr.Ai, just to let you know, that I had a great date, thank you so much...Love you more n more each n everyday ;)
Love, that i hope to last for eternity.....muahhhhs!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The first day

As always, miss Myra is jet-lagged. At 3am Malaysian time, she is actively giggling with her Maksu. I can't understand where she got all the energy from. Ever since arriving, her day was filled with lots of activities; she made the drink for Iftar- a special sirap Bandung Johor, mamam2 Iftar dishes yang siap kene pasang extension meja, played bunge api, played in and out of the house, litterally running back and forth with her cuzs and yet, she's not showing any sign of tiredness. Our decision to put her to bed at 1030pm was a big mistake afterall, as she then wakes up at 1am, recharged and ready to shake up the house all on her own. Mannnnn, memang menguji imam btol! Oh well, better luck next day! ;)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Balik Kampung!!!

We are heading off to KL tonite. We are so excited as this is our first hari raya in Malaysia after 3 years of being abroad...yay! (and Myra's first hari raye bersame sanak saudare yang makin bertambah-tambah..hiks)

So i guess after this, IF time permits (in other word; if tuan-punye badan rajin), I'll continue to blog from my real home.. (Yess people, i do realize i didn't update my bersarang-blog for quite sometime! It was all the cakes sensation to blame! hehehe.. anyway, Selamat hari raye, maaf zahir dan batin (batin?!! izzit valid?!) to all! Wish you a joyful colourful meaningful and all the fulful for your hari raya!!! yeah yeah nak balik carik baju rayeeeeeee

Oh yeah, pic atas tu is Myra and her Benjamin Button boipren.. kikikiki.. a pic taken while the gang is doing the annual-wajib pose of Salam Perantauan.. which I totally tak sempat nak update before. Anyway, since i've got few hours of free time before my departure, I tot I'd share some of the behind-the-scene moment, to the final product. Enjoy~~~