Thursday, September 26, 2013

Superheroes Birthday party at the park

It's winter in Qatar (yup for those that tot how is it possible that a desert country which seldom imaged as being hot hot hot can ever have winter.. it's true.. that's the beauty of Allah's creation). The same country that can have summer temperature of 40-50 Celsius now drop to cool temperature of 10-18 Celsius.. which is jusssttt nice for a picnic and lots of outdoor activities, including Superheroes Birthday party! Yay!
We've been putting off their birthday party for months.. was about to do it in October/November, but then had to cancelled it on the last minute for an unexpected misfortune. Which i will blog about someday.. InsyaaAllah.. just for the sake of sharing the experience, adui.. lame sangat tak update blog..sampai dah lupe ape bende! yikes

Anyway, I update back about this party almost a year later.. haha.. it is officially 26th of Sept 2013 when I continue writing this entry..when it happened somewhere in Nov last year! oh my god.. I seriously need to sharpen back my blogging skills!

wonder woman cake
So, with door gifts,

bumblebees-transformer cake
self-paint trophies for best dressed heroes

home-self-made cakes,

and many super costumes later 5 ironmens to be exact.. we've got ourself a cool party in the park! Which I'm pretty sure everybody enjoyed.. not just the kids.. their parents too. :)

Myra is dressed as Wonder woman, same like me! Maqeel as Captain America, daddy as Batman and lil Mishel as cute lil Ultrababy! hahaha..

Bat Auntie with batgirl & wonder girl


More happy guests

The after party- town of toys!

Certainly a party to remember! Thanks Barzan park!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Today I received a sad news from a friend.. her mom suddenly passed away, and she is hundreds km away I don't know how many kilometers are we from Malaysia. They are flying back tonite.. that's is one bad thing about living abroad.. you'll have to be prepared for sudden news like this. I am still Alhamdulillah haven't received anything similar.
In my WA group with my gal friends, we starts talking about out mother.. and one point that touched me and reminded me of my blog is when a friend mentioned about her late mother's diary that she inherits. How sweet to have something to remember your mom by.. a written journey of her life.

I do not keep a diary of my life.. I tried once, but when I found out somebody's reading it.. I stopped. Where's the privacy in it? Then I started to blog, which I also have stopped doing frequently.. after finding out few friends or friend of a friend in Qatar are actually reading my stories.. yes.. I am that shy!  truth is, I never shared my blog link to anyone.. I just created it to express my feelings, and use it a my medium of collecting sweet memories.

But after that discussion with the WA gangs, I tot to myself, I should keep updating this blog, as a remembrance of our life, especially when we are abroad.. building up family of our own.. so when my kids are all big, they could have look back at this and have some ideas, how it was.. yes kids.. Mommy is writing this for you.. so I have left something for you to remember me by :)

I love my Mom.. although we don't connect as others do.