Saturday, June 11, 2011


Sudden mixture of feelings..

Cause: unknown.

But hang on.. it mite be from that few sob stories over this few days, or mite just be from my monthly hormone check-in.. (yup.. Mrs.P has started her monthly visits again). Or or.. that touchy video of pilgrimage.. I dunno..

A good friend of mine just left Qatar for good... her husband, had reached his maximum level of kesabaran with the oh-so-well-known of Qatar's custom. No, I'm not talking about the traditional custom, I'm referring to the unusual unique experiences one encountered on one's own term. You would love Qatar of you would hate it, or just settled for the in-between. You are either stuck or blend in, all depends on your term of defining your experiences.

Over my return to this country, I've lost 2 friends.. ( I mean they moved back to their home country, not entirely gone :P). Making me think.. what would happen to us, do we have a place to call home, when everything here doesn't make sense anymore.. do we have the insurance to turn back to? we have the 'shoulder to cry'? :'(

Almost five years now,

not sure if we can ever double the time..

Anyway, I just wanted to share the link to the most recent video that I've produced. Need lots of improvement specially in recording, I'm so not fit to be a camerawomen. Hiks.