Sunday, May 25, 2008

London Summer sale!!!

Was browsing tru the net and came across this ads!

London's Summer Sales
OfftoLondon's Shophound Alexia Falkendown goes West End shopping for some of this year's best Summer Sales bargains and finds some good restaurants to sustain her on her way. A short list from the 3,000 shops in London's West End, many of which began their summer sales at the beginning of July.

wipeedowoooo!!!! can't wait to move! The timing can't be more perfect!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Breaking news

Dear bloggy,

I am in deed happy that we finally got our work permit settled. So, we are definately moving to London! But at the same time I am scared as Aizal will go to settle down first and leave Myra and me here in Doha until end of June. Gosh.. I dunno what it would be like.. I just hope that all is well.

Gotta pray hard!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Out & About with the in-laws

We woke up real early to send our car to the workshop. But, unfortunately they refused and ask us to send it only on Saturday. So, we decided to go out have lunch and all. After squeezing our head off for ideas of whereabout to dine, we finally agree to go to Villagio. My in law has never been there anyway, so it is a good timing for their first visit.
We reached Villagio at 12pm and cruise along to find a place to lunch.. most of the restaurants are just started to open.. and was still empty. We finally decided to go to 'Dunia'. From the name of the restaurant, we tot it would be an Indon restaurant.. but it turn out to be Lebanese. So, what the heck.. my in laws are up for a new taste anyway.

On overall, for me the food is so-so. But asalkan perut kenyang..hentam sajelaaa..

We stroll along the never ending Villagio's shop and ended up buying few stuff
for Ibu and Myra. And nothing for me! This is my problem in shopping.. i just hate the pressure of people waiting for me to choose.. so I always end up going home empty handed! But anyway, I know my next visit to Villagio will be for that platform from Pimkie.. looks really gorgeous on me! hehe

Dah penat kat Villagio.. we head to Souq Wakif.. as if the foot is still not fully 'heated up'. More shopping for Ibu.. Myra was jumping up and down.. she always love to go out & about. Her cheeks turn as red as chubby dolls. But thank god she didn't mind.
On overall, the outing today was fun and exhausting..but was sooo worth it.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Ain't she lurvely?

I was watching the ap feeds and came across angelina jolie's amazing new look during her premiere for her latest flick 'Kungfu Panda'

Look at her.. and her big tummy of twins. She still look amazing! Muke pun maintain~ je tak tembam.. i wish i'll look as good for my next baby.. hahahaha
blom ape2 dah berangan nak anak lagi! hiks~
don't worry myra, mommy will try me best to wait for the next one! ;)

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I fear of being hit by someone. Always looking out and pray that i'll arrive and return safely. But still there's no guarantee that the other driver would be on the same wavelenght... let alone the qatars driver... full of lunatics and bad-tempered peeps.
Yesterday, marked my worst nightmare.. On my way to the office, as i stopped for the red light at Markhiya roundabout, someone hit me from the back. (But ok, it was a sudden stop, cos a car in front of me made that sudden brake, so I was forced to make the sudden brake too).
It was a shocking experience. But looking at the bright side.. I was still lucky. Because..
1, I manage to stop before the first car, and got enough space in between, that i did not hit it! fyooh~ .
2, It's a tiny accident, noone got hurts but the car. Life is way more important..
3, the hitter is a qatariah women - so no question ask, she immediately admit her fault, and ask to pull over somewhere nearby.
4,because it's saturday; the traffic was light

Anyway, this is just one of the many experience that one would have, like it or not. So, if it's not today.. it might be t'row.. so.. we just hafta prepare ourselves and pray.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bir Zikreet trip

Yesterday was fun. We went out of Doha heading north to Bir Zikreet, Dukhan. This was the most adventurous trip Myra has ever had. She was quite ok.. crying just a lil bit when she's sleepy (or mebbe mabuk? i dunno). It was a bumpy ride through the desert. Saw some beautiful scenery, old forts, beaches, stones and the best was seeing Oistrich live!

Myra must be thinking.. mane laaa dieorg ni pegi.. and what the hell is that big bird doing here? hehehe (that if she knew what a bird is!!)


Nothing to do.. so i snapped more of my lil myra's photos.. chumil chumil mommy~~

Myra proudly took her first step to crawl upon the arrival of Tok Mummy & Tok Daddy. Eksen~ what people said is true, time flies faster with the lil one.. pejam celik pejam celik, she's aint that little anymore! Ape2 pun, myra is still buchuk2 Mommy! hiks~

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's day

Tomorrow is Mother's day to some people. Let see if my hubby & baby would do something special for me..

To add to the excitement, my in-laws are arriving early tomorrow morning.. hurm.. maybe there is some good-ol-recipe on the net that i can try for Ibu? We'll see

Friday, May 9, 2008

Myra visit

I'm so bored in the office, so i'm just gonna update a pile of pics of myra and Leng who came to visit just before we left for holiday. There are some pretty shots, so why not!