Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dear daddy; day err.. what date was it again?!

Dear daddy,

I no longer count the day that you are away from us, as I am very happy to know that we r gonna see you again very soon. Mommy told me that our flight is tomorrow midnite!! wow.. after all those waiting miserably, the time finally came. Alhamdulillah..

Mommy already packed everything up, and so am I. I bet you saw my pic on facebook, posing with the cute handbag and the luggage. Yes, I am getting bigger, and now very fond of every shiny and beautiful things.. can even pick my own dress now! ;)

So, what else should I update you? Hurmm.. i guess what left is to look forward for Saturday.. for our reunion! yipieeeee.. in the mean time, enjoy the sweet pic of you and mommy hugging, taken last time we sent you off.. nite daddy.. mmmmmuuuahhhhh

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Saye sungguh ghumbira

Visa dah dapat, just waiting for the tixx now!

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Dear daddy; day 41&42 summary

Dear daddy,
Yesterday we went to vista again, to put up the blinds, mirrors and some frames. While waiting for Pak Ngah to put it all up there, kak Lyssa, Abel and me went to splash in the pool. But unfortunately to say, Pak ngah cannot finish the work, as the drill isn't strong enough for our thick wall! So he has to continue next time.. Oh well, takpela.. At least our vista is better than you used to remember..boleh kate dah 70% near to completion! ;) After that we left to Tok Di's house and overnite there..
Today, Tok Di and Tok Mi accompanied us to go to JPN in PJ, changing the address on mommy's IC. It took us quite sometime to get to the counter as the system went down for an hour or so (no surprise there!) .. That's why as you can see, many pics of me, posing sane sini while in JPN.. coz I was busy entertaining the bored-people there! (baikkan anak daddy ni? ;))
After lunch, we went out again, to search for Abg Ayip long due brithday prezie. As requested by you and abg Ayip, we look for the roller shoes. Thank god we found it in Sungei Wang Plaza quite easily. While in the shoe store, I can't resist to try out some of the shoes myself. I even pick a nice pair to wear, and even refuse to take it out, so terpaksela Mommy belikan satu for me. ;) (bijakkan saye?) Mommy bought a pair for Kak Tisya too, skali la for her birthday prezie.. so same-same tige-tige dapat hadiah! When we are home, I helped mommy to balut the kasut box cantik2! ;)

Later in the evening, when Cik Ngah and Mak Su are already home, they ask us to go out again, because Cik Ngah want to take us out for dinner. Maybe because they know that I'm going off to Doha soon, so Cik Ngah wants to belanje me makan-makan kasik embam, so you can cubit my pipi gebu.. hiks~
We had Teppanyaki.. I quite like it! The peeps there also baik-baik blake. They just smile to see me sepah-ing the floor with my nasik! And guess what daddy? I learnt to use chopstick! Yes.. only one stick! I'm so heran why the nasik won't stick with only one batang! Even use it to sedut some water like the straw, well word of warning daddy; chopstick and straw do look-alike,but they don't function the same! grrr..
After dinner we went jalan-jalan window shopping. But Cik Ngah insist to buy me 2 super-cantek dresses! Thanks again Cik Ngah, susah-susah je ;)

When we got home, Abang Ayip is already there. So I presented him with his prezie. He was so excited to see the roller shoes! It's like his dream-comes-true. He said 'Bes la kasut ni, Ayip nak bawak tido la.. ' (Bolehke daddy?)So, that's about it for today daddy.. too long with so many outings aite? Yela.. mau balik Doha dah, must do all the pending things before it's too late! hehe. Ok then, I'm gonna go and pack now, see you in a bit! Yay!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dear daddy; day 40 summary

The big 4-0. Hurmmmm..
It's Saturday, as always. Mak Ngah would come early, bringing Kak Lyssa, Abel and Miela. First thing we did was to mandi kolam! yeahhh! (It's a strategy to encourage me to be non-kolam phobic). After lunch, all of us decided to went to Jusco in Balakong, leaving Mak Teh yang tengah berpantang at home with baby Rayyan. Kebetulan, rupenye Jusco is having sale (not sure how believable that is). Mommy bought a nice 70% discounted comforter set! And some other blinds, coz Pak Ngah will help to fix it on the wall tomorrow. Bes.. bes.. it's for our Vista.. bolehla.. masukla jugak with the overall theme. No picture yet ok daddy? mommy wants to surprise you, so, you ought to wait! hehehe..
After the much tiring journey back and forth looking for the perfect comforter set, we then heads to KFC.. to have quite a heavy 'tea-break'. I ate a lot.. berselera, maybe because all the cousins are eating lots too (except for Ayap). When we got home, mommy stop over at Tesco, as granted by you, she bought me my own lil red bicycle, the one just like Ayap, bertujuan untuk mengelakkan perebutan yang berterusan.. tapi sayang.. today she have to return the bike, as the extra wheel is not functioning well, and they have no more stock of the same bike with the same colour! :( That's fine, mommy said, we'll find a better one in Doha, ok daddy?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dear daddy; day 39 summary

Hmm.. day 39.. i never tot I would see the day..

On this day, Mommy took me to Vista coz it's wallpaper day! That guy did quite a wonderful job.. Tok Di and nenek was there too.. and they too were happy with the end result.. I feel so much at home.. and yess.. that's some of the frames that we used to have in Doha about a year ago.. finally they have a home to fill ;)

After few hours of waiting mommy to finish her Cinderella's house chore in Vista (including scrubbing the kitchen's dinding!), we then head home.. singgahing at South City Plaza to have our dinner in Old Town kopitiam, where I had a delicious kuey teow soup (though most of which jadi 'hiasan' kat lantai) while nenek ate some weird tomyam meehoon that have udang kering in it!!.. which taste ain't rite at all! bluwerghh!!

Well.. that's about it for that day.. see you on day 40.. n more?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dear daddy; day 38 summary

It was yet another tiring-but-fun nite for mommy. She waited until I was asleep to begin her exclusive cuppies lesson for Aunt Epa, who was so eager to learn, sampai sanggup bermalam kat Semenyih! Mommy said, the only way she could give her hands-on cuppies lesson, is when I'm asleep, which is quite confusing to me, am I that notty? I didn't mean to irritate mommy while she's baking and everything, I just want a lil bit of attention, that's why I was so clingy and needy (though still in my most cutest self).. And oh yeah, mommy said, if she got time later, she'll share the step by step to decorate cupcakes here in her blog.. but no promises, as she has got wayy to many things to settle before shooting off to Doha!

So, here goes.. the pic summary of Aunt Epa's adventure with the cute lil cuppies 'class'..
Starts with the tools.. although mommy was upset to find her daun and rumput nozels went missing, they still manage to continue with other types of hiasan, asal lawa jadila..
Mommy showed aunt Epa the smoothing icing tecnique, fondant technique, the tekap-tekapan, the lukis-lukisan and the nozel technique too.. after which, they just let their own imagination to create more colourful cuppies of their own.. tengok je la betape tekunnye aunt Epa buat.. hehe.. Err..yang tulis 'cupcake ' tu, mommy saje buat for the entry's pic.. chumil tak cupcake atas cupcake? ;)
Here are the results of their 4-6 hours of late-nite work with the cuppies (minus the panda circles, which I bet r getttin worst). They began from scratch, including the baking process.. that's why it took longer to finish. Mommy too didn't waste any time to practice more on her icing skills.. Whatever what, the end results are still Yum and Yummmmmm! Hope aunt Epa had a wonderful time.. and don't forget to practice practice practice! ;)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dear daddy; day 37 summary

Thank god.. mommy told me the good news about your RP.. all is done.. what left is to get the visa for us, then we can fly off to Doha to meet you. Insyaallah...

How do you look like now daddy? Do you still remember how your lil girl looks like? I mite be wayyy slimmer than you could remember.. all the results of demamla, tak lalu susu la, sakit perut la, itu la ini la.. but don't worry, I am now eating regularly like the old me.. So, in this last week before our reunion, mommy gonna feed me all sort of fats to make me chubbier for you to pinch ;)

We didn't go anywhere today.. just in the evening, I forced mommy to take me out, so nenek use the opportunity to ask mommy to go to Tesco for some groceries shopping. Well.. nothing much there.. just the not gonna bore you with details..

Opss.. hang on, maybe there is something new, today I no longer 'scared' of baby Rayyan. I kept calling baby.. baby.. then sayang-sayang him.. but the thing I didn't understand was, why that everytime I tried to belai his face mommy will quickly take my hand away.. am not gonna smack him.. just wanna give him my most tender loving caressing? And why is everybody so freak out when I try to rock the baby's cot? I only tried to help? Oh well.. i wish they could understand my pure intention daddy.. if only there is such thing as baby talk translator. Hurmmm..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dear daddy; day 35-36 summary

More update on mommy's ''pimp my vista project'';
The furniture has arrived safely. The only weird thing is, the 'L' shape sofa is on the wrong side.. so abes rosak design mommy.. hampeh.. should mommy go and complaint? untung-untung dapat sofa free.. (though memang dah dapat a free ottoman.. yay!)

I'm sorry that mommy won't allow me to reveal the whole lot of the furniture, she said.. let the home be fully pimped before you see it's beauty.. ;)

Today we went all the way to IKEA along with Mak Ngah yang sanggup ambek cuti semate nak elak pegi on weekends.. hehe, which took us almost 2 hours to reach. letih.. yela.. Semenyih-Cheras dah nak 40 minute, then Cheras-IKEA add another 30 minutes or so.. seb baek jalan tol.. so, clear la jugak.. We didn't buy much, just some blinds while mommy busy getting her imagination kitchen design to reality. After 3-4 quotations, we left.. but not before bagging ourself half-dozen of the infamous currypuff, each for mommy and Mak Ngah, yummyyyy

Sorry daddy, mommy is getting more and more lazy to snap any pics.. so no update on my cute face today m'fret.

Boleh tak kalau dah tak larat nak update?

hehehe.. makin ari makin rindu, makin malassss nak update blog.. bile la sume ni nak berakhir? But then again, nanti dah nak kene duduk lam oven-like country, lagi tak bes.. tapi dimane saje asal ade kamu, i'd be happy.. hiksss jiwangs

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dear daddy; day 33-34 summary

Daddy.. bileee nak boleh gi Doha ni? I can't wait no more..
As a welcome note to the new baby home to nenek house, Mommy bought lil Rayyan a travelling mattress set and some clothes as a gift from you, me and mommy. Will have to update the picture later, as she left the camera in Semenyih (while we are in Kinrara now).
Yesterday, mommy stayed up all nite baking some cuppies for Aunt NG and aunt Alin's house warming party. At the same time sharing her cupcakes knowledge to Cik Ngah, Mak Su and also Tok Mi. I heard they have great fun baking and everything.. mommy couldn't stop laughing. One of the many geli hati stuff that she couldn't forget was went they baked the mini cake - dengan tande2 harge skali di bakar.. see the picture as bukti.. hehe
But bad news is, she forgot to take any picture of the cuppies.. there are some sofa, flower vase, cupboard, lcd tv.. macam-macam adaaa.. (sayangnye lupe ambek gamba! )
Anyway.. here's a pic of the tuan rumah, hope they'll live happily in the new found home. At first, when I was there.. I didn't have any mood to layan anyone.. i would go nuts if anybody even come closer.. but after a while, when more and more people left, I felt more comfortable and start to make friends with the uncles and the aunties. My favourite is uncle Pesal.. hehehe
Aunt Epa and Uncle Pesal was generous enough to give us a lift home.. but when mommy ask me to wave bye bye to Aunt Epa n Uncle Pesal, i said Nanak sambil geleng paler.. (yess.. that's new for me.. i started doing it a lot yesterday, saje suke-suke ;))

So, any single and abailabel friends of mommy or daddy yang nak berkenalan with Aunt NG or Alin, do give mommy a buzz.. they are still looking for Mr. Right hiks..

Friday, May 15, 2009

Dear daddy; day 31&32 summary

Nothing much happened these few days, except mommy taking me here and there to find stuff for our Vista daddy. Yesterday and day before yesterday, a man came to measure up the kitchen and wallpaper.. not sure when they can actually fix it. I'll update the pic once they are all up ok daddy?

Then later that evening, we got news that Mak Teh already delivered! A boy named Hairil Rayyan.. sempena nenek's favourite tv show Ar-Rayyan. We rushed off to see Mak Teh in Hospital Putrajaya.. luckily enough, we got 10 minutes of visit, even it's already past visiting hours. See daddy.. soo cute! When mommy tried to angkat the baby, i got all jealous and insist that she gave the baby back to Mak Teh! :(

I know the baby is cute and everything, but Mommy still got me, so she can't have other baby but me! not yet at least.. right daddy?
Anyho, congratulation to Mak Teh and Pak Teh.. and abang Ayap for the new kiddo in the family!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dear daddy; day 30 summary

Today mommy took me to see aunt epa and her sister in sunway pyramid. Aunt Epa just got her bonus, thus decided to belanje us makan at TGIF, alhamdulillah.. Rezeki.. Hehe.. I had fun 'dining' there, although most of the time, I was up on the chair top, dancing and singing! (don't blame me, I just thought the surrounding people need bits of entertainment, that's all)

After lunch, we round for a bit more, just to usha some hantaran stuff for aunt Epa, tak lame dah lagi nak kawen ni.. Hopefully she'll find all the things she likes, and have the most wonderful wedding ever! Aminnnn
Later that nite, mommy finally finished off her first manik-projek on my baju raye, yay! Look at this daddy.. I'm so proud that mommy manage to finish it, all for me ;)

Well, that's it.. Happy 1st month anniversary of being apart from us :( huwarghhhhh

Dear daddy; day 29 summary

Daddy, tengok mommy ni.. tak abes2 gi kelas and left me at home! This time she she went to learn how to bake Kek Lapis Serawak, which she claimed as her last class.. i hope so! I can't stand being left behind like this! Tak bes tau takde Mommy.. :(

Above are the pics of the kek lapis serawak, yummilicious gak rasenye.. i like it a lot! After eating lots of lapisan kek.. we then went to the taman permainan.. this time mommy remember to bring her iphone.. so she can snapped up some picture of me and Abel playing together-gether!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dear daddy; day 28 summary

Another 2 days to a month of being apart from you daddy, how time flies...
Yesterday atuk and pak su help to paint Mommy's house. But they haven't finished.. Still 2 more walls to go! ;)
While waiting, mommy and me took a lil trip with Pak Long, Mak Long, kak tisya, Mak Su and Tok Mi to jalan TAR.
When home, I found an amazing new game called horse-back Tok Di! hehehe

Later that evening, when atuk has finished, he fetch us over to Vista, where Kak Lyssa and Kak Abel are already swimming in the pool! I joined to see them, but I don't dare swim at all! Tatutttt...
Oh well, hope you'll take me more to the pool and teach me to be more brave with the water, k? Until then.. Byeee

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dear daddy; day 27 summary

Daddy, today people in Malaysia celebrate Mother's day.. as to appreciates all mothers in any way possible. So, di kesempatan for this special occasion, Mommy stayed up last nite to try out some mini fondant cakes, (although lacking few tools, she still manage to hentam to get some boleh-lah senget cakes.. hehehe)
Mommy also bought some clothes for nenek and a bonsai for Tok Mi.. nothing fancy, just some simple gift di kale kegawatan ekonomi.. she called it. ;)
And my gift for Mommy, is nothing but a BIGGGG hug and a BIGGG muahhh.. love you mommy! Happy Mothers's day (although for me, everyday is Mother's day! )

Friday, May 8, 2009

Dear daddy; day 26 summary

Howdie daddy! I'm sorry for the false alarm about my chicken pox fever, hehehe.. the doctor said it's just some rashes from my previous fever.. so it should go away soon.. don't worry!

Because of the news, Tok Daddy and Tok Mommy came all the way to semenyih to visit me, mommy forgot to inform them about the real deal.. she said sorry, but anyway.. i'm sure Tok Di & Tok Mi don't mind, because at least, they got to see the cheeky me! ;)

Daddy, today mommy went to her Studio apartment in serdang.. for her next project that she called; 'Pimp My Vista'. She already bought some furniture.. what left is to do some painting, curtain driling, kitchen cabinet, and the toilet leaking problem+ the shower screen... after which her Vista Impiana Studio would be in deed an Impian! ;) Just wait and see the outcome soon ok daddy?..

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dear daddy; day 25 summary

Daddy, mommy's phone now got zooming function! So, as always, I'm her first model to try out!

And, oh yeah.. earlier, we went to Pekan Semenyih to get some haircut for mommy.. you'd be surprised! ;)

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dear daddy; day 23&24 summary

On day 23, mommy took me to Amcorp Mall, she needs to see someone for her great secret mission. Oh well, mommy said u knew about the mission, so I don't have to tell u all about it.
We had lunch there, but like usual, it's not a good idea to eat with a full-tummy me! I just can't stay still even for a minute, coz I wanna play play play! Dah kenyangla katekan.. ;)
Later that evening, mommy took me home to semenyih. Hurm...Nothing much happened today. Just the usual petang out to Padang permainan. Ok then daddy, see u around!

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Dear daddy; day 22 summary

Hi daddy, today i am fine.. no problem whatsoever, just a minor fungus infection in my mouth. Mommy already took me to see Dr.Wong. She gave me a ubat sapu to clear it out. She said, the fungus must have caused by the antibiotic that I took while I had that fever last week. So, in few days, it will all be gone! ;)
There's nothing special about today, other than my petang outing to the taman permainan in BK3. I had so much fun with Abg Arip, Tok Mi and Mommy there. Playing gelongsor, bola sepak, and jongkang-jongkits.. You know daddy, Abg Ayip pandai main bola, I think he should go to sport school, so he can be a soccer player pelapis yang berjaye! Well, that's all for today daddy.. nite2

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dear daddy; day 21 summary

Good news daddy, i am feeling great today. No more temperature! But the thing is, last nite I couldn't sleep, I woke up at 1 am, screaming on top of my lung and ask mommy to take me down. Mommy looked confused, she then force me to sleep, but I couldn't, so she decided to leave me playing alone beside her in the bed. At 4 am, I noticed that Mommy is awake, so I scream again.. this time I want mommy to open up the tv, so i can watch barney. Few minutes after, I finally feel sleepy and ask mommy to take me to bed.

Despite 'berjage tgh malam' I woke up like usual, at 9 am sharp, with my cheerful mood. After my morning shower, I wore a new t-shirt that Tok Mi bought for me, I said, chan-teekkk.. Then, later today, Tok Mi, Mak Long, Pak Long and Kak Tisya brought me and mommy to Jln Masjid India to take our baju raye sedondon. Also Chan-tekkk.. ;)
We then went to Taman Tun and had our lunch in Seri Melaka. That's my picture daddy.. eating happily on my own. Sipping on the soup, eating the meehoon, and then turning over the bowl of soup, so kakak waitress will have more things to do after we left. ;)

When we got home, after dinner, me, abg arip and kak tisya sang some karaoke. You should see me tarik daddy.. i think I could beat all those singer in Tom-Tom Bak!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dear daddy; day 18-20 summary

Daddy, I got really sick the past two days that Mommy couldn't help to update you about me. My body and head got really hot but my feet remain cold. But the weird thing is, it came and goes. When I'm not feeling hot inside, I'd be the old me again.. playing cheerfully, but i couldn't eat.. I only wants to drink. Today, I ask mommy to take your pic, and I sleep with it.. I miss you so much daddy..
Anyway, despite all that, mommy still took me to Kak Queen's birthday celebration yesterday.. it's a really fun party, I bought Kak Queen a beautiful princess pencil-bag. But we didn't stayed for long, because of my temperature..
You see that Hawaiian barbie cake daddy? Mak Ngah made that.. poor mommy couldn't get to do her barbie cake, that she ask Mak Ngah to do it for her. But because they didn't have enough icing, they didn't present the cake to Kak Queen. Oh Well.. Kak Queen still is happy with mommy first barbie doll, she just need it for picture, so I guess it is ok.

Up: The summary pics of the birthday.. soo many people, soo many foods.
Today, there's a kenduri on the neighbourhood, since mommy hasn't been to any kenduri for soo long, she decided to take me to eat the nasik minyak. Yum Yum.. I taste a lil.. but still not in my eating-mood. But the temperature has gone today.. I hope it stayed like that for long..

Down; that's me daddy.. memegang gambar daddy until I felt asleep for my evening nap... today mommy gonna take me to Tok Mi's house. If you are around, do skype me ;)
Mommy and me misses you so very much!!