Sunday, October 25, 2009

Early birds

Lately I was showered with question from people around me, asking when will Myra start her school? Then I wonder, isn't it too early? When I imagine about waking her up just after subuh- then struggle to give her shower, get dress n eat breakfast before playschool, I just think that I'd be too cruel... But then, the other side of me starts thinking; compare to now, she don't quite have a fixed routine of what-time to wake n no early-learning-stage activities to be expected, I would think I'd be of the contrary.

Since when that the modern world started this early? Everything is going faster and faster..

I was just at one of the might or might not short-listed-nursery-for-Myra, when I surveyed what a just-over-2years-old kids will be doing there.. painting, reading books, colouring and later off for a cooking lesson! Man.. Though I know it's fun and everything, but I still pity kids nowadays..with the competitive world they live in. The owner even mention that the silly-bus was design to prepare them for the exam they gonna have to take for the 'real school' at 4! My my my.. I guess It's never too early and never too small afterall. ( talking bout kiasu... ;)

That's right girl, you better work on your colouring now, or no harvard air for you!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

1 bedroom apartment For rent (or for sale)

Strictly no student. ( sorry I had bad bad experience with student, not taking the risk again)

Vista Impiana 1 bedroom apartment. Located on Bukit Serdang, Selangor.
Fully furnished - all furniture are brand new. Newly installed wallpaper, leather seat L-shape sofa, queen size bedroom, double wardrobe with top cupboard (plenty of storage space), shoe cabinet, book rack, room divider, tv rack+ tv, bar style foldable dining table, attractively well decorated.
Free access to gym, swimming pool and tennis court.
Close to Bukit Jalil, easy access to TPM, Astro, Bukit Jalil and Serdang within minutes.

I'm looking for a responsible professional, preferably single or newly married (with no children) to look after my lovely apartment and care it as their own. The interested party can contact Mr.Ibrahim @012-2113344.

Monday, October 19, 2009

It's not so hot anymore

Today after hubby's brief break-dinner at home i took Myra out for a walk. He was doing the late shift again, and Myra just won't let him go, hence the 'walk'. Maghrib is now from 5-ish. So, at 7:30.. it's already feel like 9:30, dark and a bit quiet, but not like serial-killer-in-a-loose-kind-of-quiet ;)

The air feels right and kind, so I tot I gave the local groceries around the corner a visit. So, with a determination at heart, and Myra in my arm, I walked passed the masjid-under-renovation, big scary Villa which has got 'Room for rent' labelled on its front door (I manage to take a tiny peek inside to see some indian guys talking at the front yard), a manned truck (which inappropriately called out 'Hi Baby' - even if I assume it was for Myra, still.. Bluwehhh) and then finally reached the store; tiny-packed-with-stuff. I didn't get in, as my intention was just to see how far off i could go with the 'extra baggage' at hand. The bonus part was to see a fruit/veg store right next to it. Yess... now I can easily swing by to get any emergency ingredient by foot.

After the less-than-a-minute screening, I turned back. Taking the back road toward our tiny playground; where Myra then happily with no shoes-attached going up and down the slides.

And oh yeah.. my hubby got a new toy last nite; a slim tablet which makes handwriting or drawing much much do-able. So i tot i give it a try and drew a lil shot of our so called walk-and-about 'adventure' ;D

Oh, by the way.. i didn't quite wear such baju-kurung.. just that it makes the drawing much easier.. hehehe

Hari Malaysia

I dunno what's happening with my writing, I am not feeling too inspired to write, hence the spider web on my blogpage. I sure hope that I'll have something to write soon or I'll end up giving up on it for good.
Well, today my hubby showed me the news on 'Cuti umum untuk Hari Malaysia'. The Prime Minister has approved to start it next year. Yeah I know, some who knows me mite be a lil confused as to why I wrote about it, I'll tell you why; the hari Malaysia is on 16th of Sept; which is the same as my wedding anniversary! heee.. so now we have double excuse to celebrate! hiks.
I guess that's that for today.. mite update more, who knows.. i just hope the Muse will help me get inspired soon.

..signing off..

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fatma o fatma i luv u..

The landlord is super kind that she installed a children playground behind our building. A nice small playground, but good enough!

Thank you kind madam.. may Allah bless you always

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Deserted again

It was a tiring yet a fulfilling raya holiday. I understand now why most Malaysian in Qatar avoided raya holidays to the home country; it consumed every inch of your energy and drenched you dry once you are back to the desert-ol-reality. When we first arrived, I was expecting an 8 inch of dust waiting our feet; but to our surprise, the house is flawless, still in tact and with just tiny speck of dust that could easily be gone dengan sekali hembus (by un-cerewet terms.)
Myra, on another hand, running happily towards her room, and 'happily' tergolek into her bed when she struggled to climb it on her own. Well, now I know that you are never too young to feel homesick. Seeing how happy she was to play in her own room just proves that!
But the bad thing about her coming back to Doha is, she'll miss all her cousins.. no more kids to entertain her boredom, so salah satu hasilnya end up pakse Mommy teman watch Barney or Barbie round the clock!! I was literally mabuk by the sound of the dvd!!! Erghhhh nak termuntah dah aku!

Today, pejam celik pejam celik dah 4 hari dah we're here; and dah 2 open houses dah attend!!!; mannn... talking about kepenatan beraye kat Malaysie, i think it's just about the same ere too ;)
Oh well, bak kate pepatah, rezeki jangan ditolak, so ape lagi, belasah slagi boleh!
I'm not sure when it will be our turn to host pulak, dah ramai demand Qatar version of Myra's birthday party, and I'm just still too tired to even think about it..hiks

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Ever since Myra's two, I'd bore her with my new fav q; ''How old are you?'', and with her high-pitch-chipmunk-voice she'd replied 'Tiu!!!', "What's your name?'', 'E-ya!' and then you'll see a big fat satisfying grin across my chubby face... clever girl ;)

Last Friday we manage to organize a very short-notice-yet-brilliant birthday party for Myra. At first, I was sooooo lazy as I have already made a self-promise to bake the cake myself, so terase amat malas la kan nak kne buat itu ini, but at the end I gave in to her sparkling lil eyes, how can I not celebrate her birthday? You see Myra, Mommy wrote this so that you'll know that there was a celebration for your birthday when you are little; unlike Mommy who have no collection of birthday memories at all when I was younger, not even a picture, hmmm.. mebbe memang no one did ever celebrate my birthday pun?! (erk...sedihnye!)

Anyho, just to be extra sure, here are some pics from the small party for you (while in KL), attended mostly by families.

The goodie bag - very the last minute job.. so ok-ok jela
Then, majlis di tutup dengan upacare membuke hadiah, just look at her exciting lil face!

Thank you all yang sudi hadir ke majlis kecil-kecilan for si kenit, doa-doakanla Myra membesar menjadi anak yang solehah.. aminnnnnnnnnnnnn

Note: We are heading back to Doha tonite.. so this is our farewell to Malaysia yet again! byeeee!