Saturday, July 12, 2008

London for dummies

First week - nanny/babysitter/childminder hunt - Done and done. Got a very flexi-trustworthy-friendly nanny to take care of myra, alhamdulillah~

2nd week - Report duty, well although I did expect the british to have a better system than the arabs, but they do have many down point too, i guess everywhere in the world, it just a common problem.. but at least they are more organize.. but in terms of lembabness.. it is just slightly the same.. hahaha

Funny example of the brits;
1. We have to attend an interview with the banker to open up an account.
2. He was panic to see that on our passport, there's no written info of our surname, so he said he might not be able to open the account for us. (But after that he then got some clearance from the manager to use our father's name as the surname.. daaa~)
3. He panic again to see that we don't have a written prove of home address (even on the introduction letter written by our HR clearly stated the temporary address).. he said it is a 50-50 chance that the account will be approve. As confusely as it gets, the registration was only done via online application in front of us, and I can clearly read the form and choice of answers.. he then gambled to pick one up.. and poof! you know what?! the application went through without any problem. (Until now, I am still very much confused to why he was so panic)
4. Aizal can't enter the HR building even when he has got a staff id with his picture on without someone agreeing to allow him in. I was allowed to enter the HR building without any problem because I was wearing the temp id card. ?@!#? confusing confusing.. hehe
Well enough about that..

While we are starting off to learn the new job and all, our boss yang baek hati has gave a green lite to do our house-hunt and not to bother about work until it is sorted. Lucky! So, off we go goozing around london; central-west-south-north& east. Viewing flats after flats.. saw some dodgy ones, then ended up falling in love with this conversion flat in Holland park.. it was way above our monthly budget.. but I just tot we should view.. there it was- a dream come true.. a lovely 1 bedroom apartment, with not-so-small area and a view of downstairs garden. Lovely! But after a long discussion&arguments, we realized it is just unrealistic. So, we settled for the 1 bedroom apartment in Stratford instead. It is a 6 months contract, so if we find it hard to live in.. we can just find a new place and move (as if its easier done than said).. Stratford from work, is like 20 minutes away by central line.. this will be the Olympic area in 2012. We'll update the pics when we moved.. so far.. we haven't paid the full amount it is still a 70-30%.. finger cross!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

the first 3 days in london

tgk Myra.. kemain~ ngan kasut baru.. environment baru.. cam tau je dah pindah london.. hiks

the first time we arrived, yup.. we expected to be placed in some small room.. but our room is not too bad.. there is still some space to cramp up our luggage.. the key here is to minimize!

this is the result of the creative mind of londoners.. a cupboard-size of shower room attached in our bedroom.. kelakar gile rase.. mandi lam almari.. hiks~~
On the first day of our arrival, we didn't do much.. just stroll along the area looking for some halal restaurant.. makan fish & chip and shawarma.. tengah2 makan datang a malaysian family ni.. mmg btol la ckp org, org malaysia mmg bersepah2 kat london.. hehe.. kebetulan anak die same baye ngan Myra, so sempatla pose skali.. after their long baby-talk (more like a scream than a talk)