Sunday, February 28, 2010

Deserted camp

One of my must-do-thingy while living ere. Finally we manage to find a way to join a group of friends camping in the middle of the desert. The itinerary said meeting @6pm - Sealine. First thing first is to get the air out of the 4-wheels tyres as to get the just-nice-a-pressure to drive through the desert. It was our first time to off road wheeling deep into the desert. I was a bit nervous, dunno what to expect, and further more, it was already dark.. but I somehow convince my little heart to believe in my husband's driving skill.. There we go, a +- one hour of a slow and steady journey of a line of ten 4-wheelers, hardly no obvious bounce at all. Everybody was equipped with a set of walkie-talkie, we are number 3 on the line. Myra was a bit scared, tightly holding up my hand and kept quiet along the journey.. seeing many other 4wheelers pecutings to cut our snail-line.. must be arabs yang dah expert.. ;)
and Alhamdulillah, we manage to safely reach the camp site at 8-ish. A complete site, with seat-toilet, dapur serba lengkap, BBQ pit, table and few ready tent of the regulars. Huhu.. camping zaman moden~

The first thing we did was to set up our tent.. there we went, opening up our freshly-bought tent for the first time. Yeah... we only went for the camping-things-to-bring shop few hours before departure.. hehe. Ape yang unsangkerable was, our tent dah terlebih over dari orang lain! Canggih tak canggih, siap ade 2 separate 'room', that we then decided to convert one for walk-in-closet. AND a living room kat tengah-tengah.. hahaha.. kalau ade competition tent-paling-cantik memang kompem dah menang!

After we've settled with the tent, kaum-kaum ibu terus bergotong-royong masak dinner, feeding all the rumbling tummies. They've got BBQ, segala macam nasik and bihun gorengs, yeah.. macam biase.. melayu dan konsep hidup-untuk-makan.. hiks. After the burps, we then went for some fun games. The most memorable was the first game, which was a bit exotic.. acare makan epal berkapel. I held up the apple with my teeth while Mr.Ai eat-it-all-up, with Myra giggling for his every bites! Lawak.. tapi kami berjaye jugak menang tempat kedue.. hehe (sorry, no picture due to censorship). Tup tup, lebih kurang 12-ish jugak baru semua games habis.. pastu tidoooo. I was thinking the temperature would drop drastically that I couldn't sleep.. but I was wrong, or maybe the fact that I snugged into the cozy sleeping-bag helps to ignore the cold-breeze. Anyho.. I had a great and undisturbed sleep.. and so was Myra.
See the result.. pengsan tanpe kompromi!

Paginye.. i went out to see the beauty of the nearby sea,, tenang.. dah lame tak tengok nature at its best. ;) After the quick breakfast of kaya toast and teh tarik, they got some more acare sukaneka.. but mostly involves the kids. It was already boiling hot.. so I mostly settling in the tent, overlooking the ongoing games, until they call for the last game- Pak Andaman.. yup, I was the model, and Mr.Ai was the Pak Andam.. hancur muke ku.. ade sedikit berupe bapuk.. hahahaha, and as expected, memang tak menang.. (takpe sayang, this just mean you are a real man.. taktau make up make up ni ;P)

After lunch, we pack and get ready to leave. Little that I know, the journey home is far worst than coming. The location of the campsite is actually surrounded by water. Berpusing-pusing carik jalan keluar, avoiding the water, tapi tak berjaye-berjaye, sampai sangkut kat tanah lembut. Luckily the other 7 wheelers are expert in menarik kete-sangkut. So off we went again.. looking for the best possible way home, when we met with the police-truck yang selambe badak melintas air. With the police assurance, we then slowly make our way out of the 'island' through the cetek sea.
The excited Mr. Ai sudah naik syekh.. makin terer controlling the wheels doing some sand duning, nothing major.. main sikit-sikit je (as per Ifw4n). Huhu.. kecut jugak tau perut ni :P
Anyway, once we reach our previous meeting point (by the entrance of sealine beach), they start pumping in air again, as to allow our normal driving on the road. So that ends our 2 days 1 nite camping trip in the desert.. best! boleh buat lagi.. ;)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our quad-end with the visitors

Rizal's family are here in Doha. As a man with lots of activities in mind, he organized some to include anybody else whose interested. So, along came us.. memeriahkan event-event for his family trip here.
First activity, is the BBQ by the beach, overlooking the road of Doha's skyscrappers. Yeah.. janganla ingat Doha takde modern buildings.. hehe ;)
The location is just nearby the Intercontinental hotel, yup, takde orang akan terpikir nak buat kat situ, melainkan Rizal.. rajin aje bab-bab pikir aktiviti baru ni. (and I thank him for that ;)

Anyway, it is not an unknown place to hang. When we came, there was already few other smaller groups of people hanging out; either BBQing or just lepaking. So memang dibenarkan.. ;)
Mule-mule sampai, angin was just sepoi-sepoi bahase, tapi makin lame, makin sejuk beku.. huhu global warming is getting more and more serious I guess. The weather is so tak stabil, by experiencing the winter this year alone, I could tell. Sekejap sejuk, then panas tak terkate, then you tot, oh.. what a short winter, so, simpan jela balik all the heaters & sweaters. Then unexpectedly, the cold-icy breeze came by.. Mannnn.. susah nak agak dah. The world is really nearing to its end. :X

Anyway, back to the topic..

So, then, we just lepak by the beach, watching the kids seronot2 baling2 batu masuk air, jerit-jerit lumbe lari dalam kegelapan.. then kejap-kejap lari carik mak bapak masing2, screaming for food.. lapar.. Then sambung balik aktiviti.. The parents lak, like always.. borak sambil makan.. hmmm.. there goes the 4kg that I've lost last month!!! Grrr..

The BBQ was potluck based, so everyone brought a lil something to be 'burn'.. and the best is the chai's cerek.. hehehe memang layan minum teh tarik tengah2 sejuk..Although at heart i'm a bit terkilan sebab Mr.Ai tak dapat join sebab on duty :(
It's ok, next time kite buat lagi k?

**All pictures courtesy of Kimie n Fairul's FB.. mekaseh aaa.. saye cilok ;P**

Then come Friday, we joined for a quadbike in the sand. It's our first time to drive that thing.. rupenye letih jugak bawak menatang tu.. Mr.Ai was the most excited, asek merempit naik turun bukit. As for me and Myra, we just take a more relaxing cruise around the desert. For the newbies like us, yang teringin nak rase merempit bendealah ni sambil sand duning.. come by the Inland Sea, you'll see along the road, banyak port2 quadbike for rent, price ranging from QR80-200. Have a go! ;)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

If I die tomorrow..

Would there be any tears to shed?
Would there be any rain to fall?
Would there be a scratch on any heart?

If I die tomorrow...

please tell her..
I love her with all my heart and soul
I never knew my soft side
Never knew such selfless sacrifice
Never knew such phobic and horror of losing someone..
Until I met her;
my baby, my love, my world

If I die tomorrow..

please forgive me for all my wrongs
I may not be perfect outside,
but please know that, my inside is all about you..
every second of a day, I thank god..
for you are the clog to my hole
you are the dot to my sentences
forgive me for not showing enough..
but please know, i love you with all my heart..

If I die tomorrow..

I pray that they would know
How sorry I am for not sharing
How sorry I am for not caring
How sorry I am for not trying