Saturday, February 28, 2009

Out for my birthday treat

Be back on the 5th with pretty much to update (I'm sure)!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coming back home..

Nope.. it's not Malaysia.. it's Doha yet again! .. we've always talk about going back to Doha, live a happy life and maybe even grow old there.. (like they gonna allow it?! haha). And.. err.. sorry folks to dissapoint you on your 'hope' for adik Myra! thee hee hee..

And I can't actually believe that it's happening so fast.. in a month time! (at least for Aizal that is). I didn't even go for fruit picking yet! huwaaaa!!!

But there's a tiny bit of a hiccups, going there would mean, i have to give up my so-called career and dedicate meself on house chores, etc2? I'm sure I'll go crazy sitting around the house, talking to my german toddler, but ain't it cute?! Isn't it any mother's dream? To ALWAYS be there for her little one? To always be the one who feed 'em, bathe 'em, soothe 'em.. and teach 'em many many wisdoms??! (haha). I could choose to work, obviously.. but after my last experience with the 'personal assistant', I quite hate it, and NOT and COULDN't even consider it again, EVER! Orang lain cakap senang.. there's your mother, or your Ibu.. they could help surely? of coz they would.. but i don't want to! it's their turn to rest now.. and there are nursery and stuff.. yup.. THAT, would be a better option, but not now.. now is MY time with her, now is MY time to give it all it too much to ask? hee.. ape aku merepek da...

On the other hands, Should I stay or should I go to Malaysia until my beloved hubby settled-in with his RP? There are plenty of things that I wanna do while 'holiday-ing' in London.. and so far, I've strike 6 out of 10.. My greedy self said stay, so I can finished it all, but my other half said go to Malaysia, it'll be less stressful with all your family around (is it?).. hurm..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Biarlah rahsie..

Isn't it annoying if we've got a realllly reallly exciting news, but for some odds reason just have to swallow it until everything is certain, so THEN only we could finally blow it out?! Eghhh..

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Finally, book vs muviee..

Just came back from the Vue. Yup.. just as i suspected.. the movie is totally different. For a start, the whole story is based in New York already?! (including her parents?!!).. and I'm not approving Luke Brandon too.. he is wayyy more attractive than that guy who played him in that movie (but then again, that's on MY imagination.. AND it was like yearsss ago when I first read 'the secret dreamworld of a shopaholics'..I'm sure Sophie wouldda alter bit here and there to fit the big screen..hehehehe).

And obviously you can't expect too much for a cramped up 2 hours movie with details written of 100 pages of book (err.. i don't count the helaian..hiks). So.. am sorry to say, if I'm a bit biased to favour the book storyline than the movie.. you gotta see it yourself to make your own verdict!

So, here is what I gathered; The movie start at a slow pace, with a few tak-jadi-comedy-scene and finished off with a happy-ever-after endings with more funny scene (this time makin menjadik) where everyone smile and dance joyfully. It has got 65-35% of similarity to the book storyline..(i think?!). And I'm afraid I can't elaborate more, as it is not fair to many of my friends in Malaysia- still waiting for the movie to break in. And.. talking about the cinema.. I have never been to a such an empty cinema before, except when we went to see 'Taxi III'-i mean more like an intro to Taxi III coz we left few minutes after sebab terlalu bosan! that was wayy back in Doha (and err.. panggung wayang Cine di Kulim mungkin tak masuk dalam kategori ini, hehe ). It was so quiet that you could actually run around from one corner to another anytime during the movie without irritating anyone! There were only 9 viewers, including us (yes.. I counted!)And at the end of the movie, when Becky got her man, and overcome her debts -all those 4 girls in front of us cheering and clapping their hand gleefully.. yela, dah cinema kosong, obviously you are allowed to buat-macam-rumah-sendiri. I think it is more to a home-dvd kind of a movie, rather than the big cinema type. But anyway, good job for trying! Cube lagi di lain kali.. ;)

And then again, I still enjoy it very much.. dunno about Ai.. he seems confused to why-he-agreed-to-be-dragged-along to see such a typical chick flicks! hahahaha..

Remember Me?

I am half-through finishing yet another of Sophie Kinsela's book, 'Remember Me?'. She has got an amnesia after an accident. Which has taken off 3 years of her life. All she could remember was 2004 and before, nothing afterwards. She didn't even remember getting married!! And her life has changed completely; from an unambitious sweet Miss Snaggletooth to Bitch-Boss-From-Hell that wears Prada to work?!
It has got me thinking.. if I have lost the memory of the past three years of melife. I'd still be single, miserably working in my old department- which as what I've heard become more and more unplesant.. and obviously would be so confused with the fact that i'm living wayyyyyy over here in London, with A BABY?!!.. when all I could have recall is.. it's time to punch in for the early shift again?! Yikes!

Hurm.. janganlaa jadi bende ni kat aku.. amin... and talking about Sophie Kinsela, which remind me, that I still owe myself a date with the-movie-that-I-so-looking-forward-to-see-yet-giving-out-excuse-not-to-go. Harap2 hari ni dapat gi tengok.. hiks

Friday, February 20, 2009

Dear Nyetoosan,

Selamat Pengantin baru... i so wish that i could be there to see you in your most beautiful make-up and dress, yada yada.. hiks..
Semoge berkekalan forever and ever and ever and ever...

Note: Although jauh-di mata- dekat di hati, i have already sent you a special something, hints; its red-stylish and shiny.. hope you like it! ;)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is it Spring yet?

These couple of days, syok gile cycle gi keje. Tak sejuk langsung.. sejuk tu still sejuk, but ala-ala angin aircond jer.. and hari ni.. after a verrryyy long time, i could slip into one layer of normal clothes with a coat on top and walking around without having to put on glove and my berret. Syok! ..
Hurm.. does this mean Winter is finally over? And it's Spring time?! Kalau ye, yaa bedaa beduuuu.. dah tak larat dah nak pakai baju lime nam lapis.. hiks ;)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Girls nite out

Wak is here in London, came couple of days earlier than her scheduled business trip just to see me (sweet). I was lucky enough di belanje Wak to see my very first London Show - We will Rock You.

It's a musical theatre, set to be wayy in the future, where individuality or originality of a music is no longer allowed and was banned for hundreds of years. No single musical instruments had survived too, what left are bunch of GaGa girls and boys singing and dancing by the programmed music from the company. It's a mixture of comedy, love and passion.. where at the end, the dreamer discovered his way to Rock n roll. I enjoyed it very much, specially the part where the surviving 'Bohemian' (who are bunch of rebels of planet Mall) name themselves after few remaining ancient poster that they found, which include Britney Spears - played by a black tough guy that sings like an angel.

Overall, it is superbly performed, with live music performances tuning with most powerful voices of their cast; Galileo, Scaramouche, Pop, sume2 lah best.. (except the Killer Queen- suare terlalu nyaring.. saket tinge, they seriously need to find a new cast to replace her!). I am definitely satisfied with the whole show, nothing should be added there, nothing's missing, except, my other-half...(promise.. I'll make it up hunn! ;)).

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Peraking in Prague act III

The third and final day of our budget-breakaway, the weather looks not so promising. It's snowing heavily and this time, no rain to melt the ice. Hurm.. but since we are forced to check-out, we have no choice but to redah the cold flowing snow and proceed with our next itinerary; The Dancing House.

On and off some trams, but yet not getting any near to our main objective, susah jugak naik tram ni.. coz we are a bit confused with the direction from point a to b or vice versa, then tambah plak dengan angin sepoi-sepoi icy.. memang tak larat la nak keep on trying hoping on and off from one tram to another, lastly we decided to use the metro, which is far more easier to understand- straight to the point. So sampaila kami ke Dancing House akhirnye...
Dancing House is actually an office building, so not really open for public access. But if you still interested to go in, try the top floor restaurant, ade gak la alasan nak masuk the 'drunk building'. As you can see, the builing is quite interesting, as if it's dancing drunkfully..dengan tingkap-tingkap senget siap..

After only few snap of the building, we head toward Wenceslas Square, which actually the first place we went to when we first arrive Prague in hope to find 'Hallal Fast Food restaurant' yang die gembar-gemburkan. But pusing punye pusing, tak jumpe jugak.. From the direction that I got from the internet, it says turn left, but according to Dr K, turn right, and he himself said Czech people usually gave the wrong direction between right & left, which they often easily get confused.. hehe klaka gak fact ni, but anyway, memang takde rezeki nak try that halal restaurant.. blasah makan ape yang ade jela..

After lunch, the snow stops, so we thought we'd go to the Old Town Square again for day-lite picture, coz on day 1 pegi time malam, gelap.. When we reached there, the weather was like teasing us, kejap snow kejap tak.. tapi terpakse la redah je with our numbed feet. Snapped few photos and then tot of releasing the lil princess since she had been behaving quite well.
Lepas je budak tu.. tau jela.. berlari la die dari utare ke selatan, timur ke barat.. kejar burung.. tegur strangers (like always). But interestingly enough, for the past 3 days we've been there, people weren't quite as friendly.. nobody even bother to smile at Myra.. poor thing.... until that day.. jumpe segerombolan italian girls (i think). They were so happy to play with Myra.. she's been the center of attraction mengalahkan the Astronomical clock...heh. Even an unknown chinese guy with his camera sebok ambek gamba Myra bermesre alam.

So, that's that.. our journey was over, we said goodbye to Prague..and head off home to London with yet another bag of sweet memories.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Peraking in Prague act II

The picturesque Mala Strana in a cloudy sky

Day 2, I kept wishing that the weather forecast is wrong, that it won’t snow… but when I lift up the curtain…. the previous greyish-green garden have already turned to white; overnight! And there is still more snow flowing down, quite heavily lak tu. Tsk tsk.. takkan nak spend our day in the hotel room je kot?! Huwaaa..

But after breakfast, the sky starts to clear out.. no more snow, just some dripping rain which has taken away most of the white scenery. Alhamdulillah.. so we then proceed with our second day itinerary, to go to Prague Castle area, and walking down to Mala Strana or Lesser Town.

Today is a bit struggling, we had been on and off from one tram to another, but couldn’t get to number 22 nor 23 (which is the most popular tram number that’ll take you to most of the must-see tourist spot. But.. it’s ok.. no biggy.. an extra walk would just be another mini-exercise to release all the tense in our body. ;)

When we finally reached the Prague Castle area, tengah sedap snap snap photo came an unfamiliar voice from behind us, in Malay! Gosh.. ade jugak orang melayu kat sini.. hehehe.. He turns out to be a medic student there for the past 3 years, and was out and about with his girlfriend (also a medic student there, and apparently best student in their Uni, salute salute!) and his girlfriend’s parents who came for their 3rd annual visit to Prague. They were very friendly, and mostly enjoy the company of lil Myra.. Myra lagiiila suke kalau ade orang layan.

Nak dipendekkan cerite, this kind Dr (who by the way speaks Czech AND German), invited us to join them for the tour, so he can help to show us around! We were really moved by his kind gesture, so decided to follow. As we walk down the hill side towards Mala Strana, the Dr girlfriend’s mother then scream ‘Apple Strudels!!! Let’s eat!’. So that’s how we ended up joining them for a nice hot creamy chocolada drink with freshly baked Apple Strudels –said to be a must try in Czech and some other surrounding Europe country as their specialties.. which is not even close to the so-called apple studels kat KL Central (as she put it). I’m not that into food-critics sort-of-thing, so blasah je.. sedap tak sedap blakang crite. After 2 hours of chit chatting and makan-makaning, the Uncle offer to pay. Siap nak blanjer tuu.. dah la baru je kenal, siap ajak jalan skali.. hmmm.. segannye! You see, good kind-hearted people does exist, and we are among those who are lucky enough to have meet not one, but four of them- all warm and kind and some more down-to-earth. An experience, that we will live to tell.

Some shots that I took while jay-walking on Charles Bridge

Coming out of the restaurant, the girlfriend and his parents need to part ways, they are heading to their hotel to get ready for their dinner. But dengan baik hatinye the Dr still insist of showing us around. So, jalan la kiteorang crossing Charles Bridges, where we could find lots of stalls selling arts, performer and the mesmerizing view of the Vltava river. Sampai letih dah nak ambek gambar.. memang cantekla Prague ni.. Sirius!

On our way to Dancing House, tibe-tibe hujan batu turun then tukar jadi hujan lebat... so, sebab kesian dah kat Dr tu.. yang tak pasal-pasal lak kene basah lencun, I said we think this is enough for the day, we’ll catch Dancing house tomorrow.. hoping for a better weather.

So.. that’s some of the highlights of Day 2, meeting a new friend out of the blue while enjoying the spectacular view (minus the rain of coz)..

To be continue…

Peraking in Prague act I

Model posing @ Wenceslas Square

Prague (IPA: /ˈprɑːg/, Czech: Praha (IPA: [ˈpraɦa])), is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. Its official name is Hlavní město Praha, meaning Prague, the Capital City.

It was a last minute plan, we’ve been contemplating between several destination, but we are dead broke.. and yet is desperately in need of a break. After few considerations of places to go to,.. Prague comes as the cheapest one.. (amazing huh?)

We flew first class.. (wait.. that’s not right..), we flew with easyjet, a low cost airline just like airasia.. The journey was amazingly smooth, with an experience captain that kept entertaining us with his ‘magical endeavour’. So, kalau2 sape2 yang teringin to explore Europe, on a cheaper budget like us, try easyjet.. it is in deed easy, cheap but remarkably convenient and clean (note: avoid ryanair! hehe)

Arriving in Prague to a sunny bright city, we had a smile, bigger than the plane, even for Myra (no kidding). Since we are under a really really tight budget, we’ve decided to use the public transport to the hotel, which surprisingly easy, despite all label and announcement made in Czech. For the whole trip, we took 3 days pass that cost us 330 Kc= 11pound, lebih kurang laa.. And the best part is, you validate the pass once when you board your bus from the airport, then just walk like donno throughout your journey with tram/metro or bus all over the city for the whole 3 days. Mmg best.. dieorg percaye je kat rakyat jelate.. takde nak bubuh gate2 like in tube, or lrt.. so men boarding je la.. ikut naseb, kalau kene tahan, takde tiket kne la bayar saman.. And another great thing that I like about their transportation is, it is so spacious, and very stroller-friendly. Bleh taruk 10 prams.. and you won’t have a problem.. unlike here :(

From the cheap cost of our hotel, I thought it’s gonna be horror-like room in some unknown neighbourhood where gangsta are running around with guns. But I was wrong yet again. The hotel apartment is clean, big and tidy. We were given 1 small apartment, complete with a separate living room, double bed and separate shower and private loo, and the surrounding was not too bad at all.. easily accessible by the tram system. Not bad for a 15pound a nite stay.. Fyuohh..lege

So, day 1 was not so hard after all, Prague had exceeded my expectation from many angle; from its public transportation to the accommodation, and to its beautiful magnifico buildings and scenery all across town. I’m in love…

Up: Charles Bridge at nite

Left: Prague Castle, Right: Some interesting statue

Later that night, we brave ourselves to go to Karlův most or Charles Bridge area where people been suggesting to go to, to capture some amazing shots of the bridge at nite. From the bridge foot area it is just 5 minutes walk to Staroměstské náměstí or the Old Town Square, where more beautiful well-plan buildings are standing next to each other, including the most talk-about Prague Orloj or Astronomical clock tower.

As we walk along, there are series of restaurant to choose from followed by many souvenirs shops. Mmg tourist area laa. Tapi ape yang membanggekan kami, sepanjang berade di Prague dengan hanye berbekalkan 100pound cash for transportation + meal, we manage to have a nice Indian-Restaurant lunch, 1 dinner in a proper Czech restaurant and a meal or two in our own hotel. Gile save budget, tapi bleh jugak.. yakin boleh rakan mude.. hehehe

To be continue..

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wake up!

Funny story earlier today, I woke up thinking that i'm already late for my early morning cab, rushing to have my hot shower (although been fighting not to enjoy it too much bcos of the time constraint.. but still.. can't help it.. hiks).. After my 15minutes version of mandi-kerbau; got dress and ready peeking through the window, but still no sign of any taxi.. hurm.. that's weird. I better call my office.. it's already 6:25am.. and still.. no taxi! I then casually said to my colleague,
Me: J, i'm gonna be late.. my cab's not ere yet.. I'll call n check what's going on.
J: fine.. don't worry.. take your time!
I then rang the booking center..
Me: Hi Sir, I've booked a cab under R and still, no sign of it here..can you check please?.
Him: Right.. Let me check.. I have your details here, you book a taxi for 10 pass 6?
Me: Yes.. that's right
Him: (souded bewildering).. it's 5:35 now mam..
Me: What?!!!
(hahahaha.. the blushed me then only realized.. gosh! am still in Prague time! which is 1 hour ahead! man.. what a waste of a dream or two!..
And.. yes. I just came back from Prague.. and sooo looking forward to update the story laytuh! ;)


Can't wait till Feb 18th for the release of Confessions of Shopaholic the movie. Although, this is SO not the picture that I have for Becky! hahaha.. the left pic kinda remind me of Carrie from SNTC? hurm.. c'mon Becky.. u gotta be more original than that?! But still.. luv cha! and can't wait to finally meet my fantasy book-character comes to live. ..err.. in a movie of coz..

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Dear Bloggy,

It has been sunny and clear these past 2 days. I hope it stays like this for another 3.. please please.. let London stay 'normal' as it is.. just so we can go and have our break.. ;)

A selfish wish.. I know. But I'm so looking forward for tomorrow. Have been too stressful at work, need to release all the toxins tots n all, so I can come back with a big fat smile and with a happy-clean mind to start work yet again.

But look at the weather forecast.. how weird it is that a cloudy monday followed by a heavy snow Tuesday then Sunny shine Wednesday!!! hurm.. maybe I should pay more attention to global warming issue now. **sigh**

Monday, February 2, 2009

Giant Ice Kacang

Today's Snow was said first time in many many years. Memang rezeki Myra bleh men guling2 atas snow setebal 6 inches.. siap kene tanam.. hahahaha
So, like any other snow-must-do event, we built our very own snowman infront of our house.. hiks.. am quite please with the outcome..checkidout!

::The picture say it all::

The heavy white snow

Somehow, after a long time being in the cold winter, only today that we could finally see the real whity snow- literally piling up to 5 inches out there (Mind you, this is like an exclusive-rare experience in london, as it was never this cold, let alone with such a heavy snow -according to them laa). It was really beautiful. Everything just turn to white.. even that kerusi buruk looks so damn attractive after the 'snowy make-over' . According to the news, it'll stay pouring down til t'row morning.. am really eager to 'throw' budak ebot into the soft-cottony snow hehehe (yup, have had my chance to make a lil snowball just now with my bare-hand, which feels like an icy cold cotton ball!). Can't wait til t'row morning..hurmmm.. al-kisah orang malaysia yang jakun... hiks