Friday, December 27, 2013

Chiang Mai aku datang!

Almost a week ago, me and hubby went to Chiang Mai, Thailand. A place that we have never considered in our to-go list. But because we are now into joining marathon and have our aim and training schedule and all, even when we are back to spend a month holiday in Malaysia, we opt to join any marathon race just so we are on the right track. Especially for my husband, who has less than a month to do his full marathon run in Dubai.
So, in December, since no half marathon run is scheduled locally, he started looking for races near Malaysia. And the only race available is happening in Chiang Mai, the neighbouring country. So, what the heck. We can just go, so we can do race and at the same time, enjoy some tourist activity. Besides, Chiang Mai seems nice. Click here to read all about our first half marathon experience.
As expected, we loved Chiang Mai.. it is far different than Hatyai. Yes.. that's the only place we ever been to in Thailand. People are friendly, weather is cool and calm. Not so big and not so small of a town. Plenty of halal food around, especially near Night bazaar street. You can simply ride tuk-tuk to go anywhere. Tuk-tuk is a local 3 wheeler ride. It is inexpensive, and best to get around. Just make sure to agree on rates before riding anywhere. But then again, Chiang Mai people are generally honest and kind. So don't worry too much.. just explore and enjoy!
Since our main objective in Chiang Mai is for the half-marathon event, we didn't quite go to many of the must-go-and-do. We waited until after the event to enjoy the city tour. But considering the hurting legs post the running, we opt for Segway city tour. Which is super fun fun fun! Tuns out, Segway is a sensituve machine that works only by detecting our body moves, there's no pedal or break to control. All you need to do is sway! Such a joyful experience!
Chiang Mai is also generally cheap. From accommodation to food, and right to services. The best is their massage and spas. They are cheap and great! We went to 3 types of massages in the three days we were there. Yup.. we massage and massage until our hurting feet recovers!
So, if we ever have an option to come back, will we ever take it? Absolutely YES!
Chiang Mai.. I'm in love.