Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shape Up!

Time to face yet another fitness challenge. Now i understand why some mother never bother to try to get back in shape... it's either there's no chance and time or they just couldn't care less.
Me on another hand is standing in between. I wanted to start all the fitness regime that I could think of to get rid of all those yucky fats off me bummm, but knowing the fact that attending fitness classes means leaving my babies more often, I kinda hesitate. Then come the malas factor; sejuk, ngantuk and macam2 lagi... huk huk cooobaaaan
But tonite I finally made the big move, went to Aspire ladies club, cheking out the classes there, for a one-off trial class, they charge QR50, and to signup for a month is only QR200. And for 3 months is QR450. We (me and another lepas-branak friend) tried the 315 class- a comby of some aerobic, with weight and step. Focusing on toning of the entire body. Best.. berpeluh2. And the best part to go with a friend is; when we made a pack to keep each other motivated. Anyho our enthusiast effort dah terbantut, when they said february registration is closed.
Nak tak nak terpakse look forward for March jela; hmm sementare tu, mintak2 semangat nak kurus tak hilang..

huuu 10kg to go!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Dubai and DSF

more like disaster shopping festival. 2 days after completing the ever so-'torturing' confinement, i decided to join my family for a short trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Thinking it'll be super fun and all.. when it turns out, people with small kids stays at home more for a good reason! (padan muke beta eheh). Just forget how canggih the itinerary was, everything won't go as you plan, and if it ever did, you won't quite have that super energy to enjoy it to the fullest. And.. just leave all that shopping dream at rest.. even a quick 30seconds window shopping become lika super-special and rare previledge.. uhhh you'd think just for a tiny bit moment, let me eye on those shoes.. then BAMMM.. the baby cry for attention. But, nonetheless, going with family served a lil comfort, i still got to do the essential shopping (look&grab) for 3-4 items, which is good enuff considering the cry baby thingy heh.
but sayangnye, my in laws didn't quite get the promised trip that they've been told, many of the itenerary changes, and they didn't quite see all the must-see-thing in Dubai. huk huk will there be next time???? hmmmmm