Sunday, March 27, 2011

a lil touch of something..

I was browsing through my newly upgraded gadget (another gift from Mr.sweet Ai.. ;) , then a thought hit me; why do we always.. ALWAYS post our beloved baby's video.. just like it is.. a video of him giggling, turning, blabing bla bla bla..
there's no harm in a little bit of editing..

So I started to experiment with the power of IPhone4. I downloaded iMovie for iPhone, then started my production, with the star of the day; Mr.Maqeel. (He was actually bargaining for more milk during the 30minutes filming.. being a typical-demanding-star-on-the-rise ;).

The apps is so easy to use, and best part is the iPhone didn't even hang once! No more the hustle-bustle of filming video on camcorder, then uploading it to a pc, then edit, then upload to the internet. That's 2 steps down from the traditional 'movie' production. Thumbs up for iPhone4! Because of you.. I will definitely produce more fun video!

Here goes peeps.. Enjoy, the 3minutes plus short movie i called Susu Ninja!

Fully filmed and edited on iPhone4.. with supercool surrounds sound effects! hiks :P (yeah.. i know I went a lil bit overboard with the storyline..) and please pardon the quality of my editing.. I was rushing to go to work.. i know it could have been much shorter and cooler. :)

Oh yeah.. and here's a lil something from Mr.Ai too. Maqeel news

Monday, March 7, 2011

Err...Can I ask you something?

A colleague of mine out of the blue pop up a bonus question for me. We've gone longgg back since 2006 when I'm still not wearing hijab.

He suddenly ask "Hey yeeney, tell me why are you wearing that thing all the time now? (pointing out to my hijab) Is it because you have children now, so you have to wear it?"

I laughed. I'm not really sure whether to answer him, or to smack his big nose down (well he literally has a BIG nose).

Then I answered "Well I didn't wear it until Myra's almost two didn't I?.. so that's not really the reason why I wear it.. Truth is, it's compulsory to all Muslim women to cover up, but when I was younger, I chose not to.. cause I'm a bit evil-like back then..and nowww, I feel like I wanna go to the good side, avoiding sin and all, so.. that's why"

(Yeah.. the westernization had a big impact on all of us, from my own experience and observation; most of us -muslim women in Malaysia- refused to wear hijab in our younger life. Maybe because we were so immature and easy to influenced. That all we could see was
that sexy hairdos are so in!.. and I wanna look just like that.. Thank god that phase has past, thank god that there's still a tiny bit of me that wanted to change to the good side)

He nodded.. then open his curious mouth again "But then, why some of them cover up like this" (Gesturing niqab-like cover with only two eyes showing)

I laughed again.. "Hurm.. good question. It's because they are super pretty I guess?"
Dalam hati aku pikir: Soalan yang agak susah nak jawab.. I then just summarize it to be because of the differences of mazhab, some says you hafta cover all except for your two eyes, and some just your face and two forehands.. and some says depends on your beauty.. the more beutiful you regards yourself as, the more you need to cover, and vice-versa =)

That short conversation reminds me.. I so hafta build on my islamic knowledge! I'm pretty sure there are plenty more curious friends that wanted to know, but just too shy to ask.

After sometime when I thought the topic was over, he again brought up the subject, still curious to why women has to be forced to wear hijab. He thought every women who wore hijab were forced by their husband or family as a symbol of protection of his belonging. I then corrected him, I was never forced. Mr.Ai has never forced me to wear it, we were married with kid for sometime before I decided to wear.. it was my choice, and my choice alone....

Then I gave him this youtube video to better understand "Why Hijab'

"That's good that it's your choice.." he said.. silence... I guess knowing that it was by choice he was convinced and satisfied.. hopefully now gained a respect of one of the most important point in the beauty of Islam.

"Freedom is about doing the right thing without fearing other people"

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I came home from work today, showered with Myra's cheerful voice "happy birthday Mommy!". I cheekily joked and said "wish je ke? kek takde?" and she honestly replied "ade-ade, kek kat blakang!" then she ran off to the kitchen calling her dad to bring the cake in. So, there goes the surprise that daddy planned for Mommy ;P
geli hati..
Just when I tot he didn't quite care, he surprised me with the lil celebration. Then just when I tot that's that.. he surprised me with more. A flower, a touching card and a glittering gift on our bed.. awaits me.
thank you you.. for the most thoughtful touch of my heart... muah!