Friday, November 26, 2010

Oh Tidak!!

Why am I so behind in getting my maths rite? I am actually now in my 9th months pregnancy! And I still thought I have plenty of time for the baby-stuff checklist! Uh oh.. Time to get nervous and hit the store for a last minute shopping.. Aaaa.. panic panic!

Time to scratch out stuff from these endless list!!! Erghhhhh!
__ Comforter/Quilt
__ Bumper Pad
__ Crib Sheet(s)
__ Diaper Stacker
__ Dust Ruffle
__ Canopy Cover
__ Mobile
__ Pillow
__ Cradle Set
__ Porta Crib Sheets
__ Wall Hanging
__ Lamp
__ Wallpaper/Border
__ Changing Table Cover

Nursery Furniture

__ Crib & Mattress
__ Cradle & Pad
__ Chest
__ Dresser
__ Rocker/Glider
__ Porta Crib & Pad
__ Bassinet & Pad
__ Changing Table & Pad

Infant Feeding Supplies

__ High Chair & Pad
__ Bibs
__ Booster Seat
__ Pacifier & Holder
__ Dishwasher Caddy
__ Sterilizer Kit
__ Bottle Brush
__ Bottle Warmer
__ Plastic Bottles
__ Disposable Bottles
__ Glass Bottles
__ Nipples
__ Bottle Caps
__ Breast Pump Set
__ Nursing Pads

Infant Health & Child Safety Products

__ Nursery Monitor
__ Safety Gate
__ Vaporizer
__ Thermometer
__ Nasal Aspirator
__ Night Lights
__ Fireplace Bumpers
__ Drawer Latches
__ Outlet Plugs
__ Appliance Locks
__ Toilet Locks

Infant Bathing Needs

__ Baby Bath Tub
__ Bath Sponge
__ Bath Ring
__ Hooded Bath
__ Towel
__ Wash Cloths
__ Tub Spout Covers
__ Deodorizers
__ Potty Chairs
__ Safety Scissors
__ Nail Clippers
__ Brush/Comb

Infant Travel Products

__ Play Yard
__ Infant Car Seat
__ Toddler Car Seat
__ Diaper Bag
__ Baby Sun Shades
__ Umbrella Stroller
__ Large Stroller
__ Soft Carrier
__ Back Pack Carrier
__ Peek A Boo Cover

Infant Clothing

__ Diapers (cloth)
__ Diaper Pins
__ Plastic Pants
__ Diaper Covers
__ Diaper Liners
__ Gowns
__ One-piece outfits
__ Sleepers
__ Playwear
__ Booties
__ Socks
__ Shoes
__ Receiving Blankets
__ Undershirts (Snap-side or Pullover)

Miscellaneous Products for Baby & Nursery

__ Crib Mirror
__ Activity Quilt
__ Activity Gym
__ Toy Chest
__ Child's Rocker
__ Toys
__ Door Jumper
__ Walker
__ Swing
__ Bouncer Seat
__ Picture Frames
__ Record Book
__ Photo Albums
__ Wipes Warmer
__ Diaper Pail

Monday, November 22, 2010

Pasir Berdengung

Last weekend was packed with instant activities. No plan was really made, but luckily everything fall into places; we managed to go for Singing Dune (yeah.. after that many years of kene-tinggal-sebab-keje) finally dapat jugak gi main pasir berdengung ni.

Funny thing is, the sound resembles bunyi kentut sikit-sikit.. hehehehe
And just imagine that number of 'behinds' sliding simultaneously down the dunes.. it was like a fart-fiesta.. hiks and yucks!! :P

Well.. here's some of the shots during our last minute trip (pics courtesy of others-kami lupe bawak kamera! seb baek videocam ade), will upload the video later on.. (malas nak transfer hehe)

After the brief fun, everybody agreed to an instant BBQ session at Zahed's, which turn out to be brilliantly filled with lotsa food that i can't stomach anymore! huk huk..

Then, the next day, same crowds agreed to play futsal at our place. it was nice to finally get to use one of the court .. kalau tak, slalunye penuh ngan kekanak riang jek.. main beskal la.. apela.. hmmm.. i do miss playing futsal.. can't really recall the last time I had fun sweating out kicking anymore.. i guess it's true what my mom and MIL said.. once you are a mother.. all those activities will be part of history.. sob sob :(

Well, enuff talk about the what if and the what was.. let see some 'jumping-sekerat-acts' hehe

Oh.. btw, here's the coordinate to go there: N250 02.466' E510 24.540'
Someone told me, there's only one particular hill that'll sing as you rub down the dunes.. others.. will only be a pain in the 4$$.. hiks.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Pic: Googled (Thnx!)

AidilAdha, time of sacrifice..

Wondering what's going on with few of our Doha Friends in Mekkah now, hopefully their hajj rituals running smoothly and come back home safely. Aminnnn...

On another note, we felt so blessed that this time around, we were showered with lots of invitations to open-houses. The first day alone, we've covered breakfast time, lunch and dinner.. (tak penah2 ni) hehe.. rezeki baby, mommy takyah susah2 masak pagi raye! :) tambah2 dgn Mr. Ai yang berjangkit demam dgn Myra..

And today, after work, we've got 2 more houses to go to. Then another house the day after.. Kinda feel like Malaysia.. maybe even more meriah? Hiks..

But I am sooooo sleepy at work now! Please wake me up! Urghhh!

Anyway, Eid Mubarak to all! (Orang Malaysia baru raye hari ni.. kiteorg dah raye semalam :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Feed ME!

Another set of appointment with the Gynae.. not long now.. 7 weeks to go. And she's saying I hafta feed myself MORE! Hello?! Can't you see my bulging tummy already?

Well.. according to her, the baby is not getting enough! And weight just at par. No wonder all the fat distributed evenly throughout my chubby face, tripled chinsss, flabby arms, gigantic legs and not forgetting my 'not-so-lil' (but still cute) behind..

oh how I envy those who didn't gain!

Yes.. I am aware that for every pregnancy- be it girl or boy, my body will just swollen up. So, the so-called myth about having a boy and not really put on weight is totally a fairy tales.. well at least to me :(

And now my Gynae is asking me to eat more! And I bet most of that 'nutrient' would go all over ME, and not my baby.. huk huk.. poor baby M.. Mommy will do her best to feed you with lotsa protein aight? Insyaallah.. see you soon baby.. grow big now (But not TOO BIG please.. takut lak nak teran kang! hehe)


Monday, November 8, 2010

It's London all over again

No.. we are not moving back to London :P

I'm merely talking about the uncertain feeling that i had when having to babysit Myra in between job, with Aizal and me working in opposite shift. Yeah, it sucks.. but hopefully work well. Here we go again!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Feel like years since I have updated my blog. I was bored at the office that I googled 'hadiah kahwin', when I came across this beautiful artistic blog by azreenchan. Her space filled with lotsa cute doodles, which I think is preety clever. Truth is i love scribbling too.. if I ever hold a pen/pencil and a pad, I'd find meself drawing some random stuff that me myself am puzzled to where it came from. But yeah.. being the lazy-me, i never got to improve nor explore more on that side of me. Thus, leaving the old boring me, staying put in my tempurung land. I wish I could be more like azreenchan..

I wish I could be inspired to do more..