Thursday, April 24, 2008

UK Checklist

Dear Bloggy,

Before I forget, let me just update few things that I know is an important facts to maybe not just me, but also to others who are looking to move to UK.

1. If you wanna bring your maid along, you should know that by now, they mite have cancelled such visa already, but b4, one of the rules are, the maid must have been employed with you for at least a year. And, if she can't speak English.. just forget about bringing her on visit visa too.

2. If you came to UK as a ''dependant'' to say, your husband/wife, you are entitle to work in any industry for as long as the work permit for your husband/wife is valid. (Well, at least this is what I've been told by the HR).

3. UK are mostly fine with hiring both husband and wife in the same company AND also even in same department/job roles. (Well I know that because they are fine with us), provided neither one is the supervisor/higher authority to another on the same department.

And the list goes on.. will update any new info i found on my way to move. ;)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chef Yeen

One sunny day (well it is always sunny in Doha).. I was determine to try out some recipe from the net. Was thinking about kueh Pau Kaya and Roti canai mamak. Since there isn't any ready-made kaya around, need to also make it from scratch. I was surprise really, to know that there is a recipe to cook kaya! hahaha.. i tot it is just impossible to do, but again.. i was wrong.. and i ended up cooking the best kaya ever! (at least from my own opinion).

And.. the 'green thing' is actually kueh Seri Muke that I tried out quite some times ago.. just added it up to save pic space.. hehe
And in blue is the 'mamak' specially imported from Malaysia (but with a fairer version..hiks~)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yet another makan2

There will be makan2 before departure, makan2 after departure & of cos makan2 saje2 takde occasion. Since we are back from KL, I've got this urge to try out few recipes which requires the use of my new not-so-high-tech steamer. It is the traditional one, bought from Kelate by Deen, thanks man.. Aizal lupe nak bayar, I will make sure he pays next time we are back in KL! ;)
So, on the first makan2 of the month at Rizal's ala-ala thai, I tot of trying out the kueh Seri Muke..but Myra all of the sudden had the urge for nature. Poor myra, she's been having constipation ever since we are back in KL. So, both me & Aizal struggle to help her. At the end, I can just forget about the kueh Seri Muke.. tengok seri muke Myra lepas uk uk lagi bes ;).
So, as the results of battling with Myra's attempt to get the 'stony choc' out from her tummy, we came late and straight to the guest bedroom to settle in myra.. (sorry..dah passed her can't help it!) and..I didn't get the chance to cook any dessert or whatever.. but hey, the tot did came through! Promise~

Next, come the makan2 invitation for the safe return from umrah by Rizal family. They serves some lamb curry (which is delicious btw), chicken, rice, kurma & air zam-zam (ambek berkat). There were many unfamiliar faces around, I was thinking I mite come to the wrong house. But, in the end, i had a great time, getting to know few new interesting people. Well.. sume pun orang malaysia jugak anyway..tak lari kemane pun~ hiks. And this time, i manage to try out my kueh seri muke recipe that i got out of the internet. Got the pics, but i'm too lazy to upload now.. will do it someday, heh..

Then, come the Dunestock plan..our car has been packed with tikar, the fridge was packed with marinated lamb, hotdogs, kebabs and fish balls for the side BBQ as we plan. But, come the time to go, we've been told that the trip had to be cancelled due to bad weather..very the dusty! I can't take Myra out in the dust, and so is Dilla. So, to make thing better, I voluntarily invites them to have the BBQ at our place instead. So there! First BBQ after our arrival.

See, people in Doha just so desperate for any reason to have a celebration, as this is what keeps us here, happy and alive. Else, we would've been miserable, boring & dull.. heh.

Monday, April 21, 2008

And life goes on..

This week is kinda a relief for me, I met someone who agrees to take my maid for a cost (not so much, but at least something). She is a lovely person from my first impression, but dunno.. thing mite change what is happening to the doha circle here.. weird things are happening, lots of people are changing.. hurm.. ntahla.. seb baek saye bukan kaki gossip!
and the good news is, more and more people response to my battle to find a good-trustful nanny for my baby in UK. I've got few candidates at hands, hopefully i will find the right one, in time to move.... yes.. we are moving in deed.. (sadly speaking)

We are STILL waiting for the work permit! (Sape cakap matsalleh lagi cepat keje? last time when waiting for Doha w.permit, it is just about the same story). God knows how long it takes.. all depends on immigration. So, in the mean time we are planning to go around the neighbouring country.. maybe a road trip to perform Umrah even. but now, we just hafta forget about that.. the saudi still hates us.. one look at our RP, they'd say, turn around and stop wasting our time :(

Well.. life goes on.. we plan and we plan, but it is all up to the Almighty. Anyway, I never am tired of lurking through the net for any possibility of traveling as near as bahrain or as far as egypt. You know, the curiousity of seeing-the-other-country-while-being-in-the-middle-east kindy of thing. And I don't want to go to London without knowing at least 2-3 of Qatar country neighbours. .. at least dapat cop kat passport pun ckopla.. hehe.. so when people ask, "have you been to Dubai?" I could simply say, "well, yeah.. been there..nothing much to brag about". hehe

Monday, April 14, 2008

Malaysia.. oh tanah airku..

Just came back from 3++ weeks holiday in Malaysia, mostly KL (plus 4 days honeymooning in Bali.. hiksss). It was a fantastics experience compared to before. To date, we both felt homesick...dunno about the lil one.. she seems alrite i guess.. living outside make u realize how lucky you are being Malaysian.. it is in deed the best place on earth.. and WE WANNA GO HOME!!! huwarghhh~

From the first touch down, our schedule was packed with invitations and activities. From my lil sista's kekah for her son, to Gopeng gua trekking & water rafting (which got my 5 thumbs ups! see photo beside- that was US! and the other two boom-boom), family holidays to Cameron, Myra first swimming adventure to Myra's potong jambul to name a few. I felt great.. at least this time around we didn't waste any days.. everyday was treasured as we never know when will our next stop to Malaysia would be.

Bali also was some adventurous trip. We did all the things that we never tot we'd do. From Flying fish to Parasailing to Bungy jump! hahaha.. what an adventure.. well.. bile lagi nak buat.. time mude ni la nak rase pun~

Sweet memory: the nth time honeymoon in Bali 4-7th of April 2008