Friday, November 28, 2008

Surprised visit to Malaysia

Flight ticket to KL - GBP XXXX
1 big beg of Souvenirs - GBP XXX
Cost for going to buy the souvenirs - GBP XXX
Cost to see the-face-of-people-in-shock-to-see-we-are-back-in-kl

- Priceless..

Alhamdulillah.. our secret mission to come home last Tuesday went well. Mak Abah is now in Mecca for their journey to hajj. Yup, if (and only if anyone is reading this blog) we are in KL now. But only for a very brief period. We are heading back to London on Monday the 1st. Not enuff cuti ma.. so balik kejap je.. jengok both our parents (specially for Mak Abah sacred trip) and to show Myra's new skill- walking lika star.. hihiks.. am so glad that our plan works out well, I didn't tell a single soul about this trip (Except for certain someone yg turut bersubahat..wink wink). What more interesting is that, the first day when we arrived, Myra's Mak Long yang tgh sebok ber-meeting, drop everything off and rush back just to see her glimpse! wahhh.. gile hebat Myra ni.. sampai camtu skali orang sayang die.. hehe

Our prayer goes to Mak and Abah, semoga mendapat haji mabrur and have a safe journey home.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

it's Snow it's snow it's snow!!

Just now I woke up to see snow flowing down outside! Was so excited that I woke the whole house up. Jakun tul.. hahhahaha.. pes time la katekan..
Dengan tak mandi, tak gosok gigi.. we went outside to feel what it's like to touch the real ice rain, kalau ade bahan2 dah lame dah aku bukak stall ABC! muehehe

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I hate this game!

Hehe sorry Capt.. it's not you.. it just that Tag in general is too long & embarrasing! hehe.. but to kill time.. why the heck not?
(strictly written while goyanging-kaki at work).. so here goes.. versi melayuku..

1) bekas kekasih saya adalah seperti seekor monster jadian

2) saya sedang mendengar berita dalam bahase arab (sepatah haram pun tak paham)

3) mungkin saya perlu blaja bahase arab so paham sket laa news dieorg..

4) saya suka belajar masak makanan yg simple-but-pinggerlikingud

5) sahabat baik saya ialah suami saye juge (skema nyee ayat ni)

6) saya tak paham laa tujuan tag ni? utk malukan diri sendiri ke?

7) saya kehilangan sabar la dalam menjawab soalan2 tag ni.. boleh skip ke?

8) ramai yg berkata-kata, tapi saye buat dekkk aje

9) makna nama saya emas yang lembut (saye reke sendiri ni)

10) cinta tu mendalam maksudnye, make saye malas nak explain

11) di suatu tempat bername BALI, saye pes time terjumpe binatang namenye barong.. sungguh scary!

12) saya akan cuba tahan sabar dan jawab tag ini walaupun saye dah malas nak menaip

13) makna SELAMANYA ialah bile tag ni habis selamenye

14) henpon saya... dah mati

15) saya paling meluat bila henpon saye mati

16) bila saya bangun dr tidur saye tgk myra, pastu slow2 gi toilet.. takut die terjage skali

17) party adalah salah satu care utk makan free

18) haiwan yg paling cute ialah baby hippo.. montel, nak2 yg tgh tengah berendam lam air.. hiks!

19) peringkat umo yg paling menyeronokkan - lepas abes blaja.. yahoo! i hate school!

20) hari ini saya rasa sgt tensions sebab arini kene keje.. asek2 keje.. bosan laaa

21) mlm ini saya akan cuba tidokan myra awal sket dari semalam, so saye pun bleh tido awal and pispuli

22) saya btl2 inginkan rumah sendiri di london, bleh laa nak hias2 ikut selere hati

23) bila tgk muka kt cermin, saye nampak bidadari.. wakakakakakaka

24) shopping kompleks adalah tempat setan menggoda aku membeli >:)

25) makanan segera biasanya mah peberet, tapi takut makan selalu sebb nanti cepat lupe cam skrang

26) ayat2 terakhir kata pd org, yes.. everything is alrite (dalam hati.. aku je yg tau)

27) nk pnjgkn tag ni? malas la.. tag ni dah ckop panjang! lapa plak aku buat bende alah ni.. ape nak makan aaa?

Menapak ke Westfield

Westfield- in Sheperd Bush, is to date, the largest in-town shopping and leisure destination in Europe. It was launched sometime end of last month.. so consider blom celebrate 1st month anniversary pun laa.. i think
The best part about mah new home is that it is soo near to those fancy2 place and attractions, so I could choose to ride a bus or even walk- NO MORE annoying-TUBE!! yay! ;)

From my house, we took bus 31 towards Sheperd Bush, an easy-beasy journey, straight to the point. But this time around it's only me, Myra and Auntie Min. (Aizal dah pegi dah sorang2 the day b4, slamber je tak ajak pastu cite2 kat kiteorg, nak tak nak kne gak la pegi sendiri..huhu) We went in to see sooooooo many shops inside.. but for me.. KL dah bersepah2 dah big mall macam ni, so I didn't quite feel jakun or anything...(err.. mungkin ade sikit la kot? hehe). Maybe for the londoners.. this is lika new deal to them.. having all the big brands under one roof, (unlike their traditional high street style).... but for me Westfield ni kinda remind me of OU yang dah bercambah2 tiap2 kali we came back to Malaysia.. adeee je new wings.. or that new shopping mall kat Bukit Bintang.. ape tah name die? Aza.. if you are reading this, please respond, coz u r the one who brought us jln2 there last time around ;) Was it Pavillion? hurmm.. anyway..

Most of the posh shop like Dior, Prada, Burberry, MiuMiu, Louis Vuitton & etc still got their 'to-open-soon' signboard, so.. i think if you are up for those designer brands.. you better wait till next year, when the mall is fully-launched. You'd love 'the village section'. But if you are just someone who are keen to see what-is-the-big-fuss-is-all-about-this-new-shopping-mall like me.. no harm in visiting it whenever.

And I came to discover there are two newly-open GUESS store there (maybe more? I dunno.. blom abis tawaf pun).. Since some people in KL kept asking me to do some price-comparison between Guess ere and in Malaysia, so I gotta see.. to be honest, I think it is way more expensive here.. but then again I could be wrong.. for example, how much does this new arrival Avani Top Zip Hobo cost you in KL? It's £90 ere and if I compare it to their US-based website, it is only $USD56.50.. jauhnye beze!! Ke.. I saw a different one? but i swear to god, both looks the same to me.. hehe

Anyho.. sempena our first visit there, I decided to let Myra go for a walk (or run.. more like) with her new ''buddy'' that arrives earlier that morning. So.. Myra ape lagi.. dengan pantas kilat berlariii from one TV screen display to another. The cute thing is, she'll stop by as if the tv is talking to her, then off back to see bunch of people yang tgh sebok trying out the PS3 karaoke set, while geleng-geleng paler with the tunes. She continues back-and-forth for about 5 minutes until she discover the static esclator; and starts to lift her feet to climb! (Mane die blaja ni? cam dah biase je panjat tangge? dulu gune tangan nak panjat.. now angkat kaki je? wahh tande2 sudah besar!) tak larat aku.. So, before it's too late.. I struggle to buckle her up in her stroller...
hehe.. sowwy myra.. next time tunggu daddy la nak men panjat2 esclator k? muahhh!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


NO! it's not that rokok-brand kent. And NO! it's not that barbie's boyfriend either.

Kent- located just out-of-london, south east corner of England. We rented a car for a day to make a short travel to Ashford (one of it's town) to another Designer Outlet village.. in hope to get some bits and bops (as what the brits likes to put it). But our mission this time around isn't great.. the outlet village is not worth a travel.. yes, they do have some discount here and there.. but not much.. and if you calculate back; the travel expenses for renting a car+fuel+ energy and time wasted on bad bad traffic in london.. we would have to think thrice before going back there... and maybe it was the wrong timing anyway.. should have wait till x'mas sale..

It took us nearly 2 hours just to go through the bad traffic jam in london- crossing over to the east side then proceeding toward Kent, which actually just 20-40 mins away (Anyway, sape suh duk at north-west of London pastu gatal2 nak ke south east lak kan? makan diri laa.. hehehe lagii mo komplen!)

All in all, the best part of that travel is for Myra- she got herself some new clothes, winter jacket, a brand-new lit-up shoes that she's been showing off while walking by herself all over the store! adehh.. penatttt mommy nak kejar tau?!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sunday Walk

On Sunday, Auntie Min (Oh.. she's our newest Nanny, but become more like our mak-angkat ere ;) asked if we could walk to Bayswater like I did before with Aizal. And of cos I would say yes.. me? walk? kuar jalan-jalan? have i ever said no to that? I didn't born with that fly-poo (taik lalat) on my ankle for nothing! hehehe..

But on the contrary, we are still waiting for Nik, who are coming over from Malaysia to visit London, his flight is due to to arrive anytime soon. But since we tot it'll take him hours of queing n getting the immigration clerance, we would walk to Bayswater first then come back.

But not until we are nearing Paddington that Aizal got the message that Nik is alreay in Queen's Park. So Aizal ask us to carry on with the plan while he head back and will join us later.

At Bayswater, Auntie was so excited.. she said she's been here.. but roughly.. she didn't really cover the area much. So we ended up walking towards Kesington Garden to Princess Diana Memorial park and then towards the lake-where we meet lots of friendly Swans.

After a while, Aizal n Nik came by to join.. since Nik still got the energy and all, Aizal suggested why not we walk over to Harrods? It is just the other site of the road. So.. that's how our 'short walk' became that long! I still can't believe that Auntie Min and I manage to walk from Kilburn all the way to Bayswater then to Harrods at Knightbridge! Dahla hujan lebat lak tu.. (and if we look at google map, we've walked more or less than 5km). Kire takde la jauh sangat rupenye..Bes bes.. next time jalan gi Madrid lak.. hehehehe

Sunday, November 9, 2008

UK Trip- London

I know I said 'the end' at my ultimate vacation story.. but I just remember to pen down some more stories i gather while 'tourising' london, like any other ordinary (and a lil bit jakun version of) tourist ...reason being, i just found the london-pic folder and i tot.... this is good stuff, in a dear-bloggy kinda way (besides.. this is my blog, so heck.. i'll blog whateva n whenever i want! hehehe)

Oct 11th, 2008, I woke up with a flu and coughing my lungs out. demm... I hardly ever got sick.. and if I do, it would not be more than 1 or 2 days of mild flu or cough..but now dah jangkit ngan virus d.. lame lak tu nak baik! I think this is becos lately (since lepas beranak, to be exact) I did't get my usual vitamins supplies I.E; fresh fruits. I am what I called hantu-buah. I could eat 1 or 2 boxes of mandarin oranges on my own..(hurm.. teringat kat mesia. every year, during CNY... this is like my must have..makan berkotak2!!) and it doesn't stop there.. I befriended any kind of fruits...irregardless of time. So, maybe that's why I'm fragile now.. i dunno.I think I completely recovered from the flu only after 2 weeks.. huhu.. record time for me..
Anyway, berbalik kepade cerite asal..

First stop is Madame Tussaud (yes... yet again! kate dah ade annual card) hoping for a lesser crowds in hope to hug 2 or 3 hot-waxed-stars (yup2.. even manage to let Myra pose kat celah kangkang Madonna.. hahaha.. hurm.. kne korek balik gambar tu..). Luckily, it is just nice, not so crowded and not so lengang gak. Next, London Eye.. uh uk.. too long a que.. so ended up cruising along the park to see the good stuff that I was so keen to talk about; I had never notice them before, not until that day.. there were mimes, clowns, and many coloured live-statue in gold-pink-silver-white-blue, to name a few. These are much better than riding the eye for the xx-th time! A must see! But bare in mind.. these people are doing it for the money, so if you're taking picture with them.. hulur2 la a pound or two.. ;)

And like any other normal tourist, we then head to the Big Ben.. and walk to Trafalgar Square (which looks wayyy closer in the map!!!). By the time we reached TS, it's already dark.. and as any other small-digital camera, it won't look as nice.. so mite as well skip it and leave. So, with the flu that getting more and more serious I dragged my legs to follow aizal to our frens' open house to complete our day..... yadi yadi yada.. the end (this time I mean it seriously).

P/S: Sorry azerdills n kimi, since that day, dah tak larat gile.. sebab tu tak masak dah for u all.. anyway, hopefully you guys still enjoy the trip with us! ;)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

FALLin in luv

FALL :: the in-between of of the not-that-very-sunny summer and the very-chilly winter. Even with the so-called mild-weather, I'd trembled. I dunno how can we survive the winter..brrrr.. But good thing about fall (or in brit-english, autumn) that I lurve so much, are the yellowish tree leaves at their tips, waiting to fall..

It's Saturday, which means there are carboot sale almost everywhere more outskirt than London, but since we didn't have a car (yet), we just hafta go by foot. Luckily enuff that there's one just around the corner.

I have been hearing so many good stuff about car boot sale, how you could get lots of good-quality junk for a pound or two. But our expectation went down the hill. The car boot sale there is not as good.. plus it's heavily rain..lagi potong steam . But, memang banyak betul la junk there.. i dunno how could they possibly think that they can sell their used electric stuff out in the rain and some more demanding a high price? C'mon la.. i think if you put your pc monitor or plug2 letrik tengah2 hujan, obviously laa.. rosak.. kan? And yang lagi tak tahan tu.. siap cakap 'this is brand new.. in the shop you'll get it at so and so price, so this is cheap'... I was like..Duuuh.. we came here for a reason, if we were to look for a brand new stuff, we wouldn't bother going through your junk there.. like.. hello?

Tapi komplen-komplen pun, still ade gak beli hehe.. we bought a bathroom scale.. cos im a lil bit concious that I didn't know myra's latest weight... and uh hurm..meself... ;) We got it for 5pound.. bolehlah.. it's brand-new (die cakap laa.. tapi by the look mmg still look good n new, but i doubt la it's THAT new).
To go in we hafta pay 50p each and it opens 11am-3pm every Saturday (which explain the long Q before the opening hour). At least that is the price for Kilburn's carboot I was told.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Gloomy bloomy

Just when I tot there’s no more interesting things happening around me (or at least until Christmas), then come segerombolan police with their school of horses, crossing the street in front of me... and to think it’s gonna be the usual wednesday uk.. exceptional for the-Obama-wins-news.. ;)

The scene made me smile.. snapped the pics off my hp then off walking towards my office, where another segerombolan Santa Clause coming towards me on their foot-scooters. Hahaha.. they sure did cheer my days up!

And today, again.. I came across the segerombolan polis dan kude-kudenye…so I tot to myself, this is soooo going to my blog!

Hurm, awal btol dieorg dah start preparing for Xmas. John Lewis and BHS seems to fight on who-lit-the-most-lights and who got the-most-creative-new-window-christmasty-displays already. And by night, (Oh, it’s night around 4-ish now, btw) the street are lit by the blue fairy lights; the one that I wish I had for my wedding.. hurmm.. how so nice..

Baru Nov, kalau dah masuk December.. I think it’ll be much much much more! Can’t wait!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 8: Stonehenge & the sophisticated Oxford

Oct 09th 2008, Day 8- the final day of motorhoming. Our Salisbury camp turned up to be so spacious.. the field is sooo huge that you could maybe fit 1 or 2 football stadium. After the usual business.. (plus trying to finish off all the leftover food by stuffing our drumming tummies.. look at the beside pic, Mr.driver comes cook is making his special burger again..) we then head to Stonehenge.. just few minutes away.

I dunno what is with Stonehenge.. even for my second visit, I could still be mesmerized by it's beauty- there it was, stone-up in the middle of the field. It's like there's some special energy or some beautiful spell being cast-out. You would feel that it is amazing.. but why? why do we feel that way despite not knowing the history beyond it? If you do happen to visit stonehenge in the future, do listen to its historic audio tour (given free with the entry tickets). I couldn't listen to mine.. myra dah kebas. Just to prove that I'm not wrong about the energy.. i can see that Myra is suddenly being hyper active and super happy. We let her free on the grass.. so ape lagi.. die blasah la guling2 cam lam bollywood movie.
After the chilling tour of rocks.. we then head to Myra's future University (aminnn....) Oxford Uni. Not much to do besides site seeing and picture taking.. but I gotta say.. by the time I got to my 8th day of visiting almost all of the must-visit cities in UK, I'm kinda bored of taking picture of buildings.. it looks almost just the same.. so we didn't snapped that many, plus the sky is darking- lagi la turn off nak bergamba.

What I can gather from comparing Oxford and Cambridge.. i think Cambridge is much nicer looking, more organized and more tourist friendly. But Oxford does have more souvenirs shops... ;)

In Oxford, finally we set down in a proper restaurant and ordered ourselves some Pakistan Briyani.. a lil bit surprised by the not-so-typical-portion, I'd expected more.. (maybe dah terbiase ngan Doha nye arab-like portion.. gabak2.. hehe). The lunner (lunch + dinner) was great.. memag btol kate Shah n Kimi.. paki nye briyani mmg terbaek!
We head home around 7 or 8-ish.. saying goodbye to our unbelievable sweet experiences with the motorhomes. It was the best trip that I personally ever had... even dah berangan nak buat lagi for Europe trip plak! huhu...

The End.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day 7: Swanseaing to Bath

Oct 8th 2008, Everyone was sleeping lika baby until almost 10, releasing all the exhausting tense from last night's journey. What an experience.. abes lembik sumer.. hehehe

And the best part is myra's souvenirs. Throughout the journey, she threw up on all of the newly washed quilt AND on me. Memang jadi mommy ni memerlukan kesabaran tahap dewa AND kelalian pade bau-bau yang kurang menyenangkan. hiks..

So waking up, one by one of us went for a hot shower in what they call the almost perfect bathroom, everything is just nice, clean.. except they don't have the hot water controller, which is a real turn point for me. Trus malas nak gi mandi.. mandi lam motorhomes je.. hehehe.

And Oh.. I almost forgot to update, i think at day 5 or 6 (or was it 7?!!) dill was attacked by the unpleasant cold fever. Dahla pregnant, demam lak tu.. and in another country, with no medical record and all.. so manela nak gi jumpe doktor, so at the end she just blasah telan panadol only. Memang tabik spring la dilla.. kuat tul.. despite her petite figure ;). Dalam demam2 tu.. die boleh lagi pusing2 like no body business..

Swansea's campsite boleh tahan gak lawa.. like most of the top-notch-up-the-hill-facing-seaview kind of resort. There are sooo many other campsite around it.. and seperti pepatah omputeh; 'the grass is always greener on the other side of the hill'...we all think.. demm.. should've booked that campsite instead... hehehe

After breakfast, ermm... did we had any breakfast? I can't recall anymore.. hehehe.. we then shoot down to visit Bath, the World Heritage City, so what they call it.

My original plan was to drop by Cardiff then to Bath.. but due to our (again) bangun-lambatness, we just had to skip Cardiff (cos they said I won't find any fridge magnet there anyway, so no point.. hehe). Since this is my second time visiting Bath (my first visit was when I had my business trip to London way back in 2005) I'd suppose i have some experience of the where-about.. kononla.. alih-alih, i didn't remember any pun! haha.. seb baek gak ade gps.. tolong tunjuk jalan and attraction. But their major point of going to Bath is to see the Roman Bath -dilect translation; roman nye toilet . So.. sampai2 Bath, first thing was to find a parking space big enough to fit our home. We ended up parking on coaches bay. ;)

Inside the Roman Bath, we can see some of the remaining building which they have turned to museum. There are few rooms which I'm too bore to remember...with their own unique-jambaness smell... hiks. I think, the major attraction is their big green swimming-pool in the middle of the building where two old guy dressed up lika Roman paderi chanting some unrecognized mantra. .

But all I can see is 1 old guy wearing skirt, holding a batton.. ready to cheese for the camera..and another old guy guy geberishing his way.. hehehehe. Kind of scary, to be honest.

So that's all we did for that day.. tot of going to Stonehenge.. but it's kinda late.. and we don't want to rush, thus we then make our move to our final campsite somewhere in Salisbury- where we treat ourselves with the most yummilicious-pingerlikinggud dinner of all the travel day- freshly grilled salmon steak.. ermmm.. dap!

Bad news

Quoted from

Titled: 30,000 rakyat Malaysia di UK diminta akur balik segera.

''Cuma sekarang kita masih menunggu keputusan daripada kerajaan Britain sama ada mereka akan melaksanakan penggunaan visa baru ke atas rakyat Malaysia pada tahun hadapan memandangkan kita diberi tempoh selama enam bulan untuk kita membuat pembetulan,'' katanya kepada Mingguan Malaysia di sini hari ini.

If they do decide to carry on with the visa thingy.. then it'll be much harder for any family or friends to come over to visit us! :(

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or treat!!!

It's halloween.. i just came back from work and saw some scary faces running around Oxford Street. Apparently not that many people celebrate it here. It's not as big as what the typical american movie/tv had been projected.. Then again.. it is london.. not part of the state culture. I so adore to see some cute kids with their funny custome going from door to door looking for candies.. but I missed it.. maybe because the fact that it's already long past their bedtime by the time I step out of the office...hehe.

So.. there goes my October.. tak sangke, it's already 4 months!!