Saturday, March 15, 2008

Farewell to Mr.Dom & the lovely Jesse

Last nite we went to Chilli's to gather one last time upon the departure of Mr.Dom & Jesse. They had enuff of Doha.. heading to their next destination.. mebbe Aussie aussie... but first stop would be home-sweet-home to malaysia..
They r really a great couple, too bad i didn't had the chance to get to know them better..just managed to had few deep conversations .. and now they are leaving.. :(
But for all I know, Dominic is always the clown one.. very the-relax and funny.. one time i remember he asked me about myra.. "waaa.. baby also got nails ahh?'' hehe.. I'm gonna miss that one for sure!

The turn ups were great... i think we've got 8 tables attached together like mamak style. Ate our dinner (again I forgot to snap the food pic! demmit!), chat, laugh.. everyone then says goodbye, pass their farewell gifts (we don't know that we were s'pose to bring gifts! so we showed up empty handed! demmit again!) I felt so bad... but then again.. we can always see them as we r heading off to KL tonite..yay for that!

Oh ya, forgot to mention, aizal again, surprised me with a belated birthday cake.. the Chilli's guys came gathering our table bringing cake that i tot was s'pose to be for Dominic&Jesse..but end up to be mine! I was SO surprise.. didn't expect it at all.. nottie-nottie aizal..

After Chilli's they all heading toward their fav spot, Coffee Beanery, but we couldn't join as i have to wake up real early for my shift today :(

Good bye Dominic & Jesse! Have a great time in ur future adventure! Jangan lupe jemput kawen nanti! hehe..

Friday, March 14, 2008

backyard sale -soldout!

Man o man, if only i knew people in doha is oh-so desperate for green plants... I would have create a mini nursery at home and sell it off for a very great profits.

All our plants were grabs within hours of advertisement. We don't have to wait for long! Even the outdoor plants (which will last only for few more weeks) were all sold out (well..except for few rubbish ones). We never tot it's going to be this hot-a-bargain! Everyone was so excited to see our ads and running to get the best that they can (well maybe not really running.. it's an exaggeration to spice my story up).
Nevertheless..we were really sad to see all of our plants being taken away.. but yet happy that we didn't loose too much.. We've put a lot of energy, ideas and love to our plants.. see it raised from seeds.. growing beautifully, some make it big, some die halfway through winter..

Grandma's tribute to Myra- Garden of angels

Well, by all mean we owe it all to my mother's touch. She was the one beyond the growth of our plants.. (but nonetheless..i gave out the design on how i want my garden to be lil credit for meself) and of cos aizal, who started the whole idea of making it green.. ;)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

me, aizal and the ping pong baby

not-so-typical day of activities. the three stooges are out playing ping pong (mite be the last to enjoy it before flying back to KL), but then again.. when we are back to doha in April.. the temperature will be too yes.. i will assume this special moment as our last ping-pong fun in Doha..
note: look at the empire and her stylish mclaren pushchair-all-ready-to-go-home-to-malaysia...

backyard sale anyone?

urgh!.. this is the downside of moving.. it will not just cost you money, but time and energy too..

since we are moving to london (but still 15% unsure).. need to clear some stuff that might not be suitable or useful anymore.. am currently making my ut-most creative ads.. hopefully all items will be cleared in time to move.. specially our lovely greenery plants :(

sedehnye nak kene pindah!!! huwarghhhh~

Thou shall aged well (ol posto become nu)

It's march the 2nd again (well it was like 10days ago..i just didn't get the chance to publish it on time! hehe).. time to make up a new resolution as i aged yet another year..

1. to be a better person (so typical)
2. to love myra even more
3. to show more love to my beloved husband
4. to finally do last year pending to-be-list.

and the list goes on.. boring boring boring..

aizal took me to marriot to celebrate.. just the two of us (how romantic~).. had seafood buffet.. filled up my plates and ate all i can (completely forgot the post-pregnancy diet resolution)

and as if it is now a tradition, he surprised me with a fantastic chocolate-wrapped cake along with mexican-live-show-birthday-song... yummie!

right: see this googled & copied pic of doha marriot..heh!

bottom: 'the cake' and the yummilicious desserts.. totally forgot to take the seafood pic.. was terribly hungry at that time.. ;P ..and my perfect gift~ thanks again hunny for the perfect-perfect always ;)

Thursday, March 6, 2008


My flu is getting worst.. is it me or is it becos of the office environment that r getting more and more dull?

I've told almost everyone about London now.. i got too excited. But maybe i shouldn't .. as I haven't heard any news from ''Kak'' Ida yet. Am i risking my chance to go by demanding too high? Gosh.. whatever the outcome will be.. I will always remind myself.. takdir mengatasi segalanye.. *ahh choo!*

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

To go or Not to go

Before I could start my Doha story, there come London...
London - beautiful, historical, hectic but yet oh-so interesting..

We've been offered a fantastic job in London. Both of us! Maybe it's a sign for us to leave Doha and proceed with a whole new adventure in the Mat Salleh world? God knows..

But London?! hurm.. if we do money-wise calculation.. we will loose a lot. But if we consider the experiences that we would get.. London is like a dream come true. We both dreamt to study abroad (and by abroad i mean UK or US..and all the glamour is exceptional..hehe), but never get the opportunity to do so. And now.. we can actually reside there! If we are definitely going.. i guess i have to change my blogspot add to be notsoboringyeen!! cos there are plenty of fun to do in London! And I will be really excited to write it on my blog!

The one when it all begins (Pilot episode)

It was Oct 2006, when I first breathe the not-so-fresh air of Doha. I looked everywhere, and it seems so unreal. I kept thinking; Am I really doing this? Am I ready to grow up and live on my own? And now.. it seems like ages ago.
I've been more than what I could have imagined.. I got married, pregnant, gave birth and actually become a mother. All which I thought was impossible once.. but yet.. it did happened.. and it felt so good..
But still, here I am.. talking about my boring life in Doha.. well.. it isn't so boring if I'm at home with my baby.. ;)

-boring notes from office-