Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So, this is it

Dear London,
Am leaving you for good now, it was a great pleasure getting to know you in person.
Hope to see you again!

p.s: harap2 lepaslaa imigresen package aku bawah ni

Yeen, Aizal and Myra

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Disebabkan saye muntah 2-3 Kali sehari saye terpakse melaundry utk meneruskan perjalanan...

Saturday, March 28, 2009


We are currently homeless , so decided to go for one last kopek tour before heading off to Malaysia on 31. In case anybody is wondering, below are the itinerary;


See you soon

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring's beauty

Sayangnye I won't be here to see the full bloom of spring.... But at least dah merase all 4 season... Am gonna treasure it for


-- Post From Yeen's AiPhong

Last day

It's offical. Today marked my last day of the so-called 'popesionel' kuliz. After which, I'll be a full time home manager. Can't wait to do my on-going list of 'things to do while you are at home goyanging kakis (ye ke goyang?!! hehe)'. Well.. wish me luck! ;)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Letih memacking

Finally abes gak packing... N tgkla sape yg paling letih skali...

-- Post From Yeen's AiPhong

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hepi Mother's day!

To Mak and Ibu, Kakakku Enna, adikku Ella, kakak-kakak iparku Along n Ngah, kawan-kawanku yang super gorgeous dan semue yummy mummy out there ;)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tribute to Avelo

I'm selling off my cute girly bike... sob sob.. i wish i could take u with me Avelo, but what to do, you r not gonna be happy staying in a desert; unused and rusting... Wish you'll find a good home to go to.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Life on a train..

As a special birthday treat from my hubby to me, I gotta choose to travel to any country by any mean of trasportation; and this time (from a tiny bit of the influence from 'French Kiss') I choose to travel by train. It has always been my dream to travel Europe by train.. I could recall the magnificient view that Meg Ryan had on that movie, when crossing Fench...It was so romantic.. but we only have 6 days, so it's a bit too ambitious if I wanna complete the whole lot! I have spent weeks to have the perfect itinerary so I could go to all those places that I've always wanted to see, even for just a lil bit. So, this is what my greedy-yet-brilliant-self had came out with for my special bday trip ever;


People said travelling with children will put you off the mood and would mean a restless adventure, but I beg to differ. Our journey in deed have a bit of 'challenges' but the overall outcomes was considered great and worth-having. Myra was behaving so well, and look like she's enjoying the trip as much as we did ;) (and sometime.. a bit MORE! lawan tokey!)

Before I begin my short-story of our amazing experience (for us at least), here's something for u

::Useful facts/notes you need to know before travelling Europe by train::

1. Be mentally and physically ready (Seriously, when we travel.. I felt like i'm over qualified for Amazing Race! somemore with a toddler at hand! hehehe good fun though)

2. If u r a resident in Europe, you can buy Rail Europe Global pass to hop on any train within Europe except the country that u're currently living in ( but if you are only visiting, there are other pass that they have, do google it before hand ;) )

3. Bad news is even with the Rail Europe Global Pass, some train still require seat reservation or some extra charges kalau naik train laju, so in a way menyusahkan perjalanan)

4. You'll be amazed to see sampai-corok mane the train'd go. My best references came from http://www.seat61.co.uk/. I owe it to this website for giving me some ideas on how to book and plan.

5. Travel light - leave the unnecessaries at home so you can board the train in peace of mind in one go! (contohnye tinggal jela that 3 pair of different shoes?!)

6. The local train from one Europe country to another (Except Eurostar crossing English channel) won't require a check in, just validate your ticket, and hop on.. you'll still make it even if you arrived the platform a minute before departure.. (talking from experience.. hehe)

7. Bring on any food or drinks that you want and dine in like nobody's business, it's not a crime.. even when using Eurostar.

8. For people with young children, a light-foldable stroller should be your best bet to enjoy the rest of your trip with your lil one.. and don't let other people put you down with the idea that 'you-can't-have-fun-travelling-with-small-children'. We've done it.. and had proved that your lil one could just be another adventurous joy added to the whole trip!

9. Most of the big train station have essential facilities such as luggage locker and shower (for a small fee). So don't stress yourself up on dragging your luggage here n there while tourising in between trains stop. And it is really wise to book a hotel near to the station.. senang cite!

10. Lastly, seat back, relax.. and enjoy the mesmerizing view throughout your journey.

Now, since I have only few remaining days left here, with lotsa packing, clearing to do... i may only have lil energy left to blog. So, as a summary of my last trip.. here goes, some pics and notes that perhaps useful to others looking to do the same crazy things like us)

Day 1: Parieeee
This is my second visit to the romantic city, and the first for Myra. But the last time we were here, I was 4 months pregnant, so couldn't stress myself up to wait in line to climb the Eiffel Tower. So, this time, we took the chance to climb up! After 2 hours of waiting in line, we are finally up and beyond, looking down to others which had just started to line up. Just look at that photo from above.. that tiny dots of the-almost '4' shapes are actually people lining up to climb the Eiffel.. (apelaa sanggup.. bes sgt ke climb?.. tapi mmg best pun! hahaha n btw, we 'climb' by lift to the 2nd floor.. so tak penat pung hehe).

After half an hour, we went down for lunch, and let Myra running around at the foot of the Eiffel.. whilst enjoying the view. Note: Please be extra precautious when walking around major tourist area, if some woman (dress poorly) suddenly come and ask you 'Do you speak English?' DO NOT! i repeat, DO NOT ever said yes! just buat donno and walk off. They are scammers that'll attack tourist to read this postcard about her sick father, needing some money, so rather miss-used of human sympathy to make money. I mean, c'mon.. you can't all be in Paris, wearing the same type of dress begging for money for your sick father? can you? And to do it for years?! Memang kaki penipu.. (kiteorg dah terkene mase first time datang paris in 2007, so keep this in mind the next time you're in Paris!)

Day1/2: Paris->Nice->Monaco

Kiri Nice, Kanan Monaco: Perbezaan rupe paras pantai

From Paris Austerlitz station we board the night-sleeper train to Nice. Yup, just imagine sleeping comfortably in a train from Paris and waking up to the cozy breeze of Nice the next morning. The Nice Centrale train station is small, so it doesn't have that many facilities, but luckily enough there is a shower facilities provided just outside the station. Food also isn't something to be worried about, we found many halal turkish kebab not far from the station. On the day of our arrival, is the last day of Nice Carnivale.. despite of the rain, people are outside cheering for the waiter/waitresses tray-balancing-while-running competition. The greyish sky didn't seem to hide Nice beautiful beach (just tak nampak lawa on camera laa). Nice is comfortably situated in between Monaco and Cannes- which each journey will take maximum- half an hour( by train). So, from Nice, we make our way to Monaco (Len kali laa pegi Cannes ek.. maybe for the Cannes Film Festival perhaps? hehe), along the ride, you'll go through the coastline, mmg banyak gile view cantek-cantek, lalu tepi laut.. banyak boat2 orang kaye.. i think 2nd stop from Nice Centrale, that station name lupe.. mmg the best view ever, betul2 on top of the cliff of the hill facing the sea.. cantek gile! (Sorry tak sampat ambek gamba).

Monaco.. the only city (until S'pore join) to have their F1 racing on the city road. It is a very small country.. even when I google the Euro map, Monaco came out as a tiny dot between France & Italy.. hehe. But, seriously.. kecik2 cili padi.. canteknye berseri2.. (wahh pantun!). But if you're not physically ready to walk up and down the hill road, you better not go here.. the city mostly built along hillside.. so asek kene menapak naik, or menapak turun.. huuu.. mmg boleh selim la kalau duduk situ lame-lame. And.. the best of Monaco.. of coz.. it's luxurious view of speed boats! Just look at that?! Man.. I don't mind getting one of those for my next birthday.. hahahaha

Day 3: Overnite in Milano then shoot to Venezia

Next, come Milan- stayed at a nearby hotel just few blocks away from Milan Centrale (so that dekat sket nak naik/turun train.. hehe). In Milan, kiteorang sempat la gi ronde2 setempat due, our first stop is Milan Duomo. (We bought 1 day Metro Pass that cost us 4Eur). Note for precaution: Sampai2 situ, baru nak set camera, a guy grabbed on Aizal's arm and put some kacang on his hand..then came million of doves eating it out of his hands.. (well.. not exactly millions.. but.. banyak jugak tau!). Kiteorang yang terpinge-pinge then nak lari la dari that guy, but he kept following us, pestering for money, and offer to take our photo together.. (duhh.. like I would trust u with my camera?!) So, to habiskan citer, Aizal hulur 2 Eur, but.. he demanded 10Eur!!!! bl*&y h£*l.. kacang camtu pun ko nak ketuk sampai 10?! Lepas Aizal gertak to call the police, then only he left us alone.. lege. So, be extra careful there.. don't ever let any stranger take advantage of u easily. Apart from that, Milan is superb ;)

Day 4: The romantic Venezia

It was my birthday, March the 2nd; so, biasela.. kenela at least dinner. After check-in to yet another nearby hotel to the station, we went out to dine in some cozy small restaurant in Venice. Mabeles dish! After which, i have the most 'heart-breaking' gift from Myra; she felt down face forward while climbing up on the restaurant chair while we r getting ready to leave! Benjol jugakla paler.. Seb baek tak patah hidung.. (and another gift from her was 2 set of poop! hahahaha.. tenkiu baby)

And next day gondola-ing ourself around the small island (which cost, I couldn't even bring to type!! mahal gile!). Note; jangan lupe makan the superdelicious gelato while in Italy.. kat venice.. banyak giler- and the presentation.. hurmmm.. tuhan saje yg tau betape sabarnye beta takmo makan sampai 10! hehe. Dah puas jenjalan2 we shoot off to Rome.. which journey took more than 5 hours! erghhh!

Day 5: Roma->Pisa->Firenze (only to board overnite train to Geneve)

It's Rome.. finally.. our actual main objective was to see the Colosseum, and the rest would be and added bonus. but surprisingly, during our 3hours free time, we manage to walk to the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, then shoot to Vatican city, then see the inside-out of the Colosseum before making our way to Pisa! Oh, in Rome..24hours metro ticket surprisingly cost you only 3Eur! ;)

Pic: The outcome that'll last a lifetime.. tak sie-sie for that earlier 5 hours journey ;)

Pisa..pisa.. I tot we won't make it in time before the sunset.. but luck is like on my side (throughout most of our journey even) sume mmg follow my exact timing.. bes giler. Arrived in Pisa Centrale after 4 hours train ride. It's 16:15pm.. according to my research, from there, we can get a short bus ride to the Leaning Tower. But.. we are not entirely sure on how to get the ticket and everything.. but luckily, Italian people are soo friendly and helpful, that they help to show us the way (even they talked in their language.. n we talk in our language, we could understand each other!! Magic!!) So, dipendekkan cite, sampai jugakla kami to our next destination, The Leaning Tower of Pisa.. Elok je lepas Myra pose, hujan turun lebat giler!!!

From Pisa, it's only 1 hour train ride to Florence. Actually, I didn't slot in Florence for our sight-seeing. I know I should have been.. but I've already booked a train ticket from Geneve->Paris the next day, so.. by hook or by crook, we need to take the night-sleeper train to Geneve. So, in Florence, the only view that we got was the inside of the train station.. hehe

Day 6: Geneve ->Paris -> London

The most exciting over-nite train experience. One point, I noticed that we stopped at Brig (Switzerland) for almost 2 hours. Bukak2 mate, tgk snow baruu je start. Then the train tak gerak2.. dah cuak dah.. after 2 hours, the snow is getting thicker but the train kept moving slowly then stop, still in Brig (like there's some problem with the engine) Abesla.. kiteorg ingat dah stuck kat Brig la ni.. but suddenly it made a move as normal again, and we arrived Geneve 10 minutes early!

Geneve train station boleh tahan besar and lengkap dgn facilities, so you can shower and leave your luggage in the locker room provided for a fee. From there, you can walk easily to see part of the famous Geneve lake, and see the highest fountain in the world. Biase jek pun fountain tu.. tapi dah jadi symbol kat situ. Tapi alongside the lake.. buildings die sume lawa2, and you can see sooo many famous watch maker. Office dieorg based kat situ kot? hehe.. Switzerland kan famous ngan quality watch.. tapi hafta remember, they don't accept Euro, so you have to change to Swiss Franc. Harge barang pun bleh tahan mahal..

Yup.. that's Myra with her lawan-tokey-over-excited pose.. n blakang tula that fountain (Jet d Eau).. cam air pancut kat taman tu jer, just in much much bigger scale! haha.

Dah habes bercerekarama di tepi tasik, balikla kami ke station, sebelum tu sempat gak makan kat Istanbul restaurant..akhirnye Myra dapat makan nasik.. hehehehe. Throughout the journey from Geneve to Paris, memang akan lalu banjaran Alps.. lawa giler! (But I don't bother to snap a photo, stakat ingat lam paler dahla.. hehe). So there.. my most memorable birthday gift ever. Thanks to hubby & lil Myra for making it happen. Muahhh.. leb u two sooo very the much!!

The End (penat dah! time to pack up pack up!)