Saturday, December 17, 2011

Malaysia be-reak

One and a half years since I last came back to my home country. Finally the day has come.. 16 December 2011. We've booked the ticket long ago, and can't really believe that it finally arrived. It was Maqeel's first journey back to Malaysia. He didn't show much curiosity during the flight. Might be because of the late hour, just few crack of cries.. until he felt asleep.. and yeah.. the baby bassinet is no help for my too-lenghty-of-1year-old-infant. He'll sense it every time we try to put him in, and will burst with yet another cries.
Long story short..after few hours, we arrived safely with no serious turbulence .. hooray!

Bagan Lalang
2nd days in Malaysia, we went to HM seafood restaurant in Bagan Lalang, Sepang. It was my plan for my side of family get-together. I chose the place via the recommendation that I got from the internet. I didn't realized that the place was quite far. But okla.. worth the travel n trouble :)
Food was nice.. and reasonably priced. We got all there is on the menu for our big feast, and yet harge kiteorg makan beramai-ramai (there were 13adults and numbers of nieces n nephews) murah dari macam harge makan kat TGIF kat doha utk 5adults.

So for those yang blank taktau nak makan ape whilst in KL/Selangor.. go to Bagan Lalang.. no need to go to Melaka anymore. Here's their website for more details; 

yummilicious seafood - demm i miss u!

While you are there, do try out their famous pepahat masak cili.. for me ok ok la.. but tgk tak sampai 5 minit dihidang.. dah licin.. so must be super-delicious to others :)

The next day, we made our way to Johor Premium Outlet. Yeah yeah I know.. so many people are overly excited about this newly opened branded outlet in Malaysia, and have check it out with their full swing of reviews. Well.. doesn't hurt to add another one from me.
I was excited ever since I was in Doha, preparing our long list of itinerary and things to eat when I heard that the first phase of the outlet is finally ready to public.
But my excitement went down a little the minute I arrived - I saw too crowded a place. (Well I am famously known to hate crowds, well not THAT famous hehe)
The outlet is new, and not running in full swing yet, so I guess we hafta cut some slack for any of it's down-sided.
In term of shopping, mainly in clothing- looking for sizes are a real challenge and there aren't that many choices anymore, maybe due to the fact that when we arrived, the so called super-mega sale just ended days ago.. so what left is just either too expensive stuff or too ugly and not that many the "in-between".

Don't judge the crowd by this picture :P

Dalam duk susah nak carik tu, dapat jugakla rembat sepasang CK (NOT Calvin Klein hehe), a wristwatch, pairs of baju kecik, a suit for him and some jeans n tops for the kids. Not bad.. jadilah sikit-sikit.. kang kopak pulak kan. Hehe.And the wristwatch nye price is not too bad.. berbaloi beli.. cam tak jauh beza ngan harge kat US.

But one thing that I still can't get my mind off was the time when I dengan slambe badaknye masuk Burberry shop from its upper-side entrance to find rows of people queuing in agony at the lower-ground entrance. What the?! Klaka.. why queue on the first place? Pastu buat dua entrance lak tu.. and jage satu side je.. kesian mereka2 yang tertipu.. (luckily wasn't me) hiks..

And yeah another good point of having this outlet in Malaysia is finally ade proper surau, and most of the salesgirl/salesman are from Malaysia, so sonang nak cakap lam BM.. kalau tak bergulung lidah den nak bertanye hehe..(seb baik takleh tawar menawar je.. :D)

After few hours, we left to Pulai Spring Resort, that was suppose to be near and convenient for a stay nearby the outlet, but I find it to be rather contrary.. Tapi, sebab kiteorg bayar harge promosi.. tak banyak komplen la.. duduk ajela.. hehehe

The next day, we made our way to Melaka. Konon-konon nak jalan-jalan cuti-cuti malaysia.. wanted to bring the kids to see the Taman Mini Melaka, A famosa, and tempat-tempat yang sewaktu dengannye. That night we even ride the boat along the Melaka River.. bes sangat.. the view is fantastic at night! They've cleaned up Melaka well! I specially like the rows of rumah melaka village and the graffiti paints of Melaka well known legends and such. Such a beauty! I'd say even better look than the ever so-famous gondola ride in Venice.

Next day we when for a tricycle ride or also locally known as "beca" around the city (well not quite around the city, just few tourist attraction site). Myra and Maqeel got really excited..posing here and there for pictures (which we still kept in our laptop.. so god knows when that'll be out to public haha).

I love going to Melaka now, the place is not only historical, but also well kept and clean. The only thing that I didn't get to do following my itinerary was our visit to Taman Mini Melaka.. sadly they closed for renovation. I hope we get to go again during our next break in hari raya (yup! we are going back for raya this year..yay yay insyaallah).

Around KL
One day, we brought the kids to see KLCC, KL tower and around the Perdana lake to see the Tugu Negara, along with their two cousins. It was a fun outing. The first experience for their cousins too. yeah, I understand.. nobody will tot about visiting this place while living in Malaysia, but now that we are out, tot they are pretty interesting place. Next time, we'll go to the Zoo Negara, Istana Negara n all k Myra, Maqeel?

Thunder n lightning everywhere.. but luckily it didn't rain
That night, we went to Wong Solo Ayam penyet in kampung baru. Oh man, why is that nobody ever tells us that kampung baru is no longer safe for feeding! Maqeel vomitted horribly that night. And not until afternoon, we discovered that most of us too were poisoned resulting with diarrhea and stomach pain! I hate WONG SOLO! Remember guys.. be careful with this place! We ate the (delicious self-made chili in the bottle, but ended up with food poisoning.. so i guess the chili must be old)
Jump around! (yeah lucky two who didn't get poisoned)

The following day, is the day to travel to Penang. We've already booked our hotel in Penang, so despite not feeling good.. we had to proceed with our journey to Penang. Poor aza, she had everything ready and excited to bring us to all interesting places in Penang, but we ended up not being well enough to enjoy :(
Not even had the appetite to eat all sort of food in Penang. I'm sorry Penang, maybe some other time we'll meet again k?

Nonetheless we didn't left Penang empty handed, got the chance to visit Rumah P.Ramlee, Toy Museum and Hard Rock (why is hard rock becoming places of interest for Malaysian i don't know??? tapi mestii sume nak gi situ n buy a souvenir.. are we somehow being brain-washed by it??? Pelik tapi benar). Mengagahkan diri untuk pergi jugak jalan2 even sikit sebab pikir, bile lagi?

I don't have any picture of the interesting rumah P.Ramlee.. will upload it once I got it transferred.For now, tgk gambo the brain-washed keras batu jela.. hehe

"Keras Batu"