Sunday, November 8, 2015

Travel and Run: Doha-London - New York - Los Angeles - Las Vegas - Grand Canyon in 8 days

New York, New York.. I have dreamed about it for sooooo long. And many of my attempts to visit it failed.. until 2015, when I tried my luck to enter the TCS New York marathon draw... I didn't thought I'd get in! And to make it more fun, so was my husband! So off we went, both of us.

New York captured from the top of Empire State building
Well I'm not gonna explain all about the marathon part, as I have explained it in our other blog. But I will share our journey through Unites State of America, crossing from Qatar - London - New York - Los Angeles - Las Vegas - Grand Canyon and backin 8 days. Man, it was super awesome.. but surely it depends on what type of travellers are you. If you are the kind that need a good night sleep with a long relaxing dinner and a scroll on every corner, then this itinerary is not for you.

Travelling to New York (29th Oct - 2nd Nov 2015)

We've booked our flights all through, where you can choose multi-city option and it will give you plenty of choice that can suit your budget and time. I took below flight;

Oct 29 2015 Doha - London (3 hours transit) then London to New York (arriving at the same day at 6PM)

The reason that I took a transit flight is because I can't even stand thinking of the longggg direct flight to New York for 13-14 hours without some fresh air! But I then regretted the decision, our flight got delayed and we nearly missed our connecting flight from London to New York, because of the security process in London airport, plus, the change of terminals. And can you believe that, for every time you change a terminal (even if you didn't go out from passport control), you have to scan your hand carry all over again. So yeah, we've done that - long queue and everything.

Once we arrived New York using British Airways, the minute we step out of the flight, there was already a longggg queue for the passport control! Man.. I can't breathe! and I was kinda lucky for being slightly mabuk, I gotta cut some queue to go to the loo. I seriously recommends that you try Etihad Airlines, as they do the passport control in Abu Dhabi, so once you arrived New York, you simply go out and pick your luggage! No more queuing!

From JFK Airport, New York we took GoAirLink transfer to our hotel. First 2 night we are staying in Edison Hotel - right in the middle of Time Square. So you can guess how much it had cost us! But, anything for the sake of my dream city, New York aye?

So, as I told you, we are there for the TCS New York Marathon. So, as per training plan, we had to do a short run, so that basically what we did first thing in the morning! Run straight from our hotel to the Central Park! Man.. I just can't believe that I'm typing this up. The experience is exquisite. I still felt the cold breeze of New York city air that very day.

Ok, to cut the story shorts, whilst we are in marathon mode in New York, pre race, we basically didn't walk much, but opt for hop on hop off bus, which is the best option to see the city for few days (believe me it's not enough to do it in a day!). Then the night before the race, we moved to Staten Island, where the running starts. And we finished the race together awesomely in Central Park hand in hand (despite my near mental break-down because of the lack of training! thanks to mr.hubby who sweetly run along to ensure I reached the finish line :).

That night, we moved to an apartment near Perry Street, just so I can have the feel of being Carrie from SNTC, hiks. The apartment was soooo pretty, and it was owned by a guy! man.. he can decorate. I love every little corner of it.

Konon2 cari idea for my next post

Berangan depan entrance

Berangan lagi
So, that morning, we continue to stroll around New York, this time bringing our medal out and about! Including flashing it off on top of Empire State buildings :D. With our limited time, we still managed to take the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. Ok I've seen what I've always wanted. Even got to go to the spot where they shoot 'Friends' infamous opening song!
Look.. is it familiar? It should be familiar if you are as a crazy fan like me. haha.

That evening 2nd of Nov 2015, we went to the airport for our next flight leg, New York - Los Angeles. With a heavy heart, I bid New York good bye. It's ok.. I have 10 years visa now.. I could come and visit anytime!

2nd Nov 2015: Flying from New York to Los Angeles

We flown, it was almost 7 hours, but we gain few hours ahead, so it's as if we haven't travelled long. Stayed near to the airport, woke up to variety of choice of pancakes! Yumm. Ok I will continue this entry later.. below is for my reference.. tunggguuuu...

3rd Nov 2015: Los Angeles must visit

4th Nov 2015: LA to Las Vegas

5th Nov 2015: Las Vegas to Grand Canyon

6th Nov 2015: Grand Canyon to Las Vegas to London to Doha