Sunday, November 9, 2014

South Korea break

Hanasayor.. sayoran.

Korea was a great break, although we have 3plus days, it is enough to make us feel like coming back but during much nicer weather... say autumn? We can't survive the winter there! It was horribly freezing and we can only manage to walk not more than 30 minutes outdoor before feeling numb on our toes.. gosh.. i do not know how i survived living my life throughout winter in London last time! Some more going out wearing sock on top of a pair of crocs! haha.. ancient history.. i miss that day  though :)

We took AirAsia X to fly off to South Korea, upgraded ourselve to Premium using the Option Town offer, only paid like RM100++ for the upgrade, which is sooo worthy of the 6 hours journey with the super comfy fully reclined seat (more like a single bed to me). And yeah.. the steward/ess are much nicer to you too. So, that's how it feels traveling on Business class huh? Bilelah nak dapat rase tu..

2nd day, we felt like a bit adventurous, checking in to Korean traditional home stay, which by expectation is some nice home owner that will serve you breakfast and make your bed for the night in a spacious yet traditional woody room. AND how wrong was I. The room is not only small, literally fits 2 people lying on the floor flat with some room to stretch and to make it worst, the bulky traditional furniture take up most of the space.AND the worst is finding that the floor heater is not really circuling the air, so in order to feel warm, one have to lay flat on the floor. Gosh.. memang saje desing untuk org masuk tido terus ni!! Mengecewakan! :(

Here's our souvenirs to kill 2 minutes of your precious time.. hopefully you enjoy it, (kutuk dalam diam je la k..hiks)


Akmal Rusydi said...

bestnya kan boleh pergi jalan-jalan kat laur negara.

ummu hasni said...

nice video dear..:)


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