Saturday, September 20, 2014

Summary of our summer break in Malaysia

Holiday has never been enough, especially if you are spending it in your own home country. Being expats for nearly 8 years, we have always treasured our moment when we are back, squeezing as many things-to-do and things-we-wanna-do all in the little time that we have. It is tiring, yet satisfying! Even the kids love it.

Our summer break this time starts few days before Eid Al-Fitr. Breaks for Eid are always big in Malaysia. The norm for Muslim is to celebrate Eid for a day or two, but we'd do it for the full month! And of course, the best is the first few days, where everybody is usually available for family gathering.

Myself and hubby is quite lucky that our families lived nearby, so most of us are there to celebrate together. Everybody are looking lovely in their new 'baju raya' we call it which means new clothes/garments for Eid. And the tradition is to shake hands asking for forgiveness from each other, then giving away 'duit raya' to children which means money slipped in colorful envelope. After some photos we'll then dine together to enjoy the traditional food such as lemang, ketupat, rendang and lodeh.

The activities will continue as such for the whole day, going from houses to houses of family and friends. It is not just the food that we are after, but it's to continue and strengthen our siratulrahim (bonding). So for a month, we've been enjoying this 'datang beraya' (visiting) to so many places whilst taking some holiday breaks.
We have been up and down the peninsula, from Semenyih to Seremban, Kajang, Tampin and then to Cameron Highlands for 'Raya' gathering. Cameron Highlands is slightly higher thus chiller than other parts of Malaysia. Being there with my siblings and their family giving me back my childhood memories. Everyone enjoyed their time there. At night, we even lighten up the place with some fire crackers and 'bunga api'. In Cameron you can experience some strawberries plucking and having a cool break in tea plantation area, at least slightly away from the hot Khatulistiwa.

We've also been to Kedah for a friend's wedding. The special thing about this friend of my husband's is, he was best man for 13th friends before finally tying the knot himself.
After few days, we continue with some more of 'raya' activities and went for day-trip to Singapore, visiting the Merlion and Singapore Flyers. We then travel back to Johor Bahru for a night over. The next day, we spent the whole day in Legoland and overnight at its super fun hotel. The kids especially were thrill. It was our second trip to Legoland Malaysia, it was never dissapointing. Maybe I'll write up a special review for it next time, pray for my 'rajiness' k haha.

Packed with activities, we even flown to east coast of Malaysia and spent 4 days and 3 nights in Kuching, mainly for marathon run that I have shared in my previous post. 
There's an end to every story, and I am truly sad to part with my home country again. I can't believe our 6 weeks or so holiday is finally over. It was not enough.. never will. But hey, we have to go back to reality. :(

Till we meet again Malaysia.. lots of love from afar.

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