Monday, August 25, 2014

Kuching Marathon Aku datang!

15 August 2014.. Me, my husband, 3 kiddos and their nanny together with Tok Mi, Tok Di and cousin Arif flewn to Kuching via AirAsia. Our short trip there mainly for the Kuching Marathon on 17th of Aug, which happen to be my husband's birthday. 
When we first arrived in KLIA2, our expectation from all the negative comments received from friends went up once we entered departure area. Nothing fit their comments. Everything is new, clean and excellent. There are walkalator too. In overall, we love it. The flight took off and arrived safely on time despite a slight bad weather that the captain professionally managed to re-route and avoid.
Once we came out from the immigration, we went straight to get car rent. Driving was no problem at all. We checked into Hilton, and lucky enough being given the waterfront view.  
We then went to collect our marathon pack in Plaza Merdeka, where we ate our dinner. The price of foods were slightly expensive in compare to Peninsular. 
The kids are all exausted and already asleep. So we (my husband and I) left them with the nanny and go for a walk near waterfront. Amazingly Hilton hotel is strategically located.. everything is very near and within walking distance. Our first destination is to cross the Santubong river to check out the other side's food court. We took the 1 ringgit boat and crossed it within less than 5 minutes. At 9 pm, the crowds seems plenty. We just browse around to seek for special and interesting food to try. Frustrated with the food court, we head back to Waterfront, as we have past by people who are enjoying set of crispy banana fritters cheese being served by one of the stall there.
We too decided to try the banana set. And the looks and smell are as delicious as the taste! We called Tok Di and co to join us, and within minutes they arrived. We even ordered sate set.. Which cleverly came with green lemang and few pieces of breads. The sate even taste better than in Semenanjung! There's no burn on the beef at all, and it is very soft. So like you've guess it, we ordered our second set. Full tummy and happy, we head back to our hotel to rest.
Kuching special sate
Next morning, we head to Kuching Cultural Village. The entry ticket for adult is RM60 and kids is RM30. But you can get a cheaper bargain if you took van transportation along with the ticket. You can ask the hotel you're staying with.
There are cultural performance twice daily at 1130 and 4pm. The performance is worth your time, funny.. And entertaining. It also plays like a short course history lesson, where they introduced all different races of Sarawak in musical. After we've done with the performance, it's time to walk around the village. Oh yes, I almost forgot.. When entered, you'll be given individual passport that you can stamp from one long houses to another. In each longhouse, you got to learn more of each culture from the place they live, clothes and activities. 
An interesting bridge to try
We ended our tour with lunch at the restaurant. I for once braving myself to try the local dish. The lunch set consist of Umai, Assam ikan, Manok Pasoy, pumpkins and rice folded in banana leaf. Honestly I can stomach Manok & pumpkin dish and not the other two. Not my kind of taste I guess. 
Rent out costume for Rm10.
At night, we went to try seafood dish in Top Spot food court. The place is crowded, but there are plenty of tables around. The services is fast and the taste is delicious. When it comes to the price, I was shock that off all our order consist of big prawn, squid, kerapu, crabs, veges, rice for 9, It didn't even reach RM200! Maybe becoz I was used to Qatar's price, which are all super expensive. Hehehe. Overall, we are all very satisfied with Top Spot. A must-go place to dine! We head back for an early rest, as the next day we'll join the marathon as scheduled to start from as early as 3am for full marathon. My hubby took half marathon which starts at 5am. I just signed up for 10km which starts at 6am. Overall, we love the event, race starts on time, water station every few kilometres and the route took us through friendly neighbourhood. Many makcik2 came out from their house and stand by the road cheering all the runners sportingly. And whilst running through the transition from dark to light.. we were welcomed by rooster's loud and proud calling. It is simply amazing. 
As expected, I did my worst this time. With no training for almost 2 months (I blame Hari Raya the most), my body was not ready. I couldn't go as steady as I could before, but thanks to coQhealth Shaklee, I could still finish the race, it could have been worst! I told myself, this is like training.. Walk run all i can, until I reached the finish line.
There were 6 of us from Qatar who came to Kuching just for this event. All of us are actually together in this small group of Malay runners in Qatar that we called PelariStyloYo. The founder and captain, Syafie Ahmad did his 7th Full Marathon there in Kuching. I am nowhere half of his achievement. Everyone was happy and satisfied to run our first Malaysian run together, even it is during holiday season, where everyone is still in the mood for ketupat and rendang, with none or minimum training. At least we've done it and not backing out :). 
Qatar PSY: Running Kuching Marathon 2014
After breakfast, my family and I heads to some adventure.. Seeking to watch Orang Utan. But unfortunately, we arrived during the break hours. And the note also said it is not recommended to see during this fruit season. So we opt for second best - Jong's Crocodile farm & Zoo. It was amazingly big, with lots an lots of crocs! I think it is actually a much better activities than looking for the Orang Utan to be honest. What make Jong's Crocodile and Zoo farm special are the way they landscaped the area, you will pass by some big lakes, then going through jungle using hanging bridge made out-of wood whilst the crocs waiting patiently right underneath. Just imagine when the bridge breaks! :D
After our accidental-yet-amazing tour around the place we head back to Kuching for lunch. Restaurant Nusajaya is simply the best in town! Had nasik goreng ayam masak merah and I literary licked the plate! heh..
That night, was my husband's 33rd birthday. I have planned to make a simple surprise celebration for him with whoever available in Kuching, and of course, the running buddies are all there to celebrate. Our plan worked out perfectly, with Mr Ai, looking touched and slightly red hehehe. After the small celebration at our hotel room, we head to cross the Santubong River (i:e Waterfront) to chill at Barok Cafe, which is a cool surrounding to be at. The slight raining adds to the amazing atmosphere.  
The next day, its time to head back, making one final stop at the Kek Lapis factory then we go straight to airport. Flewn safely with Airasia with thousands of happy memories. 
Kuching.. will we come back? 
Yes of course!

-Yeen -


Mohd Syafei Ahmad said...

Well done Yeen. PLease train harder after this. Kuching was great.

Mayang ABDUL RAZAK said...

rajin nyer bermarathon....